Pomifera Review: Discover The Pomifera MLM Business

Most Pomifera reviews online talk about the Pomifera skincare products.

They are overall positive trying to sell the products or recruit you into the MLM business. This Pomifera review is neither.

This review discusses the Pomifera MLM opportunity.

If a Pomifera Brand Partner is trying to recruit you to join the team, I suggest you read this review before investing.

I have nothing against MLM businesses. The problem with MLMs is over 99.9% of brand partners don’t make money.

It smarts for you to research the company before investing money and time into an unprofitable business.

Now, Pomifera is a new MLM company launched on February 1, 2020. The failure rate of startup MLM companies is high within the first five years.

As a Pomifera Brand Partner, you will lose everything if the company goes out of business.

If you are OK with losing everything, then read the rest of this Pomifera review. I will offer a detailed analysis of the Pomifera products, the MLM business opportunity, and my honest opinion on whether I think you can make money with Pomifera.

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Pomifera Review Summary


Name: Pomifera

Business Type: MLM

Investment: $99

  • Pomifera is a new multi-level marketing company that sells skincare products with Pomifera oil as the main ingredient.
  • The company is recruiting Brand Partners to distribute and sell its products.
  • For a small $99 investment, you can start a business with Pomifera.
  • Before you run out and start sending $99 to Pomifera, you might want to read this review first.
  • Paying $99 doesn’t mean you will make money or get rich.
  • There are many hidden problems with the MLM business opportunity.


What Is Pomifera Oil?

Pomifera Oil is an extract from the seeds of the Osage Orange.

This fruit tree is plentiful in the American mid-west.

You cannot eat the Osage Orange. But the seeds of this fruit are a delicacy to local animals.

However, the oil extract from the Osage Orange seeds holds numerous health benefits for humans.

According to the company co-founder, Dr. Todd Johnson, the Pomifera oil benefits include anti-aging, moisturizing, acne-fighting, cell restoring, scar reducing, and more.

Todd Johnson claims to have pages of scientific data and clinical research study results showing the benefits of Pomifera oil.

Johnson decided to bring the benefits of this oil to the masses.

So, in February 2020, Todd Johnson and Lindsay Colombe launched an MLM company known as Pomifera.

Let talk more about the Pomifera founders.

Who owns Pomifera?

The owners of Pomifera are Lindsay Marie Colombe and Todd Johnson.

Here are a few interesting facts about Pomifera founders.

Lindsay Colombe was a beauty guide with Limelife before co-founding Pomifera with Todd Johnson.

She has a history of reaching the highest ranks of an MLM company, then leaving for a different company.

Before joining LimeLife, Lindsay was the top-ranked leader (Black Status) with Younique.

Doesn’t this make you wonder why an MLM leader left her top rank high to start again from the bottom?

Lindsay Colombe is following a simple MLM business strategy.

It becomes a struggle to recruit and grow a team when an MLM company expands to the point of market saturation.

With MLM businesses, if you cannot recruit new members, your business is dead.

Lindsay Colombe has to leave her top rank MLM companies to start Pomifera. Now, she sits at the top of the pyramid. It’s the position you want to hold in an MLM organization.

If the top ranks in MLMs struggle to make money, imagine what happens when you join at the bottom?

As to Todd Johnson, Lindsay is using him to legitimate the claims of the Pomifera oil health benefits.

Todd has a Ph.D. in chemistry. He calls himself a “mad scientist.” He is the chief scientific officer of Pomifera. He is the only person telling people Pomifera oil is beneficial to humans.

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Pomifera Products Review

Pomifera markets a range of products broken up into three categories: face, body, and hair.

The selling point behind this brand is the star ingredient Pomifera oil.

According to the company, the most popular product is the Pomifera Rose Anti-Aging Serum and Complete Moisturizer.

Pomifera does offer discount products bundles in each category. The bundles give you up to a 10% discount as opposed to purchasing each product individually.

You can visit the site to choose the bundle that best suits you on the product page.

We will take a look at the top five best-selling Pomifera skincare products in this review.

Healing Body Oil

The most popular product in this category is the Pomifera Healing Body Oil.

This body oil combines a mix of Pomifera, sunflower, jojoba, and grapeseed oils to nourish and enhance your skin’s radiance while also providing antioxidant protection.

The oil is non-greasy and quickly absorbs into the skin for a silky touch and lasting hydration.

The company claims that it helps to improve skin conditions, alleviating sunburn, and aiding in the relief of shingles.

Rose Anti-Aging Serum

The Pomifera Rose Anti-Aging Serum is a blend of oils including the Pomifera, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and coriander.

Pomifera claims the Serum reduced age spots, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, deep wrinkles, emerging wrinkles, and fine lines.

You can use the Pomifera Rose Anti-Aging Serum to provide the hydration your skin needs daily.

Brightening Vitamin C Serum

Pomifera Brightening Vitamin C Serum features a stable vitamin C derivative called magnesium ascorbyl phosphate.

This serum claims to improve elasticity, firmness, and tone for an overall more radiant, youthful-looking complexion.

