Global Test Market Review – My Secret to Earn A Big Paycheck

Global Test Market (GlobalTestMarket) is one of the hundred survey sites that offer people easy options to earn some extra money online.

If you’ve ever tried taking surveys, you should understand the amount of money you make depends on two things, the survey community that you have joined and the reward system that the site employed.

Some survey reward systems honestly pay you for your opinion, while others pay you nothing.

Why some pay nothing?

Well, these websites are run by scammers stealing your personal information for illegal gains.

Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between a legit and a scam website.

If you want to learn about making money taking surveys, this Goble Market Review is written for you.

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About Global Test Market Review

Global Test Market, along with InboxDollars, MyPoints, and Swagbucks, is among the largest online survey website in the world with over 5.5 million active members from more than 200 countries.

This online marketing research site is a vehicle for companies to distribute surveys to worldwide participants of all age groups.

Global Test Market specializes in running surveys for movies, restaurants, cars and consumer products.

On the other hand, participation in the Global Test Market researches allows members to extra pocket money for a cup of coffee or a nice meal.

This website has a variety of survey topics that appeal to different age groups, and it is some of the largest paid survey sites cater to the 14+ age segment.

Participating in the Global Test Market reward program is completely free. But before I discuss the application process, I like to talk a little about this company.

Global Test Market History

Global Test Market is owned and operated by Lightspeed Research.

Lightspeed Research is one of the largest advertising and media agencies in the world. This company was launched in 1999. The same year Global Test Market started its online survey business.

Global Test Market receives a C+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has more than 1,400 clients around the world.

In 2016, the company reported more than $30 million dollars rewarded to its members worldwide.

Global Test Market has been in business for almost 30 years. This is a well-known and reputable survey site for people to earn extra cash online.

This company is not a scam. If you want to make some money, here’s how you can join Global Test Market.

How does Global Test Market work?

Global Test Market is a membership website which you have to register for a free account if you want to make money taking surveys.

You earn points for completing Global Test Market surveys. Later, you can convert these points for cash or gift card which I’ll discuss in the payment section.

There are surveys available for all age groups. Every survey comes with the number of reward points and the estimated time to complete.

You are free to choose any surveys of interest or fit your profile to fill them and get paid.

Most surveys have about 10 to 50 questions which take 10 to 30 minutes to complete. However, some surveys can take up to 45 to 60 minutes, which usually pay a little more. Click here to check the pay rate.

Does it cost to join Global Test Market?

The registration is free. Global Test Market requires no fee or unnecessary personal information to get a free account. However, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 14 years of age.
  • You must be a resident of North American and European.

How to sign up with Global Test Market?

Once you meet the requirements above, the registration process is simple and quick.

You can register with Global Test Market by:

Email address

All you need is provided with your name and email address. A validation link will send to you which you have to click on to verify the email address. Once the verification process is done, you are good to take surveys.

Facebook or Twitter account

Just click on either the Facebook or Twitter link and log into your account the following the registration instructions. Once you have completed the process, you can start taking surveys and earn money.

The entire signup process is less than 10 minutes.

The first task to complete your account is building your profile. The profile helps Global Test Market to determine which surveys you’ll be eligible for.

Unlike InboxDollars, you earn nothing for completing the profile. However, you earn entries into quarterly sweepstakes where you could win up to 500 LifePoints. I’ll discuss these points in a moment, or click to jump there.

You are not required to fill out the profile questions. It is a way to avoid having to prequalify every time taking a survey. After completing your profile, you will receive prequalified surveys which you can take to make some cash with Global Test Market.

Earn Money Taking Global Test Market Surveys

As a Global Test Market member, you earn points for completing surveys which can be redeemed for cash.

For people that have never taken surveys, surveys are market research designed to get consumer input on a company’s products and services. Most Global Test Market’s surveys are about food, movies, electronics, as well as politics. You will be presented with a set of questions, filling in the blanks, and/or using a scale to rate you’re feeling about a topic. Your answers offer the company insight into creating and improving their products or services. For this work, the company pays the Global Test Market, which in turn pays you for your time.

Each survey comes with different completion time. Some surveys are 5 minutes while others are 20 to 30 minutes long. The longer the time, the bigger the reward.

Global Test Market will alert you through email when a new survey that you are qualified is available.

You can click on the link in the email and start taking the survey. Once completed, you earn LifePoints which can then be converted to cash. See below for more details.

You can also download the GlobalTestMarket’s mobile app onto your smartphone, so you can take surveys on the go.

Survey qualification rate

Survey qualification rate is varied depending on a user’s profile. It is important that you provide accurate information when signing up so that you won’t encounter disqualification problems half-way into taking a survey.

Disqualification is the #1 annoying experience for people taking surveys.

However, Global Test Market still compensated people with a few sweepstakes entries or 5 LifePoints even when they get disqualified.

Global Test Market Reward System

Global Test Market uses the point system like Swagbucks to reward members for their time taking surveys.

Under the point reward system, you earn points, not money, for completing surveys. You have to convert points into money if you want to cash out. So, pay attention to the points to cash conversion rate described below.

