Amazon Automation Review – Is Amazon Automation Legit

I don’t understand why people are jumping into automated or do-it-for-you business opportunities even though they are scams.

Let starts with this:

“If you don’t want to work for yourself, then you should not start a business.”

Amazon Automation promises to build an Amazon store for you to generate passive income.

The part of helping you build an Amazon store is legit.

But I am not so sure about generating massive profit with you doing nothing.

So, I decided to conduct a review of Amazon Automation by Kevin David and David Arnett.

I just want to find out, is Amazon Automation legit, and is this a good investment?

I am not a believer in automated businesses.

I am very skeptical about investing my hard-earned dollars with Amazon Automation. I don’t like to be a victim of a scam.

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Amazon Automation Review Summary

Name: Amazon Automation

Business Type: DIFY Amazon Store

Investment: $25K, $40K, $100K

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  • For a fee, you can own a fully built and operational Amazon store from Amazon Automation.
  • Amazon Automation will do all the dirty works for you to earn passive income as an Amazon FBA store owner. Who doesn’t like to make money on autopilot?
  • If you watch Amazon Automation marketing videos, you realize that they are only offering to build you a store, not necessarily making profits.
  • You are 100% dependent on Amazon Automation to make money. They control every aspect of your Amazon store. You have the “owner” title, nothing more.
  • It’s true most autopilot business opportunities are scams. Is Amazon Automation legit or a scam?
  • I’ll give you the fact and the truth. You decide if the Amazon Automation is legit or not.


What Is Amazon Automation?

Amazon Automation is a service that allows you to outsource 100% of the tasks of building and running an Amazon store.

It’s the same as do-it-for-you online business opportunities. You become an owner of an Amazon FBA store doing nothing.

People invest in Amazon Automation for the opportunity to earn passive income. But the reality is not as exciting as they have thought.

Amazon Automation was launch by Kevin David and David Arnett in 2019. Both Kevin and David have extensive experience with selling stuff on Amazon.

Kevin provides the promotion and marketing for Amazon Automation, while David provides the fulfillment using his 55,000 square foot warehouse.

By paying a fee, you can tap into this business system created by Kevin and David. They will build and run the Amazon store for you. You just sit back and collect profits.

Yes, they build and run the Amazon store for you. But there is no guarantee you earn profits.

You might see yourself as an owner of an Amazon store. However, you have zero control over the business when 100% of the task is outsourced. This is the ugly truth of Amazon Automation.

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Is Amazon Automation Dropshipping?

No Amazon Automation is not dropshipping. This is a private label business.

You own the brand and the products, but outsourcing the tasks of building and operating the Amazon store.

With dropshipping, you don’t own the products. You are selling other people’s products. You have to find and select the products, promote them on Amazon, and provide customer services.

You do nothing with Amazon Automation.

Let discuss Amazon Automation’s business structure.

How Amazon Automation Works?

The Amazon Automation team will create an Amazon store for you and operate it. You do nothing, outsourcing 100% of the tasks.

Here’s how the program work.

Amazon Automation Services

Upon paying the fee, the Amazon Automation team will start building your Amazon store:

  • They find and select the products.
  • They search for suppliers and negotiating with them.
  • They have the products shipped to the Amazon warehouses on your behalf.
  • They build the listing for the products by taking photos, writing product descriptions, and using keywords to boost your listing.
  • They provide customer supports and collect customer reviews. Customer reviews are critical to Amazon’s ranking.
  • They will scale your Amazon store to increase revenues and profits. You will pay more for this service.

Amazon Automation Store

The Amazon Automation is a do-it-for-you Amazon store. You don’t have to lift a finger to build and run it.

This is a private branding store. You are holding the “owner” title but outsourcing 100% of the tasks to Amazon Automation.

This opportunity is designed for people who don’t want to work but dreaming of getting rich.

This is a dream of owning a successful online business without the hard works.

