Make Money Online – Doing What You Love …. in Your Spare Time

Make Money Online – Doing What You Love… in Your Spare Time

Turn Something You Love To Do In Your Spare Time Into Passive Income.

Money That Comes In Whether You’re Working, Sleeping, Traveling, Or Relaxing On The Beach.

Best Of All, It Costs $0 To Get You Started.

Yes, I’m talking about creating your very own Money Website.

Coffee Talk


Dear Friends,

Do you want to live a lifestyle that allows you to pick your own work hours, live anywhere in the world, and take as many vacations as you care to?

One that lets you work from home – or from anywhere in the world, for that matter – doing work that is interesting and prestigious … work that you can be proud of?

Right now is the best time to take advantage of the incredible power and potential of the Internet.

Every day, billions of people use it to search for information, and many wind up making a purchase or clicking on a promotional link.

Whenever they do that, someone gets paid.

It wasn’t long ago that I was struggling to earn a living … jumping from one job I hated to another I hated more … never making more than $20,000. (In my last job, I was making $7.50 an hour – $17,280 a year – flipping burgers at your favorite local fast-food chains!)

But then I discovered something that changed my life …

I learned the simple secrets to creating money websites, the kind of website that makes you money, Passive Income.

No Bosses, No Commute

Now I “work” a few hours a day. Building my very own Money-Making Websites.

My neighbors and a few friends think I’ve taken early retirement – probably because they never see me working.

Yes, I do live an early retirement!

Because, for the first time in my life, I decide how my days will be spent.

Some days, I’ll feel like working for a few hours (typically in the morning).

Other days, I’ll play some golf, have lunch in my favorite cafe … or just hang out with friends.

But what surprises people most (and may surprise you, too) is the income my “early retirement” lifestyle gives me: over $100,000 plus a year. With just one website.

And I’m not kidding you or pulling any punches here …

It all stems from my ability to sit down in front of my laptop and work on my websites.

If I really wanted to, I could make a lot more. Some people I know who’ve learned this skill are making $500,000 … even $1 million a year. (You’ll meet a few of them in a minute.)

Yet, even some of my closest friends still don’t know just how successful I am…

Why not?

Because, like many of the online entrepreneurs you’re about to meet, we don’t like to brag. Especially considering that we’re doing what we love (something we’d happily do for free).

What I’m doing is something that anyone can easily replicate…

To be successful in building Money-Making websites, you don’t need to be an expert, exceptionally talented or invest a lot of money or be well-connected.

All it takes is an understanding of a few key secrets.

Anyone who likes the internet can learn the secrets that let me earn a very comfortable six-figure income from home, year after year.

It’s a knowledge that –– once you have it –– will put your financial destiny squarely in your own hands, for as long as you want to use it.

And now you have the opportunity to study these secrets at absolutely no risk to you.


A while ago, I told you how I went from a $7.50 per hour flipping burgers to a six-figure income earner.

And I’m not the only one. Many folks have discovered this amazing little opportunity … just like you’re about to do today.

Eddy make money onlineWhen Eddy Salomon started his first Money-Making website promoting “Making Money Taking Online Surveys”, it was a topic he knew very little about.

He did what all smart people do. He researched and reported his findings along with his own experiences and opinions.

I’ll explain how he did this in just a moment, but first, let’s look at Eddy’s income…

Within one year, his website about makes money taking surveys was averaging $200 per day.

That’s about $6,000 a month!


wealthy affiliate testimonialJerry Huang decided to create a website evaluating business opportunities.

His secret sauce? Breaking down difficult financial concepts of evaluating and finding a profitable business opportunity into easy-to-understand tips.

And it worked!

Just under 18 months, his website averages over $6,000 every single month.

This side income allowed Jerry to leave his day job and work on creating Money-Making websites full-time.

Now, Jerry’s able to add to his savings account monthly and even buy some nice property.

Plus, Jerry has the income and time to travel with his girlfriend, while working on his website from wherever he at, Traveling All Over The World!

He pointed out just how lucky he feels working on something he loves, creating Money-Making Websites.

I know this may surprise you …

How can a simple website, like the one you’re looking at right now can pay so well?

But, as you’ll learn by reading on, there’s a reason this kind of website pays so well.

At its core, a Money-Making Website is simply an informational website. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest (sometimes free) types of websites to create and maintain. Not to mention one of the most profitable.

With these websites, you usually don’t have to sell anything.

You simply write and share information.

Ideally, your Money-Making Website focuses on something you’re interested in.

Some examples might be a hobby or passion… like gardening, parenting, skydiving, journaling, or anything else.

Your goal is for readers to find your website when they search the Internet for information on your chosen topic.