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Restorative Facial Exfoliant

Pomifera Restorative Facial Exfoliant formula contains Pomifera oil and viola tricolor extract as the key ingredient to help manually shed dead skin cells.

This hydrating scrub contains Collageneer, an anti-aging and firming ingredient, to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Balancing Facial Cleanser

Pomifera Balancing Facial Cleanser is not just for cleaning the skin.

The product also provides antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging to naturally condition the skin.

You can use this facial cleanser both morning and night.

Those are the popular skincare products offered by Pomifera.

As to the benefits, the only evidence available to back up the company claims is from consumers or Brand partners of Pomifera.

Where To Buy Pomifera Oil?

Pomifera products are sold on the brand’s website and through the Brand Partner.

The company calls itself a direct sales platform. However, the business setup is the same as MLM.

You can join Pomifera as a Brand Partner to earn commissions selling and recruiting others into the company.

The rest of this Pomifera review will focus on discussing the MLM opportunity.

Pomifera MLM Review

Pomifera offers customers an opportunity to make money by becoming a Brand Partner.

Yes, you can partner with Pomifera to build a business. It’s an MLM business.

Brand Partners get paid for sharing the products and recruit others to join the MLM with them.

The company doesn’t care how many products you sell. Its business model is to encourage you to buy products. Then have you recruit friends and family into buying more products.

With MLM business, you make the most money from recruiting others into your team.

You are the team leader, and your recruits are your downline.

Pomifera pays you a commission every time your downline purchases products or makes sales.

The more people you recruit, the more money you make. Because every new Brand Partner must purchase Pomifera products if they want to join the team.

That’s a quick review of how Pomifera MLM works.

How Much to Join Pomifera?

You can join Pomifera for free as a customer.

To join as a Brand Partner, you need a sponsor and purchase a Business Box.

The Brand Partner business box costs $99. It’s your initial investment to launch an MLM business with Pomifera.

The Business Box contains a variety of Pomifera Brand Products with a replicated website that your referrals can order directly from you.

You will get instant access to the Owner’s Suite to help you run your Pomifera business.

Pomifera says there’s no monthly sales requirement to remain as a Brand Partner. While this is true, but the company turns the monthly sales requirement into an annual sales requirement.

To stay as a Pomifera Brand Partner, you must personally sell a minimum of $600 worth of products every 12 months.

The majority of Pomifera Brand Partners purchase products to meet the annual sales requirement. It’s the way MLM companies sell their products. They force Brand Partners to buy them.

Does it sound fair and reasonable that a company forces you to purchase products every year to stay in business?

If you cannot sell or refuse to purchase $600 worth of products every year, Pomifera will shut you down. You will lose everything.

This Promifera Brand Partner doesn’t sound like a good business opportunity.

How Much Do Pomifera Reps Make?

Pomifera reps make money in two ways: selling products and building a team. This compensation structure makes Pomifera an MLM.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study, the vast majority of people, over 99% of reps, who join an MLM company make no money.

It’s the same as saying over 99% of Pomifera reps earn nothing.

I am not saying that you cannot make money as a rep for Pomifera. You have less than a 1% chance.

If you are willing to take the 99% risk, let look at the Pomifera compensation plan
to see how reps make money.

Pomifera Compensation Plan

You might want to download a copy of the Pomifera compensation plan to study it in detail.

I will provide a quick review of this complex compensation to explain the earning opportunity for Pomifera Brand Partner.

The Pomifera compensation plan offers Brand Partner three ways to make money:

Retail sales commissions

It calls Personal Retail Volume (PRV).

You retail the products directly to consumers.

Every Brand Partner earns a 25% commission on PRV.

Team override Commissions

It is known as Downline Retail Volume (DRV).

You earn this DRV commission by achieving $200 in PRV and advancing to leadership rank by recruiting one team member.

This commission starts at 3% on line 1 and increases to 10% as you move up ranks.

You earn team override commission for up to 4 generations. Please refer to the compensation plan for the exact commission for each rank.

Personal Sales Bonus

You earn a $100 Personal Sales Bonus for every $1,000 PRV each month.

There’s no need to advance in rank to earn the Personal Sales Bonus.

If you want to earn $3,00 per month, you sell $3,000 worth of products.

That’s an overview of the income opportunity.

Let move on to discussing the leadership rank. I will only focus on the first three ranks: Partner, Brand Partner I, and Brand Partner II.

Once you understand how the rank works, you can figure out the rest.

We will refer to this picture of the compensation plan for this discussion.

Pomifera Compensation Plan - Pomifera review

As you can see from the compensation plan above, Pomifera has 13 ranks.

You advance in rank by meeting the PRV, DRV, and Structure requirements.

Below is an explanation on rank promotion:


All recruits start at the rank, Partner. It’s the lowest rank under the Pomifera compensation plan.

You stay at this rank until you achieve $200 in PRV.

From Partner to Brand Partner I

Your $200 PRV achievement is carrying over from the Partner rank.

In addition to the $200 PRV, you must produce an additional $600 PRV for rank advancement.

Why is $600 PRV, not $600 DRV?