I am saying “a dream” because getting rich with automated businesses is not real. These opportunities promise the moon and stars and deliver nothing.

Your investment is at the greatest risk when you have no control over the business.

Yes, you might be the owner of an Amazon Automation store, but you have no control over it. Every aspect of the business controls by someone else without your inputs.

Amazon Automation can shut your Amazon store down for any dispute or if you refuse to pay the increased monthly fees.

What can you do when there is a business dispute?

Nothing, Amazon Automation controls the business. You only own the brand which can easily be replaced.

This is the price of dreaming riches without doing the work yourself.

How Much Does Amazon Automation Cost?

Amazon Automation offers different Amazon stores for you to purchase.

The cost of an Amazon Automation store is as follows:

  • Standard Amazon Automation store costs $25,000. You must have another $10,000 to invest as working capital.
  • Platinum Amazon Automation store costs $40,000 with $35,000 working capital.
  • Standard Amazon Automation store costs $100,000 and $50,000 working capital.

So, the minimum initial investment to own your Amazon Automation store is $35,000.

There are more costs:

  • Amazon Automation charges a 30% monthly fee based on your store’s revenue.
  • The year-end account management fee is $25,000.

You put up 100% of the investment and working capital. You pay $25,000 a year to outsource the store operation. Then, Amazon Automation takes 30% of your store’s monthly revenue.

Who do you think making the money in this deal?

Amazon Automation puts up nothing and receives 30% guaranteed profits.

You pay for everything with no guarantee of profit.

That your cost of owning a business doing nothing.

How Does Amazon Automation Make Money?

Amazon Automation a lot of money charging investment fees, operation fees, and monthly revenue fees. This is a great deal for Amazon Automation.

The more people they bring in, the more money they make.

The talks of Amazon Automation accept limited investors into the program is nonsense. They create this urgency to push you to buy an Amazon Automation store.

Amazon Automation accepts anyone that willing to pay for the initial investment. They make money regardless of your success.

There is no guarantee that you, as an investor, will make money.

Amazon Automation doesn’t guarantee your store will generate a certain level of revenue.

If the products Amazon Automation team select for your store do not sell on Amazon, they still make money on the fees. You lose everything and more.

In this business relationship, you take all the risks, not Amazon Automation.

Is Amazon Automation legit?

Amazon Automation is a legit business. There is nothing illegal about offering a service of running an Amazon store for a fee.

However, I am not so sure Amazon Automation is a good investment.

As I have discussed earlier, this investment deal is heavily favorable to Kevin and Amazon Automation. All the business risk is transfer to you as an investor. Yes, some people call this deal a scam.

Can you call a bad investment deal like Amazon Automation a scam?

Yes, if you get tricked into investing in something different from what was offered.

Those who promoted Amazon Automation for commissions claim the program is transparent. There are no hidden fees. You get what you pay for.

I, however, do not agree with this statement.

Amazon Automation promotes itself as an easy way to make money online.

It never discloses to the investor that the deal is favorable to them. The fee structure is to insure Amazon Automation making profits, not the investor.

You have to pay the 30% monthly revenue fee, the $15,000 operational fee, and the $25,000 year-end account management fee, regardless of sales.

You have to agree with me this Amazon Automation store is a bad investment.

Is Amazon Automation A Good Investment?

I have already given you my answer to this question.

However, some people love do-it-for-you businesses. These are people dreaming of getting rich doing nothing.

When you are outsourcing 100% of your business, you have zero control over your investment. They give you the “owner” title but take all the profits through fees.

If you don’t want to work for yourself, you should not become a business owner.

Amazon Automation sounds like a fun and easy opportunity to make millions online. But that exactly what it is, “Sounds Good!”

If you love to work for yourself and fire the boss, you don’t need Amazon Automation. You can build your own online business and take full control of it.

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I hope this Amazon Automation review answers your question, is Amazon Automation legit?

Until next time.

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