The only survey site that pays cash is InboxDollars. Read my InboxDollars review to learn more.

Initially, Global Test Market referred to these points as MarketPoints with a conversion rate of 120 MarketPoints equal to $1.00.

On April 17, 2017, MarketPoints were replaced with LifePoints with a new conversion rate of 23 LifePoints equal to $1.

Global Test Market members registered before April 17, 2017, is grandfather into the old points reward system which allows them to earn more points taking surveys compared to those members registered after this date.

When you read online reviews of the Global Test Market, you can see some reviews use the old MarkePoints conversion rate, while others use the LifePoints conversion rate. The correct conversion rate is the Life Points reward system.

LifePoints are valid for 3 years from the date earned or expired within 12 months if the account is inactive.

To redeem LifePoints for rewards, you must meet the minimum points requirement which I have described in the payment request section below.

Global Test Market Survey Pay rate

For each survey completed, Global Test Market pays you between 23 to 250 LifePoints depending on the complexity and the length of that survey.

Global Test Market pays 5 LifePoints for any survey that you are disqualified.

According to Global Test, members can expect to earn an average of $5 for each survey completed. These $5 surveys are very rare, and they can take up to 60 minutes to complete.

Most surveys on Global Test Market site are average about 15 minutes, and you earn 23 LifePoints or $1.50.

Many newbies think earning $1.50 for 15 minutes of work is not a bad idea, because this means you would make $6.00 completing 4 surveys in 1 hour. This is wishful thinking. Newbies always forgot about the DISQUALIFICATIONS.

As I have stated above, disqualification is the #1 reason why people earn a low pay rate taking online surveys.

My Own Test: This was my result after spending 6 hours, over two days, taking surveys with this site. I made a total of 66 points, about $3.50. I earned 46 LifePoints for completing 2 surveys, 10 LifePoints from 2 surveys disqualification, and 10 LifePoints from sweepstakes. My pay rate was about $0.59 an hour. NOT VERY IMPRESSIVE.

You will not get rich or earn a full-time income taking online surveys. 

However, there is one way to make serious money with these survey sites, it has nothing to do with taking surveys, which I have described at the end of this Global Test Market Review. Click here if you want to learn now.

Earning LifePoints bonuses

As an active and regular survey taker, you are entitled to bonus LifePoints.

Occasionally, Global Test Market gives a bonus of 10 LifePoints ($0.50) to 23 LifePoints ($1) to encourage members to stay engaged with the platform.

It’s paid to be active with Global Test Market.

You have limited options to earn extra money with this reward program. Unlike InboxDollars and Swagbucks which allow members 7 different ways to earn money besides taking surveys.

Now you know why people are leaving the Global Test Market to join InboxDollars and Swagbucks. If you want more options to make extra bucks online, check out this InboxDollars Review and Swagbucks Review to learn more.

How to Request Payment from Global Test Market?

Global Test Market does not allow members to redeem until they have a minimum of 1,100 LifePoints, or $50, in their account.

Once your account meets the minimum requirements, here are your options to redeem the LifePoints:

  • Redeem LifePoints for gift cards
  • Request money deposit into a PayPal account
  • Request for a check payment in the mail
  • Donate LifePoints to charities

NThe $50 account balance minimum requirement only applies to cash payout. For e-gift card reward, the lowest is 250 LifePoints for a $10 e-gift card. You can redeem for $5 if you make a donation to a charity. The life points donation is the smallest amount you can redeem with Global Test Market reward.

A cash payment process takes from 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Keep in mind the payments come from Canada, so it takes a while to process.

Is the Global Test Market worth it?

Compared to other survey sites, Global Test Market is not a good place to earn some extra cash online.

I personally do not use this site much. My two biggest problems are the limited options to earn money and the high payout amount requirement ($50). See my dislike for more info.

Chances are, it will take months, even years, before earning 1000 LifePoints to receive a payment.

Is the Global Test Market a scam or legit?

Global Test Market is hard to earn money and receive a payout, but it is not a scam.

This website has more than 14 million visitors a month, and it has paid more than $32 million dollars in reward to members worldwide.

Anyone who has participated in taking surveys to earn extra cash should know that the pay rate is low, and the payout takes a long time. 

However, there are a few recent complaints against Global Test Market that I think you should know before joining this site. I consider these recent complaints as Red Flags indicating something wrong with Global Test Market.

Recent complaints against Global Test Market

Here are the most common and serious complaints from Global Test Market users:

Tough Survey Qualifications

Many users complain about been shutting out after they have finished more than half of the survey. Some even finished the surveys to be told that the survey quota is full, so no points for them.

This is a serious issue for me. This has nothing with survey qualification. Qualification is normally determined at the beginning of a survey, the prequalification questions. Disqualification half-way or at the end of a survey is considered cheating, not a disqualification.

Account Suspension

There are a few complaints from members about account suspension due to country restrictions. What interesting is Global Test Market allowed these account users to reach the minimum payout LifePoints (1000), then notified them of the county restriction when they requested a payout.

