Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch, It Is Worth It?

Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch, It Is Worth It?

Are you wondering if the Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch is worth it?

Welcome to our unbiased review of the Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch.

Danielle Leslie claims that her online course is the best for anyone to design, create, and sell on the internet to make a lot of cash.

We know there’s good money in selling courses online.

But Leslie says that anyone can launch a profitable course without the content or tech overwhelm. All one has to do is purchase Course From Scratch.

Before jumping into analyzing the entire Course from Scratch, let’s first discuss Danielle Leslie.

Knowing who Danielle Leslie is, you can decide if Course From Scratch is worth it.

Read on to learn everything that you need to know about the Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch: including background information, price breakdown, course overview, and whether it is a scam or legit.

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Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch Summary

Business name: 
Course From Scratch

Type of Business: 
Online Business

Initial Investments: 


What Is The Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch?

The Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch is an e-learning program that teaches the process of creating an online course in 60 days from scratch.

You also learn how to market and sell it to your target audience and make money passively.

The course splits up into step-by-step video modules spread out over eight weeks.

The program provides access to a private community where you may interact with other course developers.

Online learning is a massive industry. It projects to reach $325 billion by 2025.

Flocks and flocks of people are turning to online sources for learning new skills and increasing their knowledge from the comfort of their homes.

It created enormous opportunities for people with skills to sell their services and for learners to learn new skills online.

Many self-proclaimed gurus see the boom in the e-learning market as a business opportunity to earn some quick bucks. They start selling digital programs to teach people how to benefit from this. Danielle Leslie is one of them.

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Who Is Danielle Leslie?

Before 2017, Danielle Leslie worked as a digital marketer for a Silicon Valley startup.

She was employed at Udemy from 2012 to 2015 as a course launch coach and growth marketer.

During her time at Udemy, Leslie launched several mini-digital courses.

She did not find any success until creating the Course From Scratch.

Danielle Leslie claims that she made $85,000 in 2017. It was her first calendar year selling Course From Scratch.

The following year, 2018, she earned $1.3 million. According to Leslie, the earnings continue to grow year after year.

That’s how Danielle Leslie became an internet millionaire by selling a course on selling courses.

Is The Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch Legit?

The Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch is legit. But it does not mean you can make millions of dollars by purchasing the course.

This course is legit for the following reasons:

  • We know the creator of this course. Most online scams usually don’t reveal their founders.
  • There are testimonials from students which we have no reason to call fake.
  • The program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We haven’t found any complaints about not getting their money back.

Sure, you will get some value from buying the Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch. In our opinion, the value you receive is far less than the cost of the course materials.

Danielle Leslie makes millions of dollars because her name is a brand. A lot of people know her. She is an internet influencer.

You are unlikely to start making money selling a digital course on day one. You have to turn your name into a brand first. It requires a massive investment to achieve the branding level like Danielle Leslie.

This course is legit because you are buying the Danielle Leslie brand.

Is Course From Scratch Worth It?

The Course From Scratch is not worth it. Our first impression is the course overpriced, and overhyped.

Where Course From Scratch falls short is in profitability. Do not expect to earn real passive income with this course.

Danielle Leslie wants you to believe that her course will help you to earn a massive amount of money selling your course and continue to do so year after year. But it’s not true.

The Course From Scratch lacks in-depth training about marketing and selling your course.

Creating a course is easy. However, selling it to earn a million dollars a year is nearly impossible.

The problem with making money online selling your course is the promotional costs.

People will not buy your course unless they trust you. It requires a lot of effort, time, and investment to make your name a brand.

The Course From Scratch tells you to use Facebook and Instagram ads to promote your brand and attract potential customers. The success of your course is dependent on these ad campaigns.

However, the course doesn’t teach much about creating successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Digital advertisement campaigns require a massive amount of cash. Unless you are willing to lose thousands of dollars a month on digital ads, then Course From Scratch is not worth it.

Inside Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch Review

The Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch makes up of 6 modules. The modules spread out over 60 days.

Honestly, the inside is the most unorganized course I’ve ever seen. It feels like the information is just stuffed, just for the sake of being there.

There is no particular structure inside the training program. It is super challenging to navigate through the entire course.

The training materials seem outdated. We are unsure how often the course is updated.

We try our best to give you an inside review of training materials dated back to 2017.