They can be attracted through many methods, but the end game is that they’ll read your content and purchase something based on your recommendations.

When they do that, you’ll receive a commission. So, every page added to your website is like adding a new revenue stream to your income…

And, that’s how — and why — Money-Making Websites are the best way to turn spare time writing into a highly-profitable passive income stream.

Now, I’ll explain more about passive income in a bit. But, basically, I’m talking about creating a revenue stream that, once set up, continues to generate incomes — even when you’re away from your computer.

(As I said, this type of website is one of the easiest to set up. We’ll even show you how… step-by-step!)


First, you’re probably wondering what you should write about. The answer? Almost anything.

You can choose from hundreds of thousands of interesting topics…

  • You could write about your favorite TV shows… movies reviews… electronics… furniture… clothing… jewelry… shoes… makeup… pet sitting — or anything else you can think of…
  • You can write about a hobby — like stamps collecting or bird watching…
  • You can write about a skill you’ve developed — like cooking or playing guitar…
  • You can write about a place you like to visit (or something you like to do) — like beaches (or surfing).
  • You could write about pretty much anything else you can imagine.

And that’s just scratching the surface of potential topics…

Just remember, it’s all about information. Information that answers their loyal readers’ questions.

Then, they publish this information on their own (very simple-to-set-up) website.

The result?

An income-generating website with loads of perks like these:

  • You can easily get started today. From anywhere in the world. With just a basic computer or laptop.
  • A Money-Making Website sets you up to profit from your work over and over again — just like a novelist with royalties!
  • Completely portable, it’s an opportunity that anyone can take advantage of, no matter where they live or travel, your income — and your ability to maintain that income — can go with you.
  • WORK part-time, this is “spare time writing” because you typically spend fewer than three hours each week on publishing on the website.
  • The choice is yours. You can choose your own hours — as many or few as you’d like. Oh, and you can forget the days of asking someone else for permission to take a day off!
  • The best things about a Money-Making Website is that you get to write about something you enjoy — whether you choose a hobby, a passion, or another special interest. That’s why it doesn’t feel like work. You write for your website because you enjoy your topic and the writing, not because you’re forced to do it.

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with a Money-Making Website.

  • Once your website starts bringing in a consistent income, you’re on your way. You can keep writing — just a few hours each week — and enjoy a recurring income stream.
  • You could: Leave your job and turn your Money-Making Website into a full-blown company.

One great thing about Money-Making Websites is that you don’t need to be a computer guru to set one up.

Today technology makes it easier than ever to launch a website and start publishing your own information in a few clicks of the mouse.

Money-Making Websites are low-tech. Low overhead. No inventory. No shipping.

Your “overhead” is so incredibly low — all you really need is a computer. Yes, that means you don’t need to buy inventory… and you won’t have to ship anything.

While “passive income” is a hot phrase these days, But, what is passive income?

Passive income is money that comes into your bank account while you’re not actively working.

This means you set up your system once. Then, when you step away, it keeps working — bringing in “extra” income even when you’re sleeping, traveling, running errands, or anything else.

You just write for his website an hour or two each week… and sometimes an extra hour on the weekend. As a result, you could make more with your spare time writing than many people do with a full-time job.

That’s why an information website (like a Money-Making Website) is a great way to generate “passive” income…


In fact, let’s look at how Money-Making Websites compare to many of the “gigs” or “side hustles” available in today’s “gig economy”… starting with your potential income…

Is your neighbor getting rich renting their spare bedroom on Airbnb?

How much do Uber drivers earn?

Let’s take a look…

I was surprised to discover that 25% of Americans now earn some of their income from a side-gig such as Airbnb, Uber, or Etsy (according to a study from Lucy Nicholson/Reuters).

But, how much money are they really making?

85% of “gig workers” earn less than $500 per month (on average) working part-time for Airbnb, Etsy, and Uber (and others like them), according to a study performed by the loan provider, Earnest.

As you can see, the average income for ‘gig workers” is only $500 per month.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

An extra $500 per month could be really helpful. You could go on a nice date, pay an unexpected bill, or add it to your savings account…

But, my investigation proved you can make just as much (and a whole lot more!) with a Money-Making Website…

Plus, you’ll avoid the downsides that come with many “side hustles”:

  • With Uber, you make money when you’re driving someone. Period. So, there’s no passive income.
  • AIRBNB: List a room with Airbnb and you’ll have to host someone in your home… Again, no passive income.
  • ETSY: The risk is smaller with Etsy, but there’s still some investment. You’ll need to buy supplies and actually produce your inventory. Then, you’ll have to market your web page to get orders… pack and ship your products… and support your customers. This is a whole lot of works!

Of course, the parent companies of all these services will keep part of what you earn. Why not create your own website and keep 100% of your income?

