Is PlanNet Marketing Legit – PlanNet Marketing Review

You heard enough about the PlanNet Marketing business opportunity.

Everyone is telling you MLM a scam.

Now, you want to know, is PlanNet Marketing legit?

It becomes harder and harder to build a successful MLM business.

The traditional face-to-face sales and recruiting are dead. People hate to invite you into their home for face-to-face sales meetings.

Today, MLM business owners turn to the internet to recruit and build their businesses. They use a new strategy known as the MLM Affiliate Marketing to promote and recruit downline.

You must be thinking about joining the PlanNet Marketing MLM.

But you have doubts.

This PlanNet Marketing review will explain everything you need to know about this MLM opportunity.

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PlanNet Marketing Review Summary

Name: PlanNet Marketing

Business Type: MLM

Investment: $19.95

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  • You can build a home-based business with the PlanNet Marketing MLM.
  • PlanNet Marketing pays you a commission for promoting and selling an Intel Travel Agency (ITA).
  • You are required to pay a monthly fee to earn commissions with the PlanNet Marketing compensation plan.
  • MLM is a face-to-face recruiting business, which we all hate.
  • It will be difficult for you to build a profitable business with PlanNet Marketing.



What Is PlanNet Marketing?

PlanNet Marketing is a company representing the Intel Travel Agency (ITA).

The PlanNet Marketing Reps earn commissions by recruiting and selling ITA to individuals interested in starting a home-based travel agency.

This MLM opportunity was founded by Don Bradley in 2015. Don has over 15 years of experience with the MLM industry.

You can start two businesses with PlanNet Marketing:

  1. A PlanNet Marketing MLM business to sell the ITA home-based travel agency.
  2. An ITA home-based travel agency offers traveling products to the public.

It sounds exciting to become the owner of two businesses. But I must warn you that you are not going to get rich with PlanNet Marketing.

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PlanNet Marketing Travel Agent Review

You are not a travel agent joining the PlanNet Marketing MLM. You are a sales representative of ITA.

If you want to become a travel agent, you must join ITA and pass the travel agent test.

PlanNet Marketing allows you to make money without becoming a licensed professional travel agent. It is cheaper, simpler, and quicker to start a home-based business.

You earn commissions from selling the ITA agency business. You cannot book airline tickets or hotel reservations. These are not part of the PlanNet Marketing MLM business.

Is PlanNet Marketing An MLM?

PlanNet Marketing is an MLM company representing the Intel Travel Agency. It doesn’t offer travel products or services.

This MLM company was created to sell the ITA home-based travel agency business opportunity.


As the owner of the PlanNet Marketing MLM business, you earn commissions on the sale of each ITA business opportunity. We’ll discuss the commissions in the compensation section of this review.

Many online PlanNet Marketing review articles incorrectly report that you can earn commissions from booking travel services. No, you cannot.

ITA is a separate business opportunity. You can read our review of the Intel Travel Agency to learn more.

If you want to make money offering travel products and services, you must join ITA and pay additional fees to become a travel agent.

Is PlanNet Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

Under the laws, PlanNet Marketing is not considered as a pyramid scheme.

In theory, you can make money by promoting the ITA home-based business opportunity.

But we all know you have to recruit to make a lot of money with MLM.

When you ask, is PlanNet Marketing a pyramid scheme?

I understand you want to know, “can I make money with PlanNet Marketing MLM?”

According to the PlanNet Marketing Income Disclosure Statement, over 97% of the PlanNet Marketing reps earn an average annual income of less than $150.

So, your chance of making more than $150 a year is 3%. This doesn’t sound like a profitable business.

How Much Does It Cost To Join PlanNet Marketing?

The costs to join PlanNet Marketing are as follows:

  • $19.95 startup cost, and
  • $19.95 administrative monthly fee.

These costs cover your personalized PlanNet Marketing replicated website and the opportunity to earn commission on ITA sales.

Remember, you must add the monthly business operating expenses into the budget to get the actual costs of running this MLM business.

I don’t like MLM because of the monthly fee. Why do you have to pay PlanNet Marketing a fee to promote the company?

This company should be paying you to promote their products. This is how online marketers make millions every day.

