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MLM is known as Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing.
Many of us consider mlm companies to be pyramid schemes or scams.
The truth is, a few people do get rich with mlm business opportunity.
Not all mlm companies are the. Some have been around for decades and some are recently started.
The legal line between a legit mlm program vs a pyramid scheme is not easy to identify.

The FTC considers a multilevel marketing business legit if its compensation plan satisfies the following definition: “The distributors (mlm members) earn income from their own retail sales of the product, and from retail sales made by the distributors’ (mlm members) direct and indirect recruits.”

Therefore, an mlm program is an illegal pyramid if members (distributors) are compensated for the introduction of additional participants into the program, no products or services involved.

This mlm directory was put together to help investors and online entrepreneurs understand the risks and benefits of investing in mlm business.
Each mlm business opportunity is carefully analyzed and presented in the form of a business review to assist you with your investment process.
You will find valuable business information about each mlm program in this mlm directory.

If the mlm program that you interested is not in this directory, please contact us to request for a business review.
Quick note:
Network marketing is an mlm, not the same as Affiliate Marketing. If you want to know the differences, you can read this article MLM vs Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing does not involve recruiting or face-to-face selling.
It is considered more lucrative business an easier to make money compared to network marketing. You should read the article before making an investment in an mlm business.