Is EZ Money Team Legit?

Want to know if EZ Money Team is legit or a scam?

You stumble upon the EZ Money Team website that claims they come up with a way to earn up to $5K a week online. It even promises that you will net $1 Million in 12 months. That’s a pretty crazy statement! Especially since it claims that you can make all that money without actually doing anything.

Earning this easy and fast money can help you pay off debts, buy a better house or brand-new car, or take a vacation.

Sure, you can earn passive income online. But not quick and easy as The EZ Money Team makes it look.

We believe this is nothing more than a get-rich-quick scheme.

This review will explain what the EZ Money Team is and why you should stay away from it.

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Is EZ Money Team Legit Summary


EZ Money Team
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Make Money Online
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What Is EZ Money Team?

Before going in-depth, we want you to know this review is not about the EZ Money payday lender, installment lender, and online loan company.

The EZ Money Team is an online video training course by Jeffrey Hart.

Jeffrey Hart claims to discover an easy copy-and-paste system for people to make easy money online, up to $5,000 per week.

ClickBetter is the network that promotes this training program. It is an immediate red flag because ClickBetter has a bad reputation for pushing scammy products.

We get into the detail of the actual training program in the next section.

You might wonder how we know from the start that the EZ Money Team is not legit.

Well, we have reviewed hundreds of similar get-rich-quick online scams. We have gotten to know all the telltale signs.

These scams aren’t actually all that technical. The way they operate is quite simple.

They lure you in through the prospect of being able to make easy money from home and then sell you on some junk training program.

Once you buy, they make it difficult for you to get your money back.

Ultimately they’re selling you nothing but hype.

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Who Is Jeffrey Hart?

Jeffrey Hart introduces himself as the owner and creator of the EZ Money Team.

He is a self-proclaim make-money online guru who broke the internet before with his secret system, and now, he’s doing it again.

Hart allegedly hand-picks you to watch this secret and highly confidential video.

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We have tried looking up Jeffrey Hart. We find little to nothing to confirm Jeffrey is a real guy.

Not even a Facebook profile!

Most online reviews of the EZ Money Team report Jeffrey is a phony.

Jeffrey Hart is a fake name used by a scammer to represent the owner of the EZ Money Team.

Let’s forget about Jeffrey Hart and assume you fall for the sales pitch. Here’s what’s behind it.

How Does EZ Money Team Work?

After buying into the EZ Money Team system, you’re supposed to be able to duplicate the Jeffery results by simply copying.

What he teaches you is how to create an affiliate marketing business.

You receive an introduction to affiliate marketing and how you can make money promoting the EZ Money Team.

The training is simple and outdated. You will be disappointed.

Below is an outline of the video modules inside the EZ Money Team system:

Module 1:

This module shows the process of buying a domain name with hosting and how to build a WordPress site from scratch.

Module 2:

It teaches the process of designing a landing page and how to integrate tools such as autoresponder into your campaigns so you can collect leads.

Module 3:

It introduces you to website traffic. You learn the process of posting content to get free traffic from WebFire and buying Solo Ads.

A word of caution regarding Solo Ads: some individuals have used it and claim it is a complete fraud!

The EZ Money Team training is now complete. You do get a bonus module, the FAQs.

The bonus video asks you to make a 1-on-1 phone call with an expert. This phone call is nothing more than a sales call where the expert pushes you to purchase more useless training programs.

EZ Money Team is the system that makes money for Jefferey Hart, not you.

By looking at the total cost of this program, you will understand how it really works.

EZ Money Team Price

The EZ Money Team starts with hype and lies to get you to purchase the program at $37.

When you attempt to leave the sales page, a popup offers a 75% discount, bringing the price down to $9.00.

$9.00 seems to be a good deal for an opportunity to earn $5,000 per week, right?

It is part of a scheme to bring you into a purchasing loop.

The $9.00 only gets you an introduction to affiliate marketing. Then you must purchase expensive tools and software to implement the program and make money.

The EZ Money Team uses fake claims and empty promises to squeeze more money from you. It is part of the scheme.

Here’s the list of tools and memberships that you have to buy through the EZ Money Team website:

  • The EZ Money Team Platinum Membership Access – $117
  • The EZ Money Team Gold Membership – $29.99/month
  • CoolHandle Hosting – $288 per year
  • GetResponse Autoresponder – $49 per month
  • WebFire Lead Generation and Analytic Tools – $2,997 per year

The final price for the EZ Money Team is over $4,349.00.

The entire training is nothing more than tutorials on how to buy digital tools and put them together.

EZ Money Team is a big sales pitch designed to make easy money off you.

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So, how do you feel after knowing more about the EZ Money Team?

Do you still think you can make $5,000 per week with it?

Is EZ Money Team Legit?

The EZ Money Team training offers a legitimate method to make money online, affiliate marketing.

However, these simple and outdated training videos are not enough for you to make any money.

You need to understand making money online is not a quick way to get rich.

Affiliate marketing requires real work and dedication to achieve financial success.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, we recommend you read Affiliate Marketing for Beginners to learn more.

You can find all the training videos inside the EZ Money Team program for free online. We have just provided a link above for such free information.

As you explore the program, you discover the EZ Money Team with a lot of illegitimate claims, such as:

  • Get-Rich-Quick with a few clicks and paste per day.
  • EZ Money Team testimonials are not real.
  • They use fake scarcity to trick customers.
  • They say it’s free, but it’s not.
  • Low price program that costs thousands of dollars to implement.
  • The training is simple and outdated.
  • One-on-One coaching is a sales call.

From our experience, every get-rich-quick scheme is a scam. The EZ Money Team falls into this category.

Is EZ Money Team a Good Investment? Our Final Review

You are not going to make money with the EZ Money Team.

I am not picking on the EZ Money Team.

Their income claims do not add up.

I am speaking from experience. Not only have I done it, but I earn a living as an affiliate marketer.

There are plenty of free affiliate marketing programs and resources online to help you pursue this business model.

When deciding if EZ Money Team MLM is for you, the first question you might want to ask is:

  • Why are they trying so hard to sell you a business system that generates $5,000 per week for just $9.00?

It is too good to be true!

Look, there are legit opportunities for you to make money online. But you have to work for it.

I work from home, which is a unique situation. I make a good living online.

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I hope this review answers your questions, Is the EZ Money Team legit?

Until next time.

Please, share your experience below.

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