Brownstone Research Review – Is Brownstone Research Legit

We all wanted to have some online investment recommendations hoping to earn passive incomes with the stock market.

If you are searching for legit investment recommendations on Goggle, you might have heard about Brownstone Research.

The owner of this company is a Silicon Valley expert but should you trust his advice and investment recommendations? Or, should you avoid it?

There is so much confusion in people’s regarding this, so we finally decided to review it and make a report for you to see.

In this report, I’ll be going over what the company provides, its owner, its product price, complaints, and finally, is it worth your investment or not?

So, let’s begin.

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Brownstone Research Review Summary

Name: Brownstone Research
Business Type: Investment Newsletter
Investment: $0-$5,000

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  • Brownstone Research offers specialized investment researches on tech stocks.
  • A subscription to Brownstone Research is not cheap. You are paying up to $5,000 for a prediction.
  • Remember, no one can predict the stock market.
  • A few investors have accused Brownstone Research of not telling the truth by covering up their losing recommendations.
  • Brownstone Research has never guaranteed that its products will generate passive income for you.
  • Why waste money on Brownstone Research when you have a safer and more profitable option to earn passive income online.


What Is Brownstone Research?

Brownstone Research is an investment research firm launched in 2020.

It is referred to as a boutique investment research company on the official website.

In finance, a boutique is a small firm that provides specialized services to a specific market sector. Brownstone Research financial newsletters offer precisely that.

The company aspires to provide an insider’s view on Silicon Valley that most people do not have.

The goal is to provide investors high-quality investing advice that they would otherwise be unable to obtain or generally only available to large institutions and high-net-worth people.

Brownstone Research offers few newsletters, including four premium newsletters and one free e-letter.

This company is a subsidiary of The Agora, which also controls Agora Financial.

Agora Financial has a reputation online for defrauding people. This company also manages other questionable investment newsletters, such as the Oxford Club, Fast Fortune Club, and Technology Profits Confidential. I suggest you read these reviews to learn more about Agora Financial.

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About Brownstone Research Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is the founder and the principal investment analyst of Brownstone Research.

Mr. Brown earned his bachelor’s degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University, famed for its astronaut training.

He graduated from the London Business School with a master’s degree in management.

Although he began his career in the United States, he spent more than 20 years living and working in other countries. He mostly lives in Tokyo, Japan. Jeff says his stay there provided him with a unique global perspective and taught him a lot about the technology business.

Jeff has learned a lot in semiconductors, IT networking and security, automotive and consumer electronics, broadcasting, video technologies, and various other industry subsectors. He has worked for Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Juniper Networks as a senior executive.

He has been a successful investor in Silicon Valley, specializing in early-stage tech startups, in addition to owning businesses.

Jeff considers himself an insider in Silicon Valley. He says it helps him identify new trends months before the rest of the market, making him a more accomplished investor.

Mr. Brown uses his knowledge, experience, and connections to identify businesses on the verge of becoming market leaders. His purpose is to put money into them before they reach their full potential.

Now, you can invest along with Jeff Brown by purchasing investment products through Brownstone Research.

Brownstone Research Subscription

Brownstone Research offers various investment products in a form of subscriptions.

However, I am only discussing the six popular subscriptions in this Brownstone Research review.

If you want to purchase a subscription to all Brownstone Research products, you must read our review on Brownstone Research Unlimited.

Brownstone Research The Bleeding Edge

Brownstone Research Bleeding Edge is a newsletter that provides information on technology investments to investors.

The term “bleeding edge” refers to things beyond current technologies or, to put it another way, products considered new and revolutionary.

Firms that use bleeding-edge technology stand out as early adopters, potentially increasing their stock values significantly.

Based on the expert behind Bleeding Edge, the service offered appears to be worth considering. Given that it is free of charge, there does not appear to be any harm in looking into what’s been shared.

Brown’s typical industry of investment, however, involves much new technology.

For example, he is a great supporter of the relatively new 5G technology.

This newsletter is available for no cost.

Brownstone Research Second Wave

Second Wave is a phrase invented by Brownstone Research to describe the possibility of a second market crisis.

It recommends investors invest in biotech stocks. Because most of them are working on coronavirus vaccines and cures, they will be safe from a market crash.

