Is Product Report Card A Scam Or Legit – Product Report Card Review

How do you feel after spending 20 to 30 minutes completing a survey and never got paid?

Yes, you would call Product Report Card a scam.

Consumers have logged hundreds of complaints with the BBB against for non-payment.

Responding to these complaints, has promised to issue rewards immediately upon completion of the survey.

But can you trust Product Report Card?

Many of us are looking for a legit way to make a few dollars from home while in quarantine during the Corona Pandemic.

You are excited to discover Product Report Card. But before signing up, I suggest you take a few minutes to read my Product Report Card review.

We’ll discuss everything about this survey site, how to join, how it works, how you earn cash and all the changes.

You will find out ‘Is Product Report Card a scam or legit?’

Let starts,

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Product Report Card Review Summary

Name: Product Report Card

Business Type: Survey Site

Investments: Free

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  • Product Report Card offers people an opportunity to earn cash rewards for taking surveys and participating in different research panels.
  • Just like Swagbucks, Product Report Card is free to join.
  • You earn between $0.25 to $5 for each survey completed. If you are lucky and get invited to participate in a focus group, you can earn up to $200.
  • It’s very competitive to find surveys. Your earnings with is low comparing to Swagbucks and InboxDollars.
  • Rewards are paid in cash. But the rewards pending period is long, sometimes up to a year.
  • You cannot cash out until the account reaches a minimum of $25. You can redeem for gift cards or a check.
  • A major concern in recent years is the increasing number of non-payment complaints. This always happens to legit survey sites about to go out of business. Product Report Card seems to be fighting for survival.
  • Doing online surveys is not the best way to make money online. Don’t waste your time with Product Report Card surveys.


What Is Product Report Card?

Product Report Card is a market research site that allows members to make money sharing their opinions through surveys and research panels.

Product ReportCard.Com, LLC was launched by Steve Little in 2012. The company headquarters is in Denver, CO. offers different opportunities to earn money. You can take surveys, write product reviews, and/or conducting product researches. Pending cash rewards are issued to your account upon completing an activity.

The pending cash rewards can take up to 30 days before Product Report Card released them. Recently, some members have waited more than a year for the cash rewards to be released.

Starting in 2017, numerous non-payment complaints were filed with the BBB alleging Product Report Card as a scam. The BBB has issued an alert on its website regarding this illegitimate activity.

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How Does Product Report Card Work?

You must be a member of the Product Report Card to participate in the cash reward program.

The first step is to become a member. is free to join.

Part of the registration process requires you to fill out a detailed demographic profile. This profile is used in determining your qualification for the following activities.

Product Report Card Surveys

Surveys are the main activity to earn rewards with the Product Report Card.

Surveys can be found by login to your Product Report Card’s account or through email invitations.

The company advertises its pay from $1 to $5 per survey. This is not true. The $5 survey is rare. Most Product Report Card surveys pay between $0.25 to $1.00.

Product Report Card Product Reviews

Products review is by email invitation based on your profile.

Part of the profile questionnaire, you are prompted to check brands whose products you own.

When a product you owned available for review, you might get an invitation from to write a short 500 words product review.

Product reviews pay a little more. You can earn from $1 to $5 per review.

However, product review is rare.

Product Report Card Product Researches

Product research is the simplest way to make money with

Inside the company platform, you can find a list of products for researching. Your job is to find and record the price, the retail locations, and other requested information.

You earn a cash reward of $0.05 per product research.

Product Report Card Rewards

Every time you completed an activity, a cash reward is credited to your account with a pending status.

It can take a few days up to a few months for the pending cash reward to be released.

Once the pending cash rewards are released, you can redeem them for gift cards or cash by check.

Product Report Card Cash Out

You are not allowed to cash out until your account reaches a minimum of $25.

The $25 minimum cash out threshold is high when your earning is pennies.

It can take years of doing surveys before they can cash out.

Is Product Report Card A Scam Or Legit?

With so many non-payment complaints, it’s hard to say Product Report Card legit.

I can tell Product Report Card is not a scam. I believe the company is in financial trouble.

Before 2017, was a popular survey site with a strong reputation.

However, things seem to turn bad for Product Report Card in recent years.

  • Members have to wait longer for pending cash rewards to release.
  • Product Report Card is unable to deliver on promised rewards, non-payment.
  • The company eliminates the PayPal cash-out option.

These are signs of a failing company.

Even Product Report Card is not a scam, are you willing to wait over a year to receive $25 cash rewards? It doesn’t sound like a good survey site to earn extra money in your free time.

Failure to pay the cash rewards on time has earned Product Report Card as an illegitimate survey site to join in 2020.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams.

I can tell you that Product Report Card is not a scam. But you will have a hard time getting your cash reward while the company is having a financial problem.

Expect to wait for months or even years to receive your cash rewards.

Product Report Card Alternative

If you are looking to make money with online surveys, I suggest you look at Product Report Card competitors. It’s always better to join more than one survey site to improve your chance of qualifying for more surveys.

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Product Report Card vs. Swagbucks

  • Swagbucks is more established and bigger compared to Product Report Card.
  • There are more options to earn cash rewards with Swagbucks.
  • Unlike Product Report Card, Swagbucks doesn’t use a pending reward system.
  • However, Swagbucks uses the point reward system, not cash. You can redeem points for gift cards or cash payment to PayPal.

Product Report Card vs. InboxDollars

  • InboxDollars is a cash reward survey site with no pending payment.
  • You have more activities to earn cash with InboxDollars including, playing games, watch videos, and read paid emails.
  • The cash out threshold for InboxDollars is higher compared to Product Report Card, a minimum of $30.
  • However, earning is higher with InboxDollars. You can earn $5 just for becoming a member.

Product Report Card vs. Ebates

  • Ebates is a cashback rebate website with a $10 sign up bonus to new members.
  • Unlike Product Report Card, Ebates is an approved partner of many eCommerce retail sites, including Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Target, and much more.
  • You earn cash with all the brand name products that you have purchased.
  • There is no pending payment. The cash reward is credited to your account upon completing the transaction.
  • Ebates cash rewards are paid directly to your PayPal account. You also have the option to redeem rewards for gift cards at a discount price.

Those are just a few survey sites for you to earn more cash.

You should join all of them to improve your earnings. Don’t take too much risk with the Product Report Card.

Final Review Of Product Report Card

The current situation with Product Report Card doesn’t look good. The risk of working with this survey site is not getting paid.

The question then, are you willing to waste time with I wouldn’t.

I am expecting more and more complaints of non-payment against this company from unhappy members.

We will see more negative reviews of Product Report Card accusing the company as a scam.

Is Product Report Card Worth It.

Even though it is free to join, I don’t think it’s worth your time.

There are more survey sites for you to join and make money. Why do you want to deal with a troubled company like Product Report Card?

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Product Report Card is not a scam, but don’t expect the problem of non-payment to go away soon.

The real question here is, ‘Will Product Report Card survive the financial crises.

There are lots of legit online opportunities that you can earn a full-time income at home today.

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I hope this Product Report Card review answers your question, is Product Report Card a scam or legit?

Until next time.

Please share your Product Report Card experience below.

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