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Rank And Rent Websites, A Scam Or Legit?

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OK, you heard so much about making money online Rank and Rent websites.

A Dozen training programs promise to teach you the process of making millions with rank and rent.

You are reading this rank and rent website to find out the truth.

Can you make easy money rank and rent websites?

This sounds too good to be true.

Is this a scam or a legit business opportunity?

When I research a few rank and rent programs, I see mostly hype with little or no income proof.

So, I am writing this Rank And Rent Websites review to offer you the truth. Here’s the truth about rank and rent websites.

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Rank And Rent Websites Review Summary

Name: Rank And Rent Websites
Business Type: Make Money Online
Investment: Varies

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  • Rank And Rent Websites makes money by building niche websites then rent them out to businesses.
  • Most Rent and Rank programs teach you two steps:
      1. Build a niche website to generate traffic.
      2. Find businesses to rent the website for monthly income.
  • The process of ranking a website is competitive and requires a steep learning curve. I’ll explain more.
  • The hardest part of rent and rank is finding a business willing to pay a monthly rent for your websites. You must have good sales skills to make this work.
  • Rank and rent website is a legit business. But it’s not easy to earn profits. This business model requires face-to-face selling.
  • If you hate sales, don’t invest in Rank And Rent Websites.


What Is Rank And Rent?

Rank and rent is an online business model where you build a niche website to generate traffic, and then rent it out to businesses.

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Business owners rent niche websites to save money.

Building a website to generate traffic is expensive. It takes a long time to rank a website on Google.

Rank and rent offer new businesses a quick and inexpensive option to compete online.

Businesses can get online exposure immediately by renting a ranked website.

On the other hand, rank and rent provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists a simple and scalable way to earn passive income.

Before you can rent a website, you have to build one and rank it on Google to generate traffic (visitors).

Businesses rent websites for traffic. You cannot make money with a website that has little or no traffic.

Rank And Rent Websites is also known as a digital lead generation business. This business model is competitive and expensive to start.

Numerous online training programs teach the Rank and Rent websites to make money. You can check our review on Modern Millionaires, Officeless Agency, Bossless Forever, Lead Generation Coaching, and more.

WARNING: Rank and rent is not a true home-based business. You must travel to conduct sales meetings with business owners to make money. If you hate face-to-face sales, this business is not for you.

If you are looking for a safe and legit way to make money from home, here’s how I earn over $100K a year. Check out my #1 home-based business opportunity to learn more.

How To Rank And Rent Websites?

Rank a website to generate traffic is hard works. You need to invest time and money ranking a website before you can rent it out.

If you want to make money rank and rent a website, the first step you must learn is ranking a website.

How To Rank Websites?

Not every website is rank on Google.

A niche website is the best to rank.

Learning how to build a niche website is the first lesson in most rank and rent training programs.

Choosing the right niche will bring big profits. You want to select a niche that is lucrative but not so competitive to build a rank and rent website.

Since you are renting the websites to local businesses, your niche must be locally focused.

Once you have a niche, you are ready to build a website.

You need to purchase a domain name, hosting services, and web design services.

What different with a niche website is the content. You must regularly publish content to rank a website. The content must also be keyword focus to get rank.

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The major part of your rank and rent training is learning to create ranking content. This is known as SEO.

You must learn the right way to do keyword researches and to write content focusing on the keyword.

Your site must have sufficient content before Google will rank it.

The next step is getting your rank and rent website on Google My Business (GMB) map.

Google requires a physical address for a website to rank on its map. You must be able to verify the business physical address to get ranked on GMB.

How do you get different addresses for each website?

You can rent an address from people who live in the city that you wanted to build a rank and rent website.

Renting addresses can become costly as you scale up your business. This is something rank and rent programs don’t want you to know.

It takes a long time to rank a website. Your website must generate sufficient traffic before you can rent it out.

How To Rent Out Websites?

You have to find the right business owners to rent out websites. This is easy said than done.

How do you know who wants to rent a website?

The way to find clients to rent your websites is by cold-calling businesses.

Rank and rent rely on cold calls to make money. You have to call businesses and pitch to them your services.

Your pitch is about a ranked site that can bring sales leads to the business owners.

You come in and show businesses how rank and rent websites can improve their revenues.

Businesses will rent your rank website if it brings in paid customers. That how you make money renting out websites.

You can charge businesses a monthly fee or a commission on each sale lead.

As you can see, making money with rank and rent Websites is not easy.

This is not a work-at-home business. You have to hit the road, pound the floor, and knock on doors to rent out websites.

If you hate cold-callings, you cannot make money with rank and rent.

I hate face-to-face sales. For me, I love to roll out of bed and take five steps to my office. I prefer working as an affiliating marketer.

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Is Rank And Rent Websites Legit?

Rank and Rent Websites is a legit business. I don’t believe this is the best business model to earn passive income.

People complain about rank and rent as a scam because they cannot make money.

Cold-calling on business owners to pitch your rank websites is not easy. Many people fail at this step.

You might be successful at ranking niche websites. If you cannot sell, you will not make money.

Rank and rent websites is a competitive business. You spend a lot of money to generate leads. This money is a loss if you cannot sell them to businesses.

Now you understand why there are not a lot of success stories about Rank And Rent Websites.

My Final Thought On Rank And Rent Websites

Rank And Rent Websites is not a profitable online business model.

Ranking a website has become more expensive and competitive.

Before you invest in rank and rent, you need to evaluate your sale skill. If you hate cold calls, then this business is not for you.

Unless you want to throw away money.

Regardless of what rank and rent programs are telling you, this is not a work-at-home business.

You must be ready to hit the road, knock on doors, and do sales presentations to make money.

You don’t need to take so much risk with rank and rent websites.

There are lucrative online business models that require no sale to make money.

I understand you are here to read my review of the Rank And Rent Websites.

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I hope this Rank And Rent Websites discussion answers your question, is rank and rent legit?

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

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