Is Cashgem Legit – Cashgem Review

It’s unusual for a cashing platform to pay you $30 to become a member and $15 for each referral.

This type of rewards make you wonder, is Cashgem legit?

Almost every online Cashgem review concluded this cashing platform a scam. They argue that there’s no way Cashgem can pay these lucrative rewards.

But in the business of affiliate marketing, you can earn these lucrative rewards for promoting high-price ticket items.

You cannot say whether Cashgem is legit or scam based on the rewards it offered

For sure, you don’t want to miss out if Cashgem is real.

At the same time, you don’t want to become a victim of an online scam.

These are legit business points to consider.

We need more information to determine Cashgem legit or fake.

Before going to a full review of Cashgem, I want to say this:

“Nothing is free in business. You must give up something of value in exchange for the Cashgem rewards.”

Let find out what do you have to give up?

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Cashgem Review Summary

Name: Cashgem

Business Type: Make Money Online

Investment: Free

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  • There are three ways to earn money with Cashgem.
    1. You make $30 as a member.
    2. You earn $15 for each referral.
    3. You earn cash rewards for completing various tasks.
  • Yes, Cashgem pays you to join the cashing platform. Your account will receive the cash credits. You can request a cash out at any time.
  • According to members, they have not received a payment from Cashgem. All the payment proofs that you see on the Cashgem website are fake, not from a real member.
  • Cashgem has no intention to pay the rewards. This cashing platform uses big cash rewards to lure people in the door.
  • Does this make Cashgem a scam?
  • Before answering this question, I want you to think about Why Cashgem creates this scheme? And What is Cashgem stealing from you with this scheme?

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Cashgem The Cashing Platform

Cashgem LLC is the cashing platform promising members a lucrative payday.

This cashing platform claims to have been in business since 2015. It promotes itself as the #1 Cashing Platform with the highest paying offers.

When you investigate this Cashgem self-promotional statement, the fact doesn’t add up.

  • The domain was purchased in April 2020.
  • The Cashgem Facebook business page was created in 2020.
  • There’s no online information, promotion, or posting about until early 2020.
  • No payment proof exists before 2020. Every online Cashgem payment proofs were posted after January 2020, including those posted on the Cashgem site.

Can you see something wrong with Cashgem self-promotion as the #1 cashing platform since 2015?

Do you still believe Cashgem legit?

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How Does Cashgem Work?

Cashgem offers an unrealistic online income to recruit people joining the cashing platform.

Cashgem promises members a $30 sign up bonus and a $15 commission for each referral.

You only need to register with Cashgem to collect all these lucrative cash rewards.

Cashgem Sign Up

Cashgem is free to join. You can visit the cashing platform to sign up for an account.

The Cashgem signup process is simple which only requires your full name and an email address.

You need a Cashgem account to claim the $30 bonus and earn money.

Once your Cashgem account is set up, you can access the member dashboard to complete different tasks to make money.

Cashgem Tasks

There are several Cashgem tasks for you to earn money.

One easy task to make money is recruiting people into Cashgem. This cashing platform offers members a $15 commission for each recruit. You can earn hundreds of dollars by promoting Cashgem to your family and social media friends. This way, the Cashgem scheme can reach more victims online.

The highest-paid Cashgem tasks are app reviews and surveys. Cashgem pays $45 for a completed task. You can make a lot of money doing these tasks.

Many people have reported earning hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in their Cashgem account.

However, they have a problem with cashing out the money.

How To Cash Out On Cashgem?

Cashgem claims requesting a cash out is a simple click of a button.

Many people have clicked on the Cashgem cash out button, but it doesn’t work.

No one can cash out the money from Cashgem.

There is no way to contact Cashgem about the cashout status either.

People are hoping that Cashgem is legit. So, they wait for days, weeks, and then months for the Cashgem payment. They receive nothing. Eventually, Cashgem members gave up and filed the Cashgem scam complaint online.

Cashgem starts out as a real make money online opportunity. The cashing platform does offer payment proofs to support their scheme. But the payments credit into your Cashgem account, which you cannot cash out.

So, what do you think?

Cashgem Legit Or Fake?

When you talk to new members, they will tell you Cashgem is legit.

When you talk to ex-members, they agree Cashgem is fake. Because they never get paid.

It’s difficult for people to accept that Cashgem is not legit when they see a large amount of cash sitting in their account. They don’t understand these are just numbers with a dollar sign in front. Numbers are not money unless you can cash out.

How can you say Cashgem legit when the cashing platform doesn’t send you the payment?

Cashgem is a scheme to steal your identity and labors. Read on to understand how this scam works.

The Cashgem Scam

This Cashgem the cashing platform was created to make money from you, not for you.

Cashgem is cashing on your activities.

Every time you complete a task, Cashgem earns commissions and a share of your payment to the legit market research sites.

Yes, the Cashgem tasks cost money. Here’s a report from Cashgem members.


This Cashgem scam doesn’t stop here.

The most valuable information to Cashgem is your personal information.

This cashing platform scheme is known as the data harvesting scheme to steal your identity.

  • You provide personal information at the time of creating the Cashgem account.
  • The cashing platform collects your personal information when you’re completing the app review and survey tasks.
  • When you’re requesting cash out, you unknowingly give Cashgem your bank and financial account information.

Cashgem uses all this data to make money by stealing your identity.

I’ll share with you this Cashgem member scam report.


You can read more Cashgem scam complaints by visiting TrustPilot.

Final Thought On Review

Earning a passive income online is real. But this doesn’t mean every online moneymaking opportunity is legit.

Cashgem does offer lucrative cash rewards to members.

Cashgem does have tasks for you to earn more money.

Cashgem does credit the cash into your account.

But Cashgem is not legit because you cannot cash out your earnings. You are doing all the work for nothing.

Cashgem is free to join, but why waste your time with an opportunity that doesn’t pay.

There are many legit online opportunities for you to make money from home right now.

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I hope this Cashgem review answers your question, is Cashgem legit?

Until next time.

Please share your Cashgem experience below.

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