The subscription price for this report is $49 for the first year and $129 per year. You can cancel the membership subscription whenever you want, and you will get refunded within 30 days.

Brownstone Research Near Future Report

Brownstone Research’s investment newsletter, The Near Future Report, is sent through email.

Jeff Brown is in charge of this newsletter.

You get actionable investment ideas, market analysis, news, reviews, and reports by subscribing to The Near Future Report.

A model portfolio, bonus reports, and other materials are included with all subscriptions.

This investment newsletter focuses on identifying today’s trends and those that are just around the corner on the verge of huge growth.

With each regular monthly issue of The Near Future Report, you’ll receive Jeff’s pick of companies on the brink of significant development.

This isn’t a penny stock newsletter; instead, it’s a research service that offers stock choices for long-term investment.

The subscription price of The Near Future Report is $50 per year.

It has a 60 days refund policy, and you can cancel the subscription anytime.

Brownstone Research Exponential Tech Investor

Jeff Brown’s Exponential Tech Investor is a high-end investment advisory company specializing in identifying small technology firms with the potential to grow exponentially.

It’s not easy to predict the next successful company in any industry.

Most people, especially seasoned analysts, get it wrong most of the time.

Companies having strategic advantages over competitors and unique ideas and teams may fall short of their full potential. It takes years for those who succeed to reach the top.

As a result, while you will pay a significant sum to subscribe to Exponential Tech Investor, you should not expect a quick return on your investment.

For a year’s worth of advice, you should expect to pay somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000 (non-refundable); though you can cancel it at any time.

Brownstone Research Early Stage Trader

Early Stage Trader is a trading service that specializes in generating quick profits from small tech stocks.

Smaller tech businesses set for tremendous development are recommended by Jeff Brown, as are investments that potentially surge in value in the next months and years for traders who buy now.

Early Stage Trader costs $5,000 per year to subscribe to.

If you’re not satisfied with the report within 90 days of joining, cancel your subscription and contact Jeff Brown’s Customer Service staff. They will refund you 100% in credit rather than cash.

Brownstone Research Unlimited

Jeff Brown leads Brownstone Research Unlimited. He has decades of experience in the corporate world and the high-tech industry.

The goal of Brownstone Unlimited is to give members the information they need to earn more substantial investment returns.

As a Brownstone Unlimited member, you gain unlimited access to all Brownstone Research subscriptions, products, reports, and more.

The sales page for Brownstone Unlimited provides limited other details about the service. You need to call the company to learn more about Brownstone’s Unlimited membership and refund policy.

Brownstone Research Price

Brownstone Research prices are from free to $5,000. You have to look at each product to know the exact price.

If you want access to all Brownstone Research products, the Brownstone Unlimited subscription is the best.

Remember, Brownstone Unlimited is the highest subscription package, so make sure you’re sure before signing up.

Is Brownstone Research Legit?

Brownstone Research is, in fact, legit. We can agree that Brownstone Research is committed to providing high-quality financial newsletters.

However, this doesn’t mean their investment advice will deliver guaranteed outcomes.

They are making money selling investment newsletters and advice. Even though, the quality of the suggestions might not match that of some of the most popular investment firms. Still, you do obtain research-based investment choices.

Complaints Against Brownstone Research Subscription

Most of the complaints against Brownstone Research have to do with the company not prompt in issuing refunds.

Some investors called Jeff Brown a snake oil salesman that covers up his losing recommendations.

There are also some complaints you will find online from people who are fed up with email marketing. Once you give the Brownstone Research access to your email, you’d better be prepared to start receiving lots of promotions.

Is Brownstone Research Worth It?

Yes, Brownstone Research might provide valuable investment information. But it’s just a prediction.

I don’t think is worth it to waste $5,000 on a prediction.

No experience, skill, or knowledge can guarantee to pick a winning stock every time.

Brownstone Research wants you to think that their products can make you rich. But when investing in stocks, you need to know your risk tolerance.

Can you afford to lose all the money?

You don’t have to invest in stocks to earn passive income.

You should look at other investment options that are less risky and more profitable.

Today, the internet is a better way to earn passive income.

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I hope this Brownstone Research review answers your question, is Brownstone Research legit?

Until next time.

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