If you want to know how much companies pay me to promote their business, you should read my #1 Passive Income Opportunity Report.

Those interested in joining the Intel Travel Agency, you can follow this link to learn the Intel Travel Costs.

How to Cancel PlanNet Marketing?

PlanNet Marketing offers a 90-day refund policy. You can cancel PlanNet Marketing anytime during this period.

But you only receive a refund for the $19.95 startup cost, not the monthly administrative fee.

You also have to mention the word “Refund” in your cancellation request to get a refund.

How You Make Money with PlanNet Marketing?

As I have stated earlier, over 97% of PlanNet Marketing reps earned less than $150 a year. This is gross income.

After taking out taxes and expenses, these PlanNet Marketing reps earned nothing.

Do you know why it’s so hard to make money with the PlanNet Marketing MLM?

The answer is in the PlanNet Marketing compensation plan.

PlanNet Marketing Compensation Plan

The PlanNet Marketing compensation plan uses a combination of a matrix and unilevel commissions to pay its reps.

This compensation plan is confusing and difficult to calculate the exact commission rates.

I will review the important parts of the PlanNet Marketing compensation plan to help you understand how it works.

There are three things you must know to understand this compensation plan:

  1. You do not earn commissions on the PlanNet Marketing $19.95 initial fee and $19.95 monthly administrative fee.
  2. The commission is paid on the sale of each ITA business unit, $179.95 startup with $39.95 per month after.
  3. The matrix payout is used to determine the commission for the ITA monthly payment (the $39.95).
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Let discuss the options to make money with PlanNet Marketing.

Direct Sales Commission

You earn a $50 commission on each sale of the ITA business unit. There is no limit to the number of Direct Sales Commissions. This commission is payout weekly.

When you enroll someone as a PlanNet Marketing Rep, and they make an ITA sale, you earn a $25.00 Sponsor Commission.

Monthly Matrix Commission

A $4.00 commission is paid on each monthly $39.95 payment made by your Active ITAs recruits. You can earn up to nine (9) levels. Below is the matrix table for you to review.


There are leadership bonuses that I suggest you download the PlanNet Marketing compensation plan to learn in detail. I am not discussing them in this review because less than 1% of PlanNet Marketing Leaders receive these bonuses.

Many people look at the PlanNet Marketing compensation plan and think the $50 commission per sale is great.

Do you know I earned 50% to 70% of the commission for products and services that I promote online?

Low commission rates are the reason you will have a hard time making money with PlanNet Marketing.

If you want to earn the best commissions, I invite you to read how I make money every day online.

Is PlanNet Marketing Legit?

PlanNet Marketing is a legit MLM opportunity for you to earn commissions promoting the Intel Travel Agency business opportunity. But legit doesn’t necessarily mean you can make money.

PlanNet Marketing MLM is by recruiting business. If you cannot recruit, you will not make money.

Recruiting is not a profitable business. Over 97% of PlanNet Marketing reps do not make money.

Yes, PlanNet Marketing is not a scam, but your chance of achieving financial success is low, less than 1%.

PlanNet Marketing Complains

PlanNet Marketing complaints on the BBB have to do with accounts and billings.

People are having a hard time canceling their PlanNet Marketing account for a refund.

There are a few cases where member terminated their accounts, but still getting charged the monthly administrative fee.

You can avoid these problems by keeping a record of all your communications with PlanNet Marketing.

The PlanNet Marketing scam complaints are the result of people unable to make money with this MLM business.

Always research before investing in a home-based business to avoid scams.

Final Reviews on PlanNet Marketing

MLM business such as PlanNet Marketing is a dying business. How can you recruit or build a team when people refuse to meet with you face-to-face?

With the internet, face-to-face selling doesn’t work anymore. Everyone hates to invite strangers into their home for a sales meeting.

Let me ask you this question, why do you start a business?

To make money, right?

To make money you invest in a profitable business opportunity.

There’s a lucrative passive income system that I and millions of online entrepreneurs have used to generate six-figure income online.

You must investigate this lucrative business opportunity before joining PlanNet Marketing.

I have written many articles describing this lucrative online business system.

You can read these discussions explaining why:

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I hope this PlanNet Marketing review answers your question, is PlanNet Marketing legit?

Until next time.

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