Online Verdict Review – Is Online Verdict Legit

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The idea of getting pay to be a “Mock Juror” is real.

Before you rush to sign up with Online Verdict, I am going to give you a full review of this gig.

If you wonder, is Online Verdict legit?

Let me be the first to say “Online Verdict is not a legit full-time job.” You are unlikely to earn a full-time income as a mock juror.

So, why people are excited about this opportunity?

The idea of earning a side income to better your financial situation is always appealing to everyone.

This is probably the same reason you are reading this Online Verdict review.

Not all gig sites are the same. Some of them take advantage of people looking for ways to earn extra cash. A few even scams their members. Is Online Verdict a scam?

Let takes a look.

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Online Verdict Review Summary

Name: Online Verdict

Business Type: Paid Online Juror

Investment: $0

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  • Online Verdict pays you to become an online mock juror.
  • The job requires reading, evaluating, and offering feedback on legal cases.
  • Law firms and Lawyers use Online Verdict to test the strength of their case.
  • Each case takes about 20 minutes to an hour to review. You will receive monetary compensation for the time.
  • Online Verdict pays between $20 to $60 per legal case. The more complex and time-consuming the case, the more money you make.
  • Your earning depends on the availability of the legal case in your area.
  • You will have a hard time finding enough cases to earn a decent income.
  • I am always searching for ways to make money online. When it comes to gig sites, I am very hesitant to join. Most of them pay pennies. I don’t want to waste time on opportunities that are not profitable.


What Is Online Verdict?

Online Verdict is a website that pays people to work as mock jurors.

The website offers services to law firms or individual lawyers looking to evaluate the strength of their legal cases.

You can join the site as a freelancer to act as jurors in the online mock-trails. Your verdict will help the lawyers adjust their legal arguments.

Online Verdict was created in 2004. This gig site has more than 800,000 registered mock jurors.

Unlike jury duty, Online Verdict jurors receive cash payments for their services.

The website promises to pay each mock juror from $20 to $60 per case.

Some cases take about one hour to complete and pay the most. Earning $60 per hour as a mock juror is a good job.

However, Online Verdict doesn’t have enough cases for you to earn. It can take weeks or months to get a new mock trial invitation.

Who’s going to sit around for weeks or months waiting to make $60? This is why I am not a big fan of gig websites.

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Is Online Verdict Real?

Online Verdict is a real legal service offering lawyers and law firms the ability to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of their cases.

The goal of this platform is to help lawyers make better decisions and win more cases.

The site also offers benefits to you as a mock juror. You get paid to participate in an online mock trial, making money working from home.

You don’t have to worry about getting paid to work for Online Verdict. This gig is real.

Your problem is finding an open mock trial to participate in because there are not a lot of them available on Online Verdict.

Now, let’s discuss how Online Verdict works.

Online Verdict Review

This Online Verdict review focuses on discussing the process of becoming a mock juror.

If you want to make a few bucks from home, continue reading to learn how this gig site works.

Online Verdict Sign Up

Getting an account with Online Verdict is free.

The requirements to become a mock juror is simple: Be at least 18 years old, U.S. Citizen, no criminal record, and not employed as an attorney or paralegal.

Online Verdict will verify your information by sending a verification email to you. You must verify your email address to get added to the juror database.

Setting up an account with Online Verdict doesn’t mean you can start working right away.

Online Verdict adds your name to the local database for cases in your actual city or county.

When a legal case available in your area, Online Verdict emails you an invitation to participate in a mock trial. You have to act fast to get the job.

Waiting for a case to become available can take a few days or a few months. It depends on the demand in your area.

Online Verdict Jobs

You must act fast on the mock juror email invitation before the case closed.

Acting as an Online Verdict juror, your job includes:

  • You must agree to the Online Verdict confidentiality policy before you can start.
  • The first task is reading and reviewing evidence, statements, and material related to the case.
  • You might also be asked to review the relevant laws and legal arguments for the case.
  • After reviewing the material of the case, the next task is completing the included questionnaires. There are no right or wrong answers. Online Verdict requests you to answer them honestly.
  • You then submit your verdict on the case for review and get paid.

Online Verdict jobs are no different from performing jury duty at the local courthouse, except you work from home and online.

You are presented with the facts and the laws to offer your verdict.

Your verdict will help lawyers and law firms evaluate the strength of their case before going in front of a live jury pool.

Online Verdict Pay

Online Verdict does pay for your service acting as a mock juror.

The site offers between $20 to $60 per case. The monetary value depends on the length and difficulty of the case.

If you accept and work in a mock trial, you will receive a paycheck by mail each month.

Yes, Online Verdict sends a check to your home address. This is the only option to get paid.

Can You Make Money With Online Verdict?

People get excited every time they discover a new opportunity to make money online.

The excitement quickly turns into scam accusations when they understand the truth.

You cannot quit the day job to make money as a gig worker. This is true with Online Verdict.

When someone asks me, is Online Verdict legit?

My answer is: “No, you will not make a lot of money with Online Verdict. You might earn a buck or two now and then, but not sufficient to replace your full-time income.”

People complain Online Verdict a scam because they are unable to make money on the site every day.

You only make money with Online Verdict if there is a case available in your local area. This is not a profitable way to make money online.

Is Online Verdict legit?

Online Verdict is a legit service offering lawyers and law firms a digital tool to test out their case and legal theories.

It is legit to pay people acting as mock jurors. There is nothing illegal about this service.

If you want to know is Online Verdict a legit full-time job?

The answer is no. It’s very difficult to earn a consistent income when there aren’t many cases.

For those looking to make a few bucks and learn the laws, Online Verdict is a great opportunity.

You might find negative complaints against Online Verdict for not having enough jury jobs, but nothing on nonpayment.

Online Verdict will pay you for your services, not enough to pay your rent or bills.

Is Online Verdict Worth It?

Don’t waste your time with Online Verdict if you are looking for ways to make a full-time income online.

Online Verdict is not a place to replace your day job. You earn a few bucks working as a mock juror, nothing significant.

I am not a fan of gig sites. I don’t like them because of the inconsistent earnings.

When I search for ways to make money online, I look for high-quality and reliable opportunities that generate a consistent income.

Online Verdict sounds fun and exciting, but it doesn’t meet my standard of a profitable online opportunity.

I understand you are here to read my review of Online Verdict.

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I hope this Online Verdict review answers your question, is Online Verdict legit?

Until next time.

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