12 Minute Affiliate Review – Is 12 Minute Affiliate Legit

We all know affiliate marketing is a legit method to make money online.

Yes, this online business model requires little investment to start. However, it takes time and hard work to generate sufficient income to replace your 9-5 job.

When you heard about 12 Minute Affiliate, you think it got to be a scam.

Like you, I begin Googling 12 Minutes Affiliate review for more information.

Most online reviews are positive, saying 12 Minute Affiliate is a legit done-for-you affiliate marketing system.

But most of them offer no proof that the system does actually generate profits for its users.

How a $9.95 system that takes 12 minutes to set up can generate $100,000 each month?

It’s too good to be true. Somebody is not telling the truth.

So, here’s what I have discovered.

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12 Minute Affiliate Review Summary

Name: 12 Minute Affiliate
Business Type: Affiliate Marketing
Investment: $9.95

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  • 12 Minute Affiliate provides to help you build a successful affiliate marketing business in 12 minutes.
  • It takes three simple steps: activate your system, get done-for-you traffic, earn commissions while you sleep.
  • Once you purchase 12 Minute Affiliate, reality kicks in. It requires more money and works to make this system works.
  • You are making money by promoting the system you have just purchased, 12 Minute Affiliate.
  • So, all the positive 12 Minute Affiliate Reviews must be written by affiliates who promote the program to earn commissions.
  • For the record, I am not promoting or affiliating with 12 Minute Affiliate.


What Is 12 Minute Affiliate?

12 Minute Affiliate is a program that allows users to build an online business and earn passive income online in minutes.

It takes three simple steps with a few clicks to make money with affiliate marketing.

12 Minute Affiliate is also known as a done-for-you affiliate marketing business.

The program was offered on ClickBank in October 2018.

As the result, 12 Minute Affiliate earns commissions from promoting ClickBank products.

ClickBank has a reputation online for selling junk products. You must consider this fact when evaluating whether it worth it to purchase the 12 Minute Affiliate system.

12 Minute Affiliate promotes as a friendly business opportunity for newbies because everything is done-for-you (DFY).

The problem with DFY businesses is the lack of uniqueness and innovation. You are receiving the same online business website as the guy joins before or after you.

Supporters of 12 Minute Affiliate point to the success of its founder, Devon Brown, to prove that the system works to make money online.

However, there are mixed online reviews on Devon Brown of the 12 Minute Affiliate system. Some claim he’s not real.

From my researches, I can tell you Devon Brown is a real person. But I cannot confirm he a successful online affiliate marketer.

There’s no information about how Devon gets involved with affiliate marketing or how he has managed to generate $100,000 per month by 33.

Remember, anyone can fake as an online affiliate guru to sell junk products.

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12 Minute Affiliate System Review

The best way to confirm the legitimacy of 12 Minute Affiliate is to review how the system works to make money online.

According to 12 Minute Affiliate, it takes three steps to set up your affiliate marketing business.

Here are the steps that you need to do to launch your online business after purchasing the system:

Creating A ClickBank Affiliate Account

I believe you can skip step 1 if you already a ClickBank member.

You need to create this affiliate account because 12 Minute Affiliate makes money by promoting ClickBank products.

This affiliate marketing system is ClickBank exclusive. It means you cannot use 12 Minute Affiliate to promote products from other affiliate programs.

Once you are a ClickBank affiliate, you can start promoting products to earn commissions.

This takes us to step 2.

Buy DFY Traffic For Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Step 2 requires a few more clicks to set up your DFY affiliate marketing business.

The first digital tool to set up is an email autoresponder. This tool is not free.

12 Minute Affiliate uses the AWeber autoresponder that costs $19 per month. You must purchase this digital tool for the system to work.

You use the autoresponder to send automatic emails, which you load into AWeber, to subscribers.

12 Minute Affiliate provides you with 80 email swipes, predesigned emails, to upload into your autoresponder.

Next, you need to activate your 12 Minute Affiliate funnels. These funnels are predesigned landing pages that you can choose to promote ClickBank products.

The last thing you need is traffic.

An affiliate marketing business doesn’t work unless you send traffic to the sales funnel, the landing pages.

You can get DFY traffic from Devon Brown. But you have to pay for it.

Before we move to step 3, let recap how the 12 Minute Affiliate system works:

  • You create a ClickBank affiliate account.
  • You upload your emails and landing pages into the autoresponder.
  • You then activate the sales funnels and send DFY traffic to them.

Now, your affiliate marketing business is ready to make money.

Earn Commissions While You Sleep

You don’t have to do anything in step three.

The 12 Minute Affiliate system will generate sales for you.

When you send DFY traffic to the funnels, the landing pages allow people to join your email subscription. The autoresponder will follow up with people and offer them products to buy. You earn commissions when people click the link in the email to purchase a product.

That’s how 12 Minute Affiliate system work to make money for you automatically.

Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

The 12 Minute Affiliate system looks legit until they promote the DFY traffic.

You don’t make money in affiliate marketing unless you make a sale.

Sales only happen when you have real traffic. Real traffic means human visitors to your landing pages.

It’s not clear where the DFY traffic comes from, is this traffic generates by bots?

If this machine generates traffic, you make no sales, earning zero commission.

Let assume 12 Minute Affiliate provides real traffic. If you spend $100, you get 100 clicks/visitors.

Not all visitors subscribe to your emailing list. The average conversion rate is 20%. This means 20 sign-ups per 100 visitors.

If you make 1 or 2 sales per 20 subscribers, you’re not making money.

Now, most ClickBank products price at less than $30 with an average commission rate of 50%. At this commission rate, you earn $15 on $100 spending on DFY traffic. This is not profitable.

You can’t even recover the costs.

12 Minute Affiliate Price

It’s hard to believe that a business system generating $100,000 per month only costs $9.95.

Yes, $9.95 is the price for 12 Minute Affiliate. You should know this is a trap to get more money from you.

For the 12 Minute Affiliate system to work, you need to purchase more digital products.

The first tool is autoresponder which costs $19.00 per month.

It’s too expensive to buy DFY traffic. You need to spend thousands of dollars each month to keep your affiliate marketing business running.

The moment you stop buying traffic, your online business is dead.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate legit?

If you believe the internet, then 12 Minute Affiliate is legit. It’s the answer you get from Google.

Are you investing in a business system just because it legit?

Not me.

I invest in business opportunities that make money.

I don’t see how you can make money with the 12 Minute Affiliate system. The numbers don’t add up.

It is too expensive to continuously paying for DFY traffic. This expense will erase all your earnings.

I don’t care if 12 Minute Affiliate legit or not. This DFY affiliate marketing business is not profitable.

12 Minute Affiliate Alternative

There is no shortcut or secret to affiliate marketing success.

If you want to build a successful affiliate marketing business, you have to do it the right way. The right way requires time and hard work.

The hard part of building an affiliate marketing business is traffic generation. If you don’t know the affiliate marketing parts, you can read this article, Affiliate Marketing For Beginners, to learn about them.

Most successful affiliate marketers build their business by learning the process of generating free traffic. It’s known as learning SEO.

It’s more profitable to generate traffic through SEO because it’s free and unlimited.

I understand you are here to read the review of 12 Minute Affiliate.

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I invite you to read What I Do Every Day To Make Money At Home Online. Let me show you the real system of generating passive income.

I hope this 12 Minute Affiliate review answers your question, is 12 Minute Affiliate legit?

Until next time.

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