Because you don’t have a team member at this rank, your only option is to purchase $600 of products to meet the DRV requirement.

Brand Partner I to Brand Partner II

The requirements for Brand Partner II are:

  • $300 PRV – You already have $200 from previous ranks. You need to purchase or sell $100 in products to meet this requirement.
  • $1,000 DRV – You already have $600 DRV. You need an additional $400 DRV. You can achieve this by recruiting two people to join your team or purchasing more products.
  • 1 Active Leg – You must recruit one Partner to move into the rank. An active Partner is someone who purchased a Business Box. This sale doesn’t count toward your DRV.
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So, to meet their DRV requirement, many sponsors push new members to purchase more products.

I hope you understand now that Pomifera doesn’t care how many products you sell.

This business is about forcing downline to buy more and more products. If this sounds confusing to you, that’s because it is.

Confusing compensation plans is the trick for MLM companies to hide their real motive.

Is Pomifera A Pyramid Scheme or Legit MLM?

The Pomifera compensation plan allows reps to earn money both by selling services and recruiting new members.

It’s safe to say Pomifera is an MLM business opportunity.

While the compensation resembles a pyramid, Pomifera is not a pyramid scheme.

Pomifera is a legit MLM because it involves the sale of tangible goods, skincare products.

However, the chance of making money selling retail Pomifera skincare products without recruiting is near zero.

Recruiting is still the best way to make money with MLM. You are selling products through networking marketing.

The job of all Brand Partners is to bring people into Pomifera and encourage them to buy and use products. You get paid to recruit, not to sell.

Don’t join an MLM if you are planning to sell skincare products.

Sorry, the products don’t sell themselves. You must have a recruiting plan before joining Pomifera.

It is easy to sink your money into an MLM because they encourage you to buy more and more.

Pomifera vs Limelife

Many people are under the impression that Pomifera and Limelife are the same company.

The only connection between these MLM companies is that Lindsay Colombe was a Beauty Guide for LimeLife. Colombe left LimeLife to launch Pomifera.

The similarity between these MLMs is their products contain Pomifera oil.

When Lindsay left LimeLife, she brought most of her top rank beauty guides to Pomifera.

They are at the top level of the earning pyramid.

The Pros And Cons of Pomifera MLM Business

Listen, I have nothing against MLM. The business model of recruiting people to sell is not appealing to me.

I hate to see people end up with debts and a garage full of products that they cannot sell.

Before you invest in any business, you must consider the pros and cons. If the benefits outweigh the risk, then it’s a good investment.

Here are my Pomifera Pros and Cons.

Pomifera Pros

  • Pomifera offers people a low-cost business opportunity. You can own a business for just a $99 investment. It is the first benefit that I have noticed about the opportunity. Most companies charge hundreds of dollars in registration fees to join their business program.
  • The compensation plan is not complex compared to other MLM opportunities. The company offers a good starting commission of 25%. But, this does not mean you can make money under this plan.
  • Pomifera is a new MLM company that means you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. You enjoy the advantage of fewer Brand Partners to compete. With little competition, you can quickly build a team. However, this benefit does come with a few disadvantages, which we will discuss in the Pomifera Cons.

Pomifera Cons

  • Pomifera is an MLM business opportunity. It’s the worse business opportunity to make money. Over 99% of MLM business owners lose money. You have to keep recruiting new people to make sales. If you are uncomfortable with constantly recruiting and training new team members, then multi-level marketing is not for you.
  • Pomifera is a startup MLM company. We have discussed the benefits of getting in on the ground floor. But there are more risks than benefits. New MLM companies tend to go out of business within the first five years. The most disturbing cause for the MLM failure is fraud. Pomifera skincare products are new. There’s not a lot of published research proving the skin benefits of Pomifera oil. If Pomifera oil benefits prove to be false, this company is out of business overnight.
  • The health and beauty market is over-saturated. You are competing against thousands or even millions of skincare brands to make money. It’s unlikely people would dump their favorite Avon or MayKay for Pomifera.

It appears to me Pomifera business opportunity has more problems than benefits.

Pomifera Review Conclusion

Most of the positive reviews of Pomifera are from Brand Partners recruiting new members. Sure, they will suggest you join on the ground floor through their link.

These Brand Partners don’t care about your success. They are out to build a big team.

I advise you to take the time and investigate every business opportunity before joining.

Why would you want to invest money in a business with less than a 1% chance of making money?

Doesn’t the fact that over 99% of MLM owners lose money scare you?

It does for me. When I invest $1, I want at least $2 in return. I cannot get this with an MLM business. That’s why I invest my money in the most lucrative opportunity, the online business.

I understand you are here to read this review of Pomifera.

So, I will not reveal my business opportunity in this review.

If you want to learn more, I suggest reading this article, the #1 Opportunity To Make Money Selling Others Products. It will help you to understand why this is a lucrative business to start today.

Every year, millions of people earn a six-figure passive income with this simple business model, “Selling other people products.”

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I hope this Pomifera review answers your question about the Pomifera MLM business.

Until next time.

Please, share your experience below.

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