Is The Conversion Pros Legit – The Conversion Pros Review

“The Conversion Pros has everything you need to grow a profitable business.” This statement is not true!

It makes you wonder, is the Conversion Pros legit or another online scam?

Every online business owner knows it requires lots of digital tools to launch and run an online business.

Any company that claims to have everything for you to build a successful business has turned out to be a scam. What about The Conversion Pros?

You might want to read this Conversion Pros review to see what I have discovered.

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Conversion Pros Review Summary

Name: Conversion Pros

Business Type: Online Business

Investments: $50

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  • Conversion Pros offers digital tools to build sales funnel converting visitors into customers.
  • You can test the Conversion Pro marketing tools for 14 days free to build your own sales funnel (landing pages).
  • The sales funnel doesn’t work unless you have visitors. Visitors are called ‘web traffics.’
  • It is impossible to build a profitable business with only a sales funnel. You need web traffics, which the Conversion Pros doesn’t provide.
  • This company doesn’t have everything to help you build a profitable online business. This is marketing hype.
  • The Conversion Pros is not a legit online money-making opportunity.


What Is The Conversion Pros?

Conversion Pros is a marketing platform that provides digital tools for businesses to customize landing pages converting prospects into paying customers. This is also known as ‘Sales Funnel.’

David Dubbs is the owner of the Conversion Pros. Mr. Dubbs created this marketing platform in 2015 with headquarters in Carson City, NV.

The Conversion Pros doesn’t help you to build a profitable business. It helps you to promote a business online. This is a digital marketing and advertising firm.

The company offers the following digital tools for you to build landing pages:

  • Page Builder
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Customer Managed Relationship (CMR)
  • Text Message (SMS) Broadcaster
  • A/B Testing
  • Marketing Videos
  • URL Shortener

The Conversion Pros does offer an affiliate program. This program pays a referral commission to affiliate marketers. It’s not a business opportunity.

So, the Conversion Pros is nothing more than a one-stop-shop marketing solution for online businesses.

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Conversion Pros Pricing

The Conversion Pros provides a convenient option for businesses to purchase all the digital marketing tools from one place.

Does this mean the Conversion Pros cost more?

Well, you have two ways to test these marketing tools. After testing, you can decide if the price is right for you.

Conversion Pros Free Trial

You can test the Conversion Pros 14 days free of charge.

The company doesn’t require payment information to get a free trial account.

You will get follow-up marketing emails, but no pressure to buy.

The purpose of the 14 days free trial is to prove to you the Conversion Pros legit.

I am not disputing the legitimacy of the Conversion Pros marketing tools. The problem is the company promoting itself as an online business opportunity, which it’s not.

Conversion Pros Cost

The cost to continue using the Conversion Pros after the 14-day free trial is $50 per month.

$50 might sound expensive for an affiliate marketer looking to make money promoting the Conversion Pros.

As an online business owner, I can tell you $50 is cheap. It will cost more to purchase all these marketing tools separately.

Most online business owners prefer a one-stop-shop marketing platform over multiple providers.

Cheap or expensive depends on your business purpose.

A good example of this is the Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a one-stop-shop training program teaching people the process of making money online.

People who join WA to start an online business think it’s cheap.

Those joining WA to promote their existing business say it’s too expensive.

The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program

Let make this clear, the Conversion Pros offers an affiliate program, not an affiliate marketing training program. If you don’t know the difference, I suggest following the link to learn.

You can join the Conversion Pros affiliate program to earn referral commissions.

However, you have to pay to join the affiliate program. The cost is $50 per month. The Conversion Pros is a paid to play affiliate program.

Making money with the Conversion Pros will be easy for affiliate marketers with an existing website and followers.

Don’t expect to make money if you are new to affiliate marketing. You don’t have people to refer to the Conversion Pros.

You earn a referral commission when someone you refer purchases a subscription plan with the Conversion Pro.

The Conversion Pros Compensation Plan

The Conversion Pros offers a 50% commission per sale. This is a generous referral commission.

Since the Conversion Pros cost $50 per month, you earn a $25 recurring monthly commission.

Here’s the compensation breakdown:

  • 1 referral – You earn $25 per month (you pay $25 for the affiliate fee)
  • 2 referrals – You earn $50 per month (you break even)
  • 10 referrals – You earn $200 per month.
  • 100 people = $2,450 per month.

The more e you refer and subscribe with the Conversion Pros, the more money you will earn.

It sounds easy. But the reality is not.

You must take into consideration the Conversion Pros monthly affiliate fee. It costs $600 per year.

There are also expenses to promote your Conversion Pros affiliate website.

Last, Conversion Pros is a marketing platform. Many businesses only use the tools when they want to promote products or services. After the promotion, most will delete their Conversion Pros accounts.

Is The Conversion Pros legit?

As a marketing platform, the Conversion Pros is legit. But it doesn’t have everything for you to build a profitable business.

You can create and publish a lot of landing pages. If no one knows they exist, it’s just a waste of time and money.

You need visitors to your landing pages, which the Conversion Pros doesn’t provide.

You still have to spend money to generate traffics. This the most expensive part of building a profitable online business.

There are two ways to generate web traffic: paid digital ads and free traffic. None is offered by the Conversion Pros.

You cannot use marketing tools to generate web traffic. This is just marketing hype.

The Conversion Pros uses deceptive marketing tactics to trick people into joining the platform.

Anyone joining the Conversion Pros with the hope of building profitable business has been scammed. They will lose money, not make money.

As a successful Online Business Analyst, I have evaluated hundreds of online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams.

I must warn you, “The Conversion Pros is not a business opportunity.”

Conversion Pros Alternative

Any business owner looking for digital marketing tools to promote their business, I suggest comparing the Conversion Pros against other competitors before joining.

Here are a few noticeable competitors:

Conversion Pros vs. Builderall

  • Builderall is a newer platform compared to Conversion Pros.
  • The Builderall offers more than just marketing tools. You can build an SEO website with Builderall to generate free traffic.
  • Unlike the Conversion Pros, Builderall is an MLM opportunity.

Conversion Pros vs. Clickfunnels

  • There’s not much difference between Conversion Pros and Clickfunnels. Both companies offer a one-stop-shop for marketing tools.
  • Clickfunnels provides 37 different templates for you to use with marketing campaigns. These pre-designed templates are completely customizable.
  • However, the Clickfunnels is more expensive compared to the Conversion Pros. The highest price for the Clickfunnels is $297 per month.

My Final Review Of The Conversion Pros

The Conversion Pros is good marketing tools for existing business owners to promote their businesses.

You use these tools to build sales funnels converting visitors into paying customers. But you must first have a business that offers products or services for people to buy.

If you are looking to build an online business, the Conversion Pros is not for you. It’s not a business opportunity.

Don’t waste your time and money with the Conversion Pros.

To make money online, you need a training program that teaches you the process of building an online business.

You want to learn how to build a business that generates long-term incomes.

You want to make money far into the future, not just for a few dollars here and there. Isn’t this the reason you search and join a legit online opportunity?

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Conversion Pros cannot help you build a profitable business. This is just a marketing platform.

There are legit online opportunities that you can earn a full-time income at home today.

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I hope this Conversion Pros review answers your question, is the Conversion Pros legit?

Until next time.

Please share your Conversion Pros experience below.

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