My Digital Survey Review – Is My Digital Survey Legit

“I spent hours doing surveys but never received a payout”. These are common complaints against My Digital Survey.

It makes you wonder, is My Digital Survey legit?

If these non-payout complaints are true, then people have the right to call My Digital Survey a scam.

But My Digital Survey is still in business. What is the deal here?

Could it be that users misunderstood My Digital Survey?

We will review My Digital Survey to find out who is telling the truth.

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My Digital Survey Review Summary

Name: My Digital Survey

Business Type: Survey Site

Investment: Free

Recent Reviews:
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Online Surveys That Pay

  • My Digital Survey promotes itself as the #1 spot for high-paying surveys.
  • After reviewing My Digital, I discover this is not a legit survey site. It doesn’t own any survey.
  • My Digital Survey is a referral site. This site connects you with other online paid survey sites to make money. Most online review articles call My Digital Survey an affiliate marketing site.
  • If you want to make money doing online surveys, you join the legit survey sites, not with the middle man like My Digital Survey.
  • It’s never safe to join a referral site. You don’t know what they will do with your personal information.

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What Is My Digital Survey?

My Digital Survey is an online portal that connects you with survey sites.

The company describes itself as an online community helping people make money online.

My Digital Survey simply provides you a list of links to different online survey sites.

The website doesn’t provide you any surveys. So, when My Digital Survey calls itself a paid survey site, this is not true.

A legit survey site offers you surveys to complete and earn money. You cannot make money with My Digital Survey because the website doesn’t have any surveys.

My Digital Survey has been running misleading ads to collect personal information and earn commissions from referring people to survey sites.

Your personal information is at risk when you join My Digital Survey.

There are numerous scam complaints against My Digital Survey regarding email spam and misuse of personal information.

My Digital Survey is not safe.

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Is My Digital Survey Real?

My Digital Survey is not a real paid survey site. This is an aggregate site that links users with popular survey sites, such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars to collect commissions.

It’s safer to register directly with the legit survey sites to avoid providing personal information to My Digital Survey.

My Digital Survey will sell your information to marketers, advertisers, or anyone willing to pay for it.

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How Does My Digital Survey Work?

My Digital Survey promotes itself as a paid survey site to target people looking to make extra money working from home.

Their advertisements target job seekers and people who struggle to make money online. My Digital Survey convinces them that the site is the #1 high paying surveys.

Once you visit the website, My Digital Survey collects your personal information, then offers you a list of different survey sites to join.

The website encourages you to register with a lot of survey sites to earn the most money. However, you cannot make money by joining different survey sites. You must complete a survey to earn money.

Based on the popular make money with survey strategy, Joining too many survey sites is not a good strategy to make money with surveys. Your earnings will decrease.

However, My Digital Survey earns big commissions for every survey site that you joined.

The advice about joining all survey sites to make money is not good for you, but it’s a big payday for My Digital Survey.

Now you know, you cannot make money with My Digital Survey. This is an affiliate marketing website.

My Digital Survey Email Invitation

My Digital Survey email invitations is a marketing scheme to help the site earn more referral commissions.

The site constantly sends out $12, even $24, email survey invitations for users to take. These emails are scams.

The purpose of the survey email invitations is to get you to join survey sites allowing My Digital Survey to collect the referral commissions.

Don’t fall for this scam. Your email accounts will get flooded with these scam emails. Many people have reported receiving thousands of emails from this website per day. Check out these for yourself.

You will never receive payment for these survey email invitations.

My Digital Survey Payout

My Digital Survey will never pay you. This site is not a paid survey site, nor a research marketing company.

This site connects you with different survey sites, such as InboxDollars or Swagbucks, to earn money.

You must check with the individual survey site that you have registered through My Digital Survey to see when you qualify for a payout.

Completing a survey with My Digital Survey doesn’t mean you get paid.

Each survey site has a minimum cash-out amount which you must meet to receive a payment.

Since My Digital Survey provides you survey from different survey sites across the internet, you will never earn enough to receive a payout.

If you want to track your payments, you have to check with every survey site that you have registered through My Digital Survey.

When you register with too many survey sites, you will have a hard time meeting the payout requirements. This is the problem with My Digital Survey.

Is My Digital Survey Legit?

My Digital Survey is not a legit paid survey site. This is a referral website that provides links to available online surveys.

The surveys you see on My Digital Survey are not offered by the site. It’s an aggregate of all surveys across the internet.

It seems like a convenient way of taking surveys from a single place. But this is not how you make money with online surveys.

According to the article Online Survey That Pay, you should stay away from aggregate survey sites. These make it harder for you to earn with surveys.

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What not legit is that My Digital Survey engages in survey email invitation scams to collect your information.

People will not provide personal data to My Digital Survey if they know the site is not a legit survey site.

The fact that My Digital Survey collects personal information without users’ knowledge by itself is unsafe to register.

The website uses different schemes to trick users into registering with more survey sites to increase their referral commissions.

My Digital Survey is fake.

If you asked me, is My Digital Survey legit? I will tell you NO.

My Digital Survey Scam Complaints

You can find and reads complaints against My Digital Survey on the BBB website.

The website has a customer review rating of 1.29 out of 5 stars. Surprisingly, the BBB gives My Digital Survey an A+ rating.

I don’t use the BBB rating to review a survey site. Most businesses purchase their own rating from the BBB.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online money-making opportunities to expose scams.

I can tell you that My Digital Survey is not a survey site. This platform was created to collect referral commission and your personal information.

If you want to make money doing surveys, you must take surveys from legit survey sites that pay. You can find them by visiting the online survey site directory.

The Final Review of My Digital Survey

Digital Survey is a referral site. The site provides you links to online surveys. You are not going to make money with My Digital Survey, why waste your time?

You must avoid My Digital Survey unless you enjoy receiving spam emails and telemarketer calls.

This website collects personal data and sells them to marketers, even scammers. It’s not safe to join.

If you want to make money with surveys, I suggest you visit and register directly with these popular survey sites: Swagbucks and InboxDollars. The two sites control over 90% of online surveys. Why waste your time with the middle man when it’s safe to join the industry leaders.

You can make money with surveys. To maximize your time and earnings, you might like to learn the tricks and strategies of doing online surveys.

Even with the best strategy, you will not make more than $2 per hour with surveys. Online surveys are not a good option to replace your full-time income.

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I hope this My Digital Survey review answers your question, is My Digital Survey legit?

Until next time.

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