Some people defend the Global Test Market by blaming these members for not checking the registration eligibilities. I disagree with this. Global Test Market has the responsibility to block out users from the restricted country. This is a simple setting on the website.

Allowing people to complete surveys before suspending their account is considered unethical business practice. Read a complaint with BBB.

No Support

The #1 common complaint is no support. I agree with this. It seems like Global Test Market has no customer support department.

If you have problems or account suspension, good luck. You might just have to forget about it because is almost impossible to reach customer support.

The three issues above are big factors why I am not a fan of Global Test Market. You don’t have to deal with these problems if you are a member of InboxDollars or Swagbucks. They are bigger and better than the Global Test Market anyway.

I make most of my online income from affiliate marketing, not from taking surveys. I have written a tutorial on How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing which you can follow the link to learn more about this business.

Even though I am not a fan of this reward program, there are a few things I do like about them.

Things that I do like about Global Test Market.

Global Test Market has some good features that are worth to point out.

  • Low Age Requirement: You can register and start making money with Global Test Market for as young as 14 years old. Not many survey companies accept this age group.
  • Multiple Payout Options: If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can ask for a check. You are not forced to accept gift cards which most survey sites do. I like this feature the most.
  • High Rewarding Points: The average LifePoints for Global Test Market surveys is 35, about $1.75. This payment is very good, only if you can qualify for more surveys.
  • Earn with Disqualification. The good thing is Global Test Market gives you 5LifePoints and a few sweepstakes entries even if you are disqualified for completing the survey. However, it is always better to complete the survey.

Things that I don’t like about Global Test Market.

In addition to the three issues above, here are some other features which I hate.

  • Low Qualified Rate. This is the main reason why I earned less than $1 an hour with Global Test Market. Furthermore, you wasted about 10 to 15 minutes for every survey that you are disqualified. It is very frustrated taking surveys with Global Test Market.
  • $50 Minimum Payout. This is the toughest payout threshold in the online survey industry. When you are earning less than $1 and hours, this will take months, even years, to meet this requirement. Most popular survey sites like Swagbucks, MyPoints, and InboxDollars allow members to cash out at $5 level. $5 is much easier than $50.
  • Limited Earning Options. You only have two good options to earn money with Global Test Market, taking surveys and referring friends, nothing else. With other survey sites, you have over 7 different options to earn money online. If you want to know these options read my Swagbucks Review or InboxDollars Review to find out.

I think you understand why I am not very active with Global Test Market. This place does not pay at all.

Should You Join Global Test Market?

You must decide this for yourself. Everyone has their own reason to join a membership site.

For me, I joint survey sites to write this Global Test Market reviews. This is the only way to know everything about the website and their reward program. I want to offer you an informed and most accurate information, so you can make the right business decision. I am not taking surveys to make money online. I make a living online doing what I love, writing reviews, which I’ll share with you more below.

Honestly, if you are looking to make a few bucks doing surveys, I don’t know why you want to join this survey sites when you have better earning options like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and MyPoints.

Make a Living with Global Test Market and Survey Sites.

The best way to earn a big paycheck with online survey sites is through the referral program.

Every survey site offers a reward for referring people to join the program. Most of them are cash reward, not points: Global Test Market offers $1, InboxDollars pays $1, Swagbucks gives $3, and Ebates pays $5 for each referral.

The referral rewards are varied with $5 being the highest.

How I make money with paid surveys?

The simplest way to make a big paycheck with these referral programs is by promoting it online.

There are two ways to promote a product or service online: Affiliate Marketing and Blogging.

Affiliate Marketing involves writing reviews, like this Global Test Market Review, to help people understand the product or service.

Blogging involves writing about your own experience or personal story of making money taking surveys.

When you write an article, you add a referral link in the article to provide a convenient way for readers to access the reward program, in this case, Global Test Market. When someone clicks on the link to visit the site, you earn a referral reward.

Example: You write a review about Global Test Market. You add links in the article for people to visit the site. Global Test Market offers a $5 reward for each referral. If your review article reaches 1000 people, and 200clicksk on the link and join, you just earn $1,000 (200x$5). This is just from 1 article.

The example above is how I make passive income online every day. Here is my profile. This is not fiction, it is real.

You can take surveys to earn pennies, or you can do what I do to earn thousands.

I cannot explain everything in this review. If you are interested in learning more, you should read ‘The 4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.’ This is a tutorial which I have layout the steps-by-steps on how I make money online.

You can also check out this #1 Online Entrepreneur Free Training Program, which I have used to build this successful online business. Here is a quick breakdown of my $6,000 monthly income from just 1 website.

Affiliate marketing and blogging are very lucrative ways to make money online. I invite you to follow the link below to join and train with me for free. This way I can share with you my experiences, and you can have access to professional help in building your own online success story.

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This is Global Test Market review. You cannot make a lot of money by taking surveys, but you can make a full-time income by promoting them.

Any questions or comments? Please leave a message below.

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