The Most Fundamental, Yet Effective Way to Make Money Online!

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The 4 Steps to Make Money Online

There are numerous ways to make money online, but the best is the 4 Steps To Make Money Online.

Making money online is not a new concept. The 4 Steps to Make Money Online is fundamental, yet the most powerful system to generate passive income.

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Online Business Begins with An Idea

The 1st step is finding a profitable passive idea.    


The internet has made it easy for you to turn any passion into a profitable online business.

Don’t know which passion can generate passive income online?

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Your Idea Becomes Business with A Website

The 2nd step is Making the Money Website.

This step can be scary for non-technical people.

You don’t need to be a professional web builder to create a money website.

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Target The Right Customers

The 3rd step is finding customers with target marketing.


The most challenging part of building a successful business is finding customers.

The 4 Steps To Make Money Online will teach you the most effective methods to attract qualified customers to your money website.

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Profits With Passive Income Strategies

The 4th step is using the right passive income strategies.

Without investing a dime, your money website is generating online income through autopilot. The most popular method of monetizing a website is affiliate marketing.

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The 4 steps to make money online

Coffee TalkHi! I’m TQ, a mom, and a writer. I create OnlineBzDog to share my fascinating life,The Passive Income Lifestyle.

The carefree drop everything flies around the world lifestyle!

Don’t you want to live and earn a great income anywhere in the world – Doing What You Love in Your Spare Time? I know we all do!

I have discovered a way to turn passions into passive income using the Money Website, earning money while I’m Sleeping, Traveling, or Relaxing on The Beach.

Anyone can easily replicate what I’m doing. All it takes is an understanding of a few steps which I have shared above.