Not only can you work on your site whenever you choose, you get to make every decision (Be Your Own Boss!)…

You won’t have to be dependent on clients or ask anyone for permission. Your Money-Making Website is all yours — your very own publishing platform…

  • You can write and launch your own new web pages and blog posts —anytime you want…
  • You’re not affected by corporate policies or someone else’s decisions…
  • You don’t have to manage or store any physical inventory…

Plus, you can “recession-proof” your business. Just choose a topic that people will always need to read about or research… think healthy foods, dog training, or weight loss.

Modern technology makes it easier than ever to set up a website. Especially, a simple information website like a Money-Making Website.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 98… or anywhere between…

It’s okay if you live at the beach or in the mountains… or even in an RV or on a sailboat…

It’s fine if you’re just getting started… or if you’ve been online quite a while.

If you have Internet access… and can follow along with simple step-by-step video instructions… and if you have a desire to write about a subject you love, then you can do this!

In fact, it’s entirely possible to publish your website and first page of content in the next 60 minutes, or less.

Then, by spending a few hours each week over the next few months, you’ll add pages and build out a robust information website. (You can build it faster if you have the time available, of course.)

As for the writing, it doesn’t have to be fancy or complex. In fact, the simpler the better.

People searching for information prefer if it’s easy to understand. So, if you explain things simply and write like you talk, your website will become very popular.

You don’t even have to worry about grammar or spelling… keep it simple and trust your spell check. (Just pretend you’re writing to a friend.)

It’s all very easy to understand and easy to replicate, once someone shows you how…

That’s why I’m proud to introduce to you the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program — the platform that will teach you everything about creating a Money-Making Websites.

And here’s the good news for you:

It Cost $0 To Get Started

Through this special offer — you can actually access the entire training program and give it a try For Free!


Creating Your Own Money-Making Websites training program will show you how to create your very first website by teaching you step-by-step how to create a content-rich, Money-Making Websites on topics you’re already passionate about …

Websites that will enable you to make money in your spare time doing something you love, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

And, once you get your first website up and running smoothly — it’s easy to start

another … and another … and another.

You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get your website up, running, attracting visitors, and making money.

By the time you finish, you’ll know …

The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to set up a professional-looking website.

How to choose the best, most traffic-friendly topic for your site.

How to pick a domain name for your website that will attract the most visitors.

What each page on your site needs to do to maximize your profits.

How to write copy search engines love and that attracts visitors and holds their attention.

How to write and structure a home page that grabs people’s interest and puts them in a “buying mood.”

How to attract and keep “loyal customers” by keeping your website fresh and exciting.

How to use internal site links to dramatically improve your search engine rankings.

Where to find the best and highest-paying affiliates. (These guys are looking for websites like yours to list their ads on!)

How to make even more money with Google AdSense and other forms of site advertising.

Things experts do within 48 hours of publishing their website to bring more visitors to their site faster.

How to track your site’s performance and how to use the information to make your site better.

And much, much more …

This program doesn’t leave you second-guessing a thing. From choosing your topic to collecting your first paycheck, Creating Your Own Money-Making Websites training program guides you every step of the way.

Plus, you won’t be alone! You’ll get ongoing 24 hours support from the Wealthy Affiliate training staffs and other successful Money-Making Website owners, thanks to the exclusive members-only forum and interactive training program — all included with the program.

You’ll get all the training — everything! — you need to create a Money-Making website based on the topic you love and add thousands of dollars to your income, month-after-month.

And, with the 7-day free membership, you can test try the program NO money upfront … NO payment information required … and no risk whatsoever.

Yes! you’ll get complete access to everything you need to create your own money-making website. 

Take the time to look through the program … start the learning process … learn from the beginning … starting with

  • Choosing a topic
  • Writing your content
  • Setting up your website
  • Creating a profitable long-term plan

and much more.

If after looking through the program, and it’s not for you, simply deactivate your account – no questions asked.

The moment you click on Yes! I Like To Try, you are granting full access to everything we’ve discussed here. The complete program, lessons, online tools, pre-recorded webinars, and more.

Just like that — you’ll be ready to start building a “Money-Making Website” and making a passive income stream doing what you love.

Just imagine what an extra $500 or $700 per month could do for you… or, what an extra $1,000 per month could allow you to do…

  • You could relax knowing that unexpected bills are taken care of…
  • You could take a class or develop a new skill…
  • You could buy a car, a boat, maybe even a house!
  • You could take an extra vacation (or two!)…

And let dream BIG: With an extra $30,000 per month, you could retire early… or invest for a few years and then never worry about your finances again.

The old way of “working” is over…

Don’t waste another minute … get started today!