Affiliate Institute Review – Is Affiliate Institute Legit

I receive numerous emails from people complaining about online Affiliate Institute reviews.

A simple Google, “Is Affiliate Institute Legit?” resulting in more confusion than an actual answer.

Most declare Affiliate Institute a legit affiliate marketing training program. Other reviewers call this an MLM scam.

Who is telling the truth?

But, what is Affiliate Institute anyway?

Is this an affiliate marketing training school, or an MLM scam in disguise?

I visited the Affiliate Institute website to investigate. I conducted comprehensive research to find out the true nature of this opportunity.

Here’s what I have discovered: Affiliate Institute is an MLM affiliate marketing.

This Affiliate Institute review will explain in detail how this business opportunity works.

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Affiliate Institute Review Summary

Name: Affiliate Institute
Business Type: MLM Affiliate Marketing
Investment: $99

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  • Affiliate Institute was rebranding from a program called Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ).
  • Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang found GAZ in 2015. They wanted to teach Enagic MLM associates the process of using affiliate marketing to recruit and sell water purifying machines.
  • In the beginning, you had to join Enagic MLM to train with GAZ.
  • Because GAZ received so many negative reviews for its association with an MLM business, Sherman and Jang decided to rename GAZ to Affiliate Institute.
  • Today, you don’t have to join Enagic MLM to train with Affiliate Institute.
  • Affiliate Institute teaches MLM affiliate marketing which might not be suitable for people who just want to learn affiliate marketing. It is known as paid traffic affiliate marketing, not organic (free) traffic affiliate marketing.
  • Paid traffic affiliate marketing is an advanced method that requires the affiliate markers to have experience with paid digital ads. This affiliate marketing method is high risk and expensive.
  • For beginners, organic traffic affiliate marketing is better because it is less expensive and giving you time to learn and build a successful online business.
  • You must learn both organic traffic and paid traffic affiliate marketing to build a successful online business.
  • Affiliate Institute only offers you a risky and expensive method.


What Is Affiliate Institute?

Affiliate Institute is an online training platform teaching affiliate marketing using basic sale funnels and paid digital ads.

The platform was initially built to train sales associates of an MLM company, Enagic aka Kangen.

Before it became Affiliate Institute, this training platform is known as Global Affiliate Zone.

Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang are founders and owners of Affiliate Institute.

This training platform teaches a risky and expensive method known as paid traffic affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Institute will train you on creating simple sales funnels then send traffic to these funnels using Facebook and Google ads (paid digital advertisements).

Paid affiliate marketing program works well when promoting an existing business like Enagic MLM. But it should not use as the stand-alone method to launch an affiliate marketing business.

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A successful affiliate marketing business requires the owner to employ both organic and paid traffic. We’ll discuss both methods below.

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Is Affiliate Institute An MLM

Affiliate Institute is not an MLM. The program teaches MLM associates how to use affiliate marketing to build downlines. This is known as MLM affiliate marketing.

More and more MLM companies are encouraging their associates to recruit online.

Paid traffic affiliate marketing is the best tool to achieve this business objective.

It’s harder to use organic traffic affiliate marketing because of the public negative view toward MLMs.

You get better click rates by serving ads on people’s Facebook pages and screen popup.

Yes, Affiliate Institute uses affiliate marketing to promote Enagic MLM. But you don’t have to join Enagic to train with the program.

Affiliate Institute Membership

Affiliate Institute has multiple levels of membership, and they are not free. You can jump to the cost section to review all the fees.

Most people join Affiliate Institute as a free member.

  • Free membership offers an overview of the affiliate marketing method used by Affiliate Institute.
  • It’s an introduction webinar. You are not going to receive any meaningful information with the free membership.
  • It designs to encourage you to purchase the pro-membership.
  • This is the first step of a sales funnel.

The next step is becoming a paid member or Affiliate Institute pro-membership.

  • Pro-membership gives you access to video lessons, tools, and resources.
  • There are two pro levels. You must purchase level 1 pro before you can buy level 2.
  • Pro level 1 teaches the steps of building an affiliate marketing business by selecting products, building affiliate funnels, and setting up paid digital ads.
  • Pro level 2 covers advanced paid affiliate traffic affiliate marketing. You get coaching and supports to fast-track your success.

Pro membership level 2 also costs more, much more.

Affiliate Institute Cost

You sign up for a free membership account with Affiliate Institute.

Then you discover is not really free to learn

Here are the Affiliate Institute costs for pro membership:

  • Pro Level 1 – $99 per month
  • Pro Level 2 -$2,995 single payment

These are costs to becoming an Affiliate member only.

Launching a paid traffic affiliate marketing, you must include digital ad expenses. This is your most expensive item.

The risk of digital advertisement is making mistakes.

One simple mistake can cost you thousands of dollars. This is the reason paid traffic affiliate marketing is not recommended for inexperienced or novice affiliate marketers.

We will discuss a cheaper and safer way to launch your own affiliate marketing business at the end of this review.

Is Affiliate Institute legit?

Affiliate Institute is a legit affiliate marketing training program.

This program was created to teach MLM associates about paid traffic affiliate marketing.

If you are interested in becoming a full-time affiliate marketer, I don’t think this course is for you.

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You are paying a lot of money to learn only half of the affiliate marketing business.

You need to learn both organic and paid traffic affiliate marketing to make money online.

For $99 per month plus $2,995, Affiliate Institute is too expensive.

I start my affiliate marketing for less than $200 with $50 training a month. You can read my business strategy at the end of this review.

Yes, paid traffic affiliate marketing is legit. But be ready to spend money on Facebook and Google ads.

Affiliate Institute Scam Complaints

You will not find any complaint against Affiliate Institute on the BBB website.

You need to look at Global Affiliate Zone to see the complaints.

The main complaints on BBB have to do with the MLM business. Affiliate Institute no longer requires members to join Enagic MLM. You can consider these complaints have been resolved.

On the training, Affiliate Institute receive positive reviews on Trustpilot.

I agree the training is good. However, the program focuses on paid traffic affiliate marketing. This is only half of the affiliate marketing business.

Final Review Of The Affiliate Institute

Affiliate Institute is a good training program for promoting an MLM or an existing business. You build sales funnels then send paid traffic to them.

It’s time-consuming to build sales funnels for each product or service that you promote.

It becomes more and more expensive to run ads on Facebook and Google. The worse part of this program is the competition.

A few years ago, you spend on digital ads to get $2 in return.

Today, you have to work hard to recover $0.50 on every $1 spending on digital advertisements.

MLM companies want associates to spend their own money to promote the MLMs online. So, they teach them paid traffic affiliate marketing, free marketing for the MLMs.

As Facebook and Google ad prices increase, It becomes harder for paid traffic affiliate marketers to earn profits.

You must learn organic (free) traffic affiliate marketing to lessen reliance on paid traffic.

Another point I want to share with you is the cost to join Affiliate Institute. The program is too expensive.

There are cheaper and better affiliate marketing training programs available online today.

I understand you are here to read my review of Affiliate Institute. I am not going to discuss my $500 affiliate marketing business in this review.

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I hope this Affiliate Institute review answers your question, is the Affiliate Institute legit?

Until next time.

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