What Is 5FigureDay? The 5FigureDay Scam

Undisputed, you can make a lot of money doing email marketing.

5FigureDay promises you a proven system to build a successful email marketing business on Autopilot.

Who doesn’t like to make money doing little or nothing?

Then, there is a problem with Autopilot Businesses. Most of them are scams.

5FigureDay promoters and supporters argue that 5FigureDay is not a scam because of Bryan Winters.

But who is Bryan Winters? And What is 5FigureDay?

Are you looking for legit ways to make money from home?

Then this 5FigureDay review is written for you, read on,

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5FigureDay Review Summary

Business Opportunity:

Initial Investments:

  • 5FigureDay offers you an easy way to make money from home with a Do-It-For-You (DIFY) email marketing business.
  • This program was created by Bryan Winters, a self-proclaim email marketing guru.
  • 5FigureDay program provides paid members 5 ready to use websites that they can give away to collect email addresses and earn money online.
  • Yes, you must promote your 5FigureDay websites to generate traffic. 5FigureDay claims you can easily generate traffic because you are giving away free websites. This is not true.
  • To get people to visit your 5FigureDay websites, you have two options: buy traffics or generate your own traffics. Either requires a lot of work.
  • 5FigureDay offers you nothing more than DIFY websites. The founder and promoters use the Autopilot business gimmick to trick you into buying the program.
  • Now you understand how the 5FigureDay scam works.


What Is 5FigureDay?

5FigureDay (5 Figure Day) is an automatic email marketing software that promises to help you generating email leads and earn massive commissions on AUTOPILOT.

This program was created by Bryan Winters. Bryan claims that he has generated 6 million visitors, 100,000 leads and over $140,000 online with just 10 months using the program.

His student, Charlie the skeptic, used the 5FigureDay to generate $11,244.42 in just 30 days.

The 5FigureDay program is promoted as a true autopilot leads generating and moneymaking system that can make you rich in a matter of days.

5 Figure Day is a Get-Rich-Quick business on Autopilot.

Before purchasing this 5FigureDay program, you need to how it works.

You must compare this program against other legit home-based business opportunities to avoid getting scammed.

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How Much Does 5FigureDay Cost?

The cost to purchase 5FigureDay is $97 per month. This gives you access to all the training lessons, promotional tools, plus list-building landing pages every month to collect emails.

5FigureDay does offer a 7 day trial for $7. After the 7 days expired, you have to pay $97 a month fee.

What is 5FigureDay trial

How Does 5FigureDay Work?

5FigureDay uses the Double Squeeze System to help you grow your list much faster than the traditional method.

Under this system, when your free referral members bring in new email subscribers, these emails are duplicated and added to your list.

It works a little different with your paid referrals. You only get the first 5 emails added to your list and nothing thereafter.

Having other people help build your email list is a great idea. However, you and your referrals must promote these squeeze pages to find subscribers. This is the most difficult part of building an email marketing business, getting “Traffic.”

Many people purchased the 5FigureDay program were under the impression that the system would deliver subscribers to them, on AUTOPILOT.

Once you become a member, you will have to learn the techniques of generating your own traffics.

5FigureDay teaches you s methods of generating web traffics:

  1. Solo Ads
  2. Banner Ads
  3. Free Traffics

I will not go into the detail of these digital marketing techniques.

This article is about 5FigureDay as a scammer.

However, I will tell you that Solo Ads and Banner Ads cost money. You are paying someone to send traffic to your 5FigureDay websites. These methods are very expensive.

What about the free traffic methods?

You have to do a lot of work to earn these traffics. Every successful online affiliate marketer will tell you that it requires time and efforts to promote a new website to generate free traffics.

Nobody will know your website unless you constantly promote it.

5FigureDay doesn’t have any magic system or program that can automatically generate money for you online. It sells you a new website every month for $97.

That’s how 5FigureDay works.

How You Make Money with 5FigureDay?

You make money with 5 Figure Day through affiliate links.

All your free 5FigureDay websites contain your personal affiliate link, a tracking code, of the 5FigureDay program and other Clickbank products.

Every time a subscriber clicks on the affiliate links to join 5FigureDay or to buy ads, you will receive the commissions.

However, you must promote the 5FigureDay program to make money. You cannot make money promoting your own products or services.

A nice feature about making money with 5FigureDay is recurring commissions. You can earn up to 50% commission on the monthly membership payment.

Is 5FigureDay a Scam?

5FigureDay is a scam. There is nothing special about this program. It cannot generate money for you on AUTOPILOT.

It requires a lot of effort from you to promote the 5 Figure Day website and get subscribers. You cannot set and forget.

The hardest part of building an email marketing business is getting people to visit your website and subscribe to your email list. Bryan Winters knows this, and he uses it to sell the 5FigureDay program.

Bryan promotes the 5 Figure Day as an autopilot email list generating system when he knows this is not true. Because of this misleading promotion, I say 5 Figure Day is a scam.

If you still don’t believe 5FigureDay is a scam, I wish you the best at making money doing little or nothing.

Making money as an Online Business Review write, I can tell you some will invest with 5FigureDay even if I say it’s a scam.

There’s a lot of people who still believe that they can get rich doing nothing.

Is 5FigureDay Worth It?

Those looking to make money online doing little or nothing, don’t waste your money purchasing 5FigureDay. This program is not an Autopilot business.

If you are willing to invest time and effort in building a successful business, 5FigureDay is not the best business to make money online.

There are many more home-based business opportunities that are much better.

I am self-employed and a successful online business owner. I know what it takes to create a successful business, a lot of sweat and hard works.

We all start a business to build long-term incomes.

You want to create a system that generates money far into the future. Isn’t this the #1 reason you work hard to build a successful business?

There’s a lucrative method that I and millions of people have been using to generate six-figure passive income online.

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5FigureDay is marketing hype. It uses the ‘Make Money on Autopilot’ scheme to trick you into purchasing the program.

Once again, it confirms my belief that there’s no such thing at AUTOPILOT BUSINESS. It’s just a scam.

You know, there are better business opportunities that you can build a lucrative business from home.

I choose This #1 Business Opportunity to make my fortune. Yes, I have to invest time and effort into this business. But everything is done from the comfort of my home and on a laptop. No commute, no boss, I work whenever I want and where I like.

Before you purchase the 5FigureDay program, I invite you to read “What I Do Every Day To Make Money Online”. It is more enjoyable and easier to make money doing what you love than the 5FigureDay program.

I hope this discussion answers your question, what is 5FigureDay, a scam or legit?

Until next time.

Please share your own 5FigureDay experience below.

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