Free Websites for Small Business

Market competition is a great opportunity for small business owners. Wix, Weebly, Yola, SitRubix, and many more web hosting services are offering free websites for small businesses.

A business website is how your customers find and connect with your small business online.

Finding a free website for a small business is easy. The key is selecting the right one.

Off all these free website builders, how do you choose one to build a free website for your small business?

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Why Use Free Website For Small Business?

The current business environment demands all businesses to have a web presence. A website is common as a business card.

A website is the best way to advertise or promote your business, inform and educate the public, and conduct e-commerce or sell products and services.


Many small businesses do not have a website because they mistakenly believe that it requires a huge budget to set up a business website, but in reality, you can build one for FREE.


Today, you can find numerous web hosting companies that offer free space for you to build a business website, but do you know how to select the right one for your business?

Building a free website for small business requires strategy, planning, and selecting the best platform to host your site.

This article will guide you through the process of finding and selecting the right web hosting providers for your free small business website.


 Consider your business goals

This should be the first thing to consider when evaluating a web hosting service to build a free business website.

You must look for the best hosting platform that will help you to meet your business goals.

Pay attention to restrictions and the flexibility of editing and customizing the website templates. These are obstacles that will hinder or prevent you from reaching your goals.

Choose the free website hosting with less restriction and great tools to help you customize your website.


Select a free web hosting that allows your small business to grow

Small businesses need to keep up with their customers and industry trends to grow and expand. It is vital that the choosing web hosting provider offers all the technical tools allowing your small business to grow and compete online. These include social media capabilities, SEO tools, mobile-friendly compatibility tools, and data space for expansion.


Build A Free Small Business Website On An Ads Free Platform

Most free websites for a small business typically require some sort of advertisements placing on the website, such as sticking ads on your site or occasional popup ads.

These ads are annoying for visitors, sometimes inappropriate or irrelevant to your business. It is best to avoid these free website providers if you can.


Some web hosting provider does offer ad-free website. The most popular is SiteRubix.

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SiteRubix offers two ad-free WordPress websites with web builder tools and online training courses to help you build a free small business website.

You can visit SiteRubix and get 2 free websites for your small.


Data Storage Space Is Important

Data space is what you need to store the files that make up the website. The more space, the better. However, most providers have plans that allow the small business to expand data space at a cost.

The amount of space requires to support a small business website depends on the number of pages on the type of website.


Basic small business websites

Most free small business website packages are for basic sites. These sites consist of a series of informational pages such as Home, About Us, Services, Our Team and Contact Us form. These sites require very little data space.

Free web hosting provider, such as SiteRubix is a perfect choice for this type of site.


E-commerce Websites

eCommerce sites are websites that sell products online, such as an online store. You cannot use a basic free small business website for e-commerce.

The eCommerce websites are more complex and an eCommerce platform to carry out the retail online transaction.


When building an eCommerce website, you have one major decision to make:

    1. You can retrofit e-commerce capabilities into your basic website.
    2. You can use an eCommerce solution like Shopify and retrofit the basic website feature into it.

Both methods are easy to achieve.


Adding eCommerce to a Basic Website

Free small businesses websites that offer basic retail services to customers can the basic eCommerce function to the website allowing customers the ability to pay online.

A basic WordPress Website from SiteRubix with a credit card processing plugin is sufficient.

These type of free small business websites do not need a full e-commerce solution platform from Shopify, which cater to the online store.


Using eCommerce platform To build a free small business website

If your intention is to sell products or goods online, then you need to look at an eCommerce solution platform, such as Shopify which currently offer a free trial account.

Shopify is an eCommerce cloud-based software solution which allows you to DIY an online store and starts selling products with a few clicks of a mouse.

You can upload your products into Shopify admin, select a beautiful free online store theme, and then add a payment solution to allow customers to pay on the website.

You can find out more about getting started with Shopify’s with this online store article.

A dedicated e-commerce software solution like Shopify is always superior to an add-on eCommerce. It also has a lot of free tools for you to promote, grow, and expand an online store to achieve your business goals.


Finding Custom Domain Name For The Free Website

You should spend some time to carefully picking a name for the free small business website.

A subdomain is provided with free websites for small business. However, you must replace this subdomain with a custom domain name that reflects your business.

Choosing a custom domain name for the free website of your small business is a very important task.

The custom domain name must reflect your business and brandable. It is a name that you like and easy for customers to remember.

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The custom domain name is unique to your business. It is the web address for customers to find your small business online. It is very important to register and reserve the domain name ASAP. You can check for domain availability.


What Is The Cost For This Free Website Going Forward?

This is the question that most small business owners did not consider when signed up for a free website for their small business.

Web hosting providers offer a free plan for one reason, to get you to in the door. They know once you registered, it is costly to move your business website to another provider.


Do you know that moving your free website for the small business to another hosting provider is very costly, and you might lose the website?

  • You should only change the hosting provider for the small business website if you have no other solution.
  • This change can and will negatively affect your site’s traffic.
  • If the moving is not planned accordingly, you can end up losing all traffic; this means losing your entire online business.

When evaluating future expansion costs on this free website, you should look at the business future goals or plans.

Ask this question, will this free website for my small business be able to meet my business expansion needs in three, five, or tenth years from now?


Your small business will grow. The free website for your small business must grow to meet the business demand.

As you expand, you will need more data space, advance online tools, tools to collect and process customers’ data, technology to handle a large amount of traffic, and so on. It is important to evaluate all these factors as your small business growth to avoid this deadly move.


The one advice that I always give to all small business owners looking for a free website for their small business is to go with the Leader.

  • If you are doing e-commerce, select Shopify free-trial account. They are currently powering over 600,000 online stores. They are large enough to handle future all expansions for your business.
  • If you are offering services or information, select WordPress hosting providers, SiteRubix 2 Free WordPress Websites is the right choice. WordPress claims to power 27% of all websites online.

Every free small business website will one day become a premium website.

Web hosting company knows this, so they offer free websites for small businesses to get the owners to sign up.

As a small business owner, you must be careful when making the decision to build a free website for the small business. This task might seem trivial today, but the consequence will be vital for your business future.


Living in a technology-driven culture, every business must have a website to compete. A small business website is a way to connect, promote, and educate your customers.

The problem is not finding free websites for your small business, but selecting the right one that aligns with the business goals and promoting its growth.


You can use a free website to launch many types of small business. So, start one today is only taking a minute.

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