Is Cowboy Wealth Legit – Cowboy Wealth Review

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What the ‘F…’ is Cowboy Wealth?

Cowboy Wealth System promises to teach you the way to financial freedom.

But you can’t access the Cowboy Wealth website without an invitation.

It makes you wonder ‘is Cowboy Wealth legit?’

So, you start searching on the web for Cowboy Wealth reviews to learn more about this home-based business opportunity.

Cowboy Wealth System claims that it is not an MLM. This is only half true.

I want to let you know that Cowboy Wealth is a recruiting system for an MLM company “Melaleuca.” It’s a marketing system to recruit you into an MLM.

The traditional MLM face-to-face recruiting method is dead. We all hate to invite marketers into our homes for sales meetings.

Today, MLM business owners turn to the internet to recruit and build their teams. They are using a new marketing technique called ‘MLM Affiliate Marketing.’

You can read this Cowboy Wealth review to learn how this system works.

You can also click on the link to read our discussion on MLM affiliate marketing.

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Cowboy Wealth Review Summary

Name: Cowboy Wealth

Business Type: MLM

Investment: $19

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  • The Cowboy Wealth marketing system is created to recruit people into the Melaleuca MLM company.
  • You don’t make money with Cowboy Wealth. You make money by building a team to sell Melaleuca health & wellness products.
  • You need the ID of the Cowboy Wealth member to join this marketing program because this person is your sponsor.
  • Once you join Melaleuca MLM, you can use the Cowboy Wealth to recruit others by inviting them to visit the website.
  • Melaleuca uses Cowboy Wealth as an MLM Affiliate Marketing system to replace the face-to-face recruiting method.


What Is Cowboy Wealth?

Cowboy Wealth is an online MLM affiliate marketing system to help Melaleuca independent distributors recruit and build their teams.

Melaleuca distributors give out their ID inviting you to visit the Cowboy Wealth to learn about their MLM business opportunity.

This online marketing system was created to replace the traditional face-to-face in-home sales meetings.

The Cowboy Wealth marketing system will education the process of making money from home as a Melaleuca independent distributor.

This online marketing method has become popular with the MLM industry. It allows MLM agents to recruit without the need for face-to-face meetings.

The Cowboy Wealth marketing system eliminates face-to-face sales, but you still have to recruit and invite people to visit the website. This is not an easy task.

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Who Creates Cowboy Wealth?

Chris Sorensen and his wife create Cowboy Wealth to help them promote Melaleuca MLM and build their team.

The Sorensen has been working as a Melaleuca distributor for more than 3 decades. They have built a big team under them. Team building is the way to make money with MLM.

The Cowboy Wealth website was launched sometime in 2012. The website has been evolved into an MLM affiliate marketing system to help Melaleuca distributors recruiting new agents.

Unless you join Melaleuca MLM, you will not make money with the Cowboy Wealth marketing system.

Is Cowboy Wealth an MLM

Cowboy Wealth itself is not an MLM. It’s an MLM affiliate marketing system to bring people into the Melaleuca MLM business.

You can look at this as an MLM online recruiting system.

If you have no intention to join the Melaleuca MLM, then don’t waste your time investigating the Cowboy Wealth system.

Yes, Cowboy Wealth is not an MLM. It brings you into one.

How Does Cowboy Wealth Work?

Once you join the Melaleuca MLM business, you will have access to the Cowboy Wealth marketing system.

You use Cowboy Wealth to recruit and build your MLM team.

Here’s how this Cowboy Wealth marketing system works.

Cowboy Wealth Marketing System

You get introduced to the Cowboy Wealth website, either by a Melaleuca distributor or by responding to a work-from-home job ad.

The person that invited you will give you the ID to access Cowboy Wealth to learn about a home-based business opportunity.

The Cowboy Wealth introduces you to the Melaleuca MLM opportunity and invites you to become an independent distributor.

You will learn the following from the Cowboy Wealth:

  • How to become physically healthy through better consumer choices and effective nutrition? It is an introduction to Melaleuca’s health and wellness products.
  • How to save significant money on virtually everything you buy? You learn the discounts and benefits of becoming a Melaleuca distributor.
  • Lastly, Cowboy Wealth promises to help you achieve Financial Freedom. This section discusses the Melaleuca MLM business opportunity and how you make money as a distributor.

After learning these topics, Cowboy Wealth wants you to join its business opportunity.

The registration button takes you directly to the Melaleuca distributor application process.

Is Cowboy Wealth Legit?

This is an online marketing program. Cowboy Wealth is not a legit home-based business.

I consider Cowboy Wealth a scam because it tricks people into joining an MLM program.

Cowboy Wealth teaches its member to promote the program as a job site and as a life-changing business opportunity.

You can find Chris Sorensen answer to the Cowboy Wealth success on the website like this:

The secret to success “… is in choosing the right company to partner with (NOT MLM) and in developing a proven and duplicable system.”

The statement above is a lie. Cowboy Wealth’s business partner is Melaleuca, and Melaleuca is an MLM company.

Cowboy Wealth is a scheme to trick people into joining an MLM company.

Once people know the truth about Cowboy Wealth, they call it a scam.

Cowboy Wealth Complaints

Most Cowboy Wealth complaints have to do with the fact that this program lies about they are not an MLM.

Cowboy Wealth promises you this about their home-based business opportunity:

  • It’s not an MLM or Network Marketing company.
  • You DON’T distribute products.
  • You DON’T sell products to your neighbors and friends.
  • You DON’T carry inventory.
  • You DON’T take orders or make deliveries.
  • You DON’T invoice or collect debts.
  • You DON’T manipulate or pressure customers to make purchases.

After joining Melaleuca, people complain Cowboy Wealth is a lie.

Everything they say you don’t have to do. You are required to do to make money as a Melaleuca MLM distributor.

Here’s the best response to these Cowboy Wealth complaints:

Cowboy Wealth never says Melaleuca is not an MLM. It says that Cowboy Wealth is not an MLM.

Final Review of Cowboy Wealth

Cowboy Wealth is an MLM affiliate marketing website created to help Melaleuca distributors recruit and build their downline.

This marketing system doesn’t work with other MLM opportunities.

Unless you want to join the Melaleuca MLM, then don’t waste your time with the Cowboy Wealth Marketing system.

Think about this. If the Melaleuca MLM business is so profitable, then why use the Cowboy Wealth scheme to trick people to join the program?

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I hope this Cowboy Wealth review answers your question, is Cowboy Wealth legit?

Until next time.

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