The Oxford Club Review – Is The Oxford Club Legit

Anyone who invests in the stock market must have heard of The Oxford Club.

The Oxford Club is more than an investment newsletter.

This private investment club provides members with investment advice, reports, seminars, and opportunities.

There are mixed reviews regarding the Oxford Club services. Some say it’s a scam. Others offer high praises for its investment reports.

You are hesitant to become a member of this investment club.

You want to know if the Oxford Club legit.

You don’t want to waste money on shady investment services that provide no real value to you.

These are good reasons to read this Oxford Club review.

Let begins.

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The Oxford Club Review Summary

Name: The Oxford Club
Business Type: Investment Club
Investment: $149

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  • The Oxford Club provides guidance and advice on stock market investments.
  • This private investment club is a subsidiary of the Agora Financial Group.
  • The principal director of The Oxford Club is Alexander Green, who has over 20 years of experience working on Wall Street.
  • Reviews on the Oxford Club vary. Many feel the club investment recommendation too risky for average investors.
  • The Oxford Club focuses primarily on investing in microcap stocks. These stocks can easily manipulate by institutional investors and large companies.
  • Most of the Oxford Club scam complaints have to do with unethical and misleading promotions.
  • Investors accuse the club of using worthless investment newsletters to sell expensive services.
  • Are these scam complaints have any merit?
  • We’ll discuss more in detail below.


What Is The Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club is more than a financial publishing company.

This private investment club provides investment strategies to its members via newsletters, reports, and financial seminars.

The Oxford Club was founded in the 1970s with headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The club has over 80,000 members in 100 countries.

The club has been publishing its investment newsletter for more than 30 years. It considers the longest-running financial newsletter in the U.S.

The Oxford Club’s mission is to help members:

  • Maximize their income
  • Minimize taxes
  • Double market returns every year
  • Minimize market risks
  • Achieve financial independence

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Who Own The Oxford Club?

Agora is the owner of The Oxford Club. This private club is one of the 10 independent “imprint” subsidiaries own by this brand.

The investment director of this club is Alexander Green.

Mr. Green of the Oxford Club is an investment expert with more than 2 decades of experience as a writer, analyst, and financial advisor.

A few popular investment books written by Green include The Gone Fishing Portfolio, The Secret of Shelter Island, and Beyond Wealth: The Road Map to a Rich Life.

Mr. Green receives high praise for investment strategies in The Oxford Communique. His investment newsletter has ranked in the top 10 for low-risk, high-reward performance for the past 16 years by The Hulbert Financial Digest.

Every member of The Oxford Club receives a copy of this newsletter monthly.

The Oxford Club Membership

The Oxford Club membership is a yearly subscription to three different monthly investment newsletters.

The basic memberships provide only a digital copy of the newsletters.

The VIP memberships receive both digital and print reports along with investment advice and guidance.

Let talk about the three newsletters offered by The Oxford Club.

The Oxford Club Communique

This newsletter is written by Alexander Green, The Oxford Club chief investment strategist.

The monthly newsletter is considered the club’s “flagship” investment product.

You receive an in-depth analysis of investment opportunities that have the potential to bring big returns.

Every week, The Oxford Club Communiques issues a market update on its recommendations.

The newsletter provides members with market condition alerts on major changes in the stocks.

The Oxford Income Letter

This newsletter uses The Oxford Club chief editor Marc Lichtenfeld’s 10-11-12 step approach to make money with dividend stocks.

Each month you receive a portfolio recommendation with an in-depth analysis of the stocks.

You also receive the weekly update of the recommendation with an alert of major development.

The newsletter issues an alert, “Income Blasts”, on urgent developments that can’t wait to be included in the weekly or monthly issues.

Strategic Trends Investor

This newsletter provides patterns and trends to identify the right investment time before an opportunity goes mainstream.

The Strategic Trend Investor newsletter doesn’t provide monthly, weekly, or email alerts.

Members receive a daily email guide to the market’s emerging, breakthrough, and disruptive trends.

How Much Does It Cost To Join The Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club offers different levels of membership:

  • The basic membership costs $49 per year.
  • The premium membership prices at $79 to $99 a year.
  • The premier members pay $129 a year.

These low membership levels only offer access to the 3 newsletters discussed above, without investment advice or guidance.

The VIP trading services cost over $7,000 which offer to Chairman’s Club members.

You will likely be bombarded with promotional emails to upgrade to the expensive VIP trading services.

The Oxford Club is notorious for upselling.

Is The Oxford Club Legit?

The Oxford Club is a legit investment club. You will receive the three newsletters after joining.

Investment newsletters are recommendations on stocks. They provide market analysis and investment ideas. It’s not a guarantee on investments.

Most of the scam complaints against the Oxford Club have to do with their marketing practices and the refund policy.

There are several complaints regarding investment returns or profits. However, these complaints seem to come from inexperienced investors. They are relying on the Oxford Club sales videos and marketing materials as a guarantee on stock investment.

There is no guarantee on stock investment from The Oxford Club. Don’t join the club if you are not ready to take on the high risk of stock investment.

The Oxford Club looks legitimate on the investment advice and recommendation.

But what about the other scam complaints?

The Oxford Club Scam Complaints

Refund complaints tell us if The Oxford Club is running a scam.

There are investment clubs that intentionally make unrealistic returns to bring in members.

These shady clubs often have no membership fee refund policy or make it hard for unhappy members to get refunds.

We have reviewed the refund complaints from unhappy Oxford Club members on the BBB site.

It appears the club does engage in some unethical marketing practices.

The BBB issues the following warning against The Oxford Club:

  • Inability to achieve the advertised claimed results.
  • Inability to obtain a refund from the business.
  • The business failed to respond to phone calls, emails, and/or letters.
  • The business charged more than the advertised purchase price in error.

You should be carefully considered these warnings before joining the club.

Is The Oxford Club Worth It?

The risk of investing in the stock market is high.

If you are looking for safe investment opportunities, you should not waste money on The Oxford Club subscription.

The Oxford Club provides a convenient option for you to learn and research the market. It doesn’t offer a guaranteed return or income.

The stock market is not the place for you to generate a stable income. You might make money with a few recommendations but lose it all on others. This is the risk.

The Oxford Club might mislead you to believe their newsletters offer the best way to generate passive income. You should know this is not true.

A safer and better method to generate passive income is investing in Digital Real Estate.

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I hope The Oxford Club review answers your questions, is The Oxford Club legit?

Until next time.

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