What Is The Best Way To Earn Money Online?

The Best Way to Earn Money Online Is The 4-Step System

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earn money online

This system is used by successful online business owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and online influencers to make money online.

10 years ago, I use this system as my retirement investment strategy. Today, I am retired and collecting passive income from my online business. I will show you how I earn money online with little or no investment.



Why Am I Sharing With You The Best Way to Earn Money Online?

I have no problem sharing the 4-step system with you. I did not invent this system, and neither is my online business mentor. This system has been in existing since the beginning of the Internet.share earn money online

This same system has been used to launch Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more successful online businesses. From my experience, only a few people will be able to stick with this system. Most go online to look for a get-rich-quick scheme; this is not one of them.

This is not a get-rich-quick scam. You must do work to generate money online. If you are willing to do the works, then I can show you how to earn money online with little or no investment.

The only equipment you will need is a computer. You will be working on your computer, on your own time and in your own home. 


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The best way to earn money online is to learn the four-step system.

You must have all four. If you are missing one step, you will never earn money online.


Here are the Four Steps to Earn Money Online:

#1 Create Money Website #2 Create SEO Content #3 Promote Website #4 Monetize Website

It is very simple, but not everyone can do them correctly. divider line circle


Step #1 Create A Money or Niche Website

A money website is the central hub of your online business. It is your primary online real-estate. You want your money website to be a profitable workhorse for you.

The money website is also referred to as Niche website or a Landing page. This is where you offer products, services, or valuable information to customers.


How to Create A Money or Niche Website?

You have two options to make a money website: Hire a professional, or Do It Yourself (DIY).

Since I start my online business with very little money, so I have to do everything by myself.

building website

Create a money website under a minute.

I have created a lesson to show you how to build a money website like me.


No coding and HTML knowledge is required to create a website. With today’s technologies, you can easily create a stunning website in no time. You can even build a free website to earn money online.


How to Build an E-Commerce Website?

It is very easy to build an e-commerce store with Shopify E-Commerce Platform. You should consider using Shopify if you have a retail store or are looking to sell products online. 

You can build an e-commerce store with a few clicks of the mouse. Shopify allows you to manage and organize products, customize and design storefront, accept all major credit cards, and even track orders.

Shopify is currently offering a 14 days free trial account, so you can build out your storefront.  You can Visit Shopify to learn more.



Step #2 Create SEO Content Strategy

This step is the foundation to earn money online. If you build correctly, you can enjoy continues flow of passive online income from your website for years down the road.

What is SEO content?

SEO content means Search Engine Optimization contents. It is important for two reasons:

First, this is how people find your website on the search engines. Second, this is the way to get customers to visit your website AND EARN MONEY ONLINE.

Confused? maybe this video will help. >>>

Any contents add to your website must be SEO friendly. This means content must be written based on targeting a rich keyword that is relevant and create value for your online business. SEO is the foundation for all successful online businesses.

Keywords are how visitors find your business on the internet. The keyword for this article is: ‘what is the best way to earn money online?.’ This is how I want people to find this web page on the internet, and this is how you find this web page by searching Google or other search engines. This is why Step #2 is so important, try your best to understand keywords.


Free 7 Lessons On SEO Content Creation 



Step #3 Promote Website

This is called website promotion. It is the process of driving traffic to your money or niche websiteThere are two methods to increase traffic to your website.

Free Web Traffic

This means promoting the website yourself. If you don’t have a budget to pay for advertisements, then you have to promote the website by yourself. These are some of the methods that I have used to increase free traffic to my website. 


  • Traffic Exchanges

You receive free real web traffic by joining a traffic exchange programs. The concept is this you visit my website, I visit yours. One thing you have to be careful is only joining real human traffic exchange such as hit4ht or trafficswirl, avoid Bots exchanges.


  • Social Network Marketing

This method promotes the money website with Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or other social networks.


content traffic

  • Blog Marketing

This method involves writing a blog post to promote the money website.


  • SEO – Searching Engines Optimization

This method is Step #2.


Purchase web traffics

You run advertisements with search engines such as Google Adsword, Bing Ads, and Private Ad Networks. It brings the best result with less work.

The major advantage of purchasing online ads from private networks is the costs. It is much cheaper compared to Google and Bing. However, you must make sure that you are purchase web traffics from the real human networks, not Bots. Bots do not bring you any conversions or customers. 

You run online ads to look for customers, so stay with real human traffic such as Revisitors or Real Traffic Source.

Just pick one or two methods that you are good at to promote your money website.


 Free 10 Lessons On How To Give Your Site Social Value



Step #4 Monetize The Money Website

This is the best way to earn money online. I know you want to monetize your website badly by now. But without traffic, your website is dead in the water.

Your money website is your primary real estate online. It is the tool to promote your business model. You earn money online by using this tool to promote your business ideas and attract visitors. Visitor or traffic is what you ‘convert’ into earnings.

Therefore, you do not discuss monetizing the money website until you have completed the first 3 steps listed above. Once you are sure your website generating sufficient traffic and well optimized.:

Here are several Ways to Monetize Your Money Website.



Let’s put the 4-Step System into a practical business perspective:

The First Step to do when starting a business is to build a place to showcase products or services to potential customers.

Offline: we build a storefront.

Online: we build a money website.


The Second Step is to build out or decorate the business place.

Offline: we put office furniture, shelves to display products, racks to display marketing materials, etc.

Online: we add keyword rich contents to the website.


The Third Step is to introduce or announce the business to potential customers.

Offline: we put up banners, pass out fliers, invite guesses, and run ads in local papers.

Online: we promote web traffic to our website through SEO and SEM, social networking, and advertising.


The Fourth Step is selling products or services to customers.

Offline: customers come to the store to purchase goods or services.

Online: customers visit the money website to carry out transactions.


earn money online video

Making money from the website video


The origin of the 4-Step Business System begins even before the internet. Using this system is the best way to earn money online. It is not a scam, this is a reality. You can use this system to open any business, and you will not make money online or offline, without completing all 4 steps.

At step #4, you should have a money website well optimized and attract lots of traffic to monetize and earn money online.


Free Step-by-Step 10 Lessons On The Best Way To Earn Money Online



This 4-step system is the best way for businesses to make money online every day.


The difference between you and the big company is that they are executing this system on a bigger scale. If you have money, you can do this on a bigger scale too.

If Jeff Bezos and Amazon can use this system to make billions, you can use this system to earn money online too. This is the best way to earn money online.


Bookmark this page and Check Back for more learning materials on the best way to earn money online.