  • Module One: Welcome & Introduction to the Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch.
  • Module Two: It is about the Minimum Viable Course (MVC).
  • Module Three: Selecting course topics and discovering your target customers.
  • Module Four: learning to create quality content that provides massive value to your customers.
  • Module Five: Understand the process of converting target audiences into buying customers.
  • Module Six: The process of launching your course.

These training videos are confusing. They came off as marketing hype.

Danielle Leslie covers a lot of topics but nothing in-depth. They are more of an introduction to designing, creating, and launching your course.

The program teaches you to start creating a simple course first. Then you keep on updating it over time.

This process of creating a marketable course is much more than 60 days.

We don’t know how you can make money launching a course that is not complete or unacceptable to your target customers.

Do you think this is the right way to start a business?

The training provided by this course is not enough for anyone to build a successful online business selling course.

To be blunt, we would say the lack of web traffic generation training is the failure factor in Course from Scratch.

Just think about it! There are hundreds of gurus like Danielle Leslie selling courses on selling courses.

Why would anyone pick your incompleted course over all of them?

If you’re unable to answer this, you should think long and hard before wasting money and time in launching your course.

Part of your training program is live coaching calls with Danielle Leslie.

However, Live coaching calls are free 15 to 30 minutes sales pitch videos on selling this course. They teach you nothing.

For those new to this field, It is not easy to make money online using this complicated and unorganized course.

Course From Scratch Price

The price for the Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch is $1,997. It is not cheap.

You do have the option to pay for the course in six monthly payments of $394.

However, the only way to get the two premium bonuses is by paying $1,997 for the course upfront.

Yes, Course From Scratch is not free. The free Instagram course is a sales pitch webinar Danielle Leslie uses to recruit beginners.

You are paying an excessive price for the live call with Danielle Leslie.

The live call is when she will give you her exact blueprint to make $167k a month.

We find this pricing structure a little suspicious. We can’t say it is legit. But for sure, it is overpriced.

The payment does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This refund policy came with conditions.

To be eligible for a refund, you’ll need to demonstrate that you followed the course, completed all the work, time, and date stamped everything you did, ran traffic and failed, and completed all of this within 30 days.

This policy makes the money-back guarantee invalid. Beginners can’t complete all the tasks in 30 days.

Is Course From Scratch a Good Investment?

You might think the Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch is for anyone looking to make money through online business.

But, it is far away from the truth.

This course is for the super-rich.

If you are willing to spend a lot of money on Facebook and Instagram ads, then go for it.

Remember, the cash to invest is not enough. It requires a lot of time to create and promote your course. You must have a lot of patience to become successful.

You are not going to make easy money just by completing this course.

The question you must ask yourself is:

“Are you looking to generate passive income online or paying $2,000 to learn?”

If you want to make money online, the Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch is not worth the investment.

There are other Online Businesses that you might want to consider before wasting $2k.

Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch Pros and Cons

Every digital course has some good and bad things that come with it.

The Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch is worth it if there are more pros than cons.

However, we find more not to like here than to like.

The Pros

  • The Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch is an excellent choice if you have a professional skill to teach others.
  • Creating your course is a business that you can start at home.
  • Course From Scratch comes with two months of free Teachable Membership. It’s a $200 saving.
  • There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. This one can go both ways.

The Cons

  • Course From Scratch is overpriced. It is the number 1 reason not worth it.
  • There’s not enough training for you to make money right away.
  • Danielle Leslie provides information on how to build a course, not about where or how to sell it.
  • The course does not adequately teach you the skill of running successful ads on Instagram or other social media platforms, which is vital for selling your courses.
  • You are unlikely to get a good ROI from the Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch.

Why The Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch Is Not Worth It?

Course From Scratch doesn’t appear to be a good investment.

I have nothing against Danielle Leslie and Course From Scratch.

Everything has to do with the Course From Scratch training claims. The number doesn’t add up for me.

We see this as a terrible business scheme where most students follow her money advice. They create and sell courses on creating courses.

Soon, the market saturates with businesses selling the same products.

You are not just competing against Danielle Leslie. Now you have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of members that use the same business strategies to make money online.

It is easy to teach others how to start a course. But it is not that easy to make money in a saturated market.

The business model may sustain for a short while. When more and more people start doing the same thing, the business will collapse.

Why would you invest in an online business that’s going to lose money?

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I hope our review answers your question: is the Danielle Leslie Course From Scratch worth it?

Until next time.

Please, share your experience below.

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