Is LifeCoin Legit? – An In-Depth LifeCoin Review

LifeCoin is an app that allows users to earn passive income doing what they love, walking.

Yes, this app promises to pay you for walking and running outdoors.

But there are plenty of apps that offer this kind of income opportunity. Scammers have used the same tactics to steal your information.

How can you tell if LifeCoin is legit?

That’s why we decided to write this LifeCoin review.

We want to give you an in-depth look inside the reward app; so you know what it offers, what to expect, and the earning potential.

Before downloading this app, you might want to read this LifeCoin review to understand why lots of people are leaving a 1-star rating for this app on Google Play.

Here’s how LifeCoin works.

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What Is LifeCoin?

LifeCoin is a free fitness reward app that converts your outdoor movements into points called, LifeCoins. You can redeem LifeCoins for gift cards, gadgets, or cash.

Its goal is to motivate you to live an active lifestyle through the rewards it offers. It is important to note that LifeCoin will not reward for steps taken indoors.

LifeCoin is a fitness app developed by Azumio Inc., a tech company focusing on AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions.

Azumio Inc. owns and operates other health-related apps such as Fitness Buddy, Calorie Mama AI, Sleep Time, and more.

LifeCoin is a legit app since it does reward you for walking.

The question is, is it worth it? Or

How much can you earn with LifeCoin?

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Is LifeCoin Legit?

There’s no doubt LifeCoin is a legit app. However, the earning potential is not good.

It takes more than a thousand steps to earn just 1 LifeCoin. We’ll explain this more in the earning section of this review.

It might take more than two years to reach a $50 reward with LifeCoin.

Although LifeCoin is legit, it is not a decent opportunity to earn passive income.

Many users report LifeCoin is failing to track steps causing lots of frustration. Recent complaints regarding the unavailability of prizes are also a big concern.

For these reasons, we do not recommend LifeCoin to those looking to earn extra cash online.

How Does LifeCoin Work?

LifeCoin is a free app you can download from the App Store or Google Play. It works on your smartphones.

Once downloaded and installed, the LifeCoin app starts tracking your outdoor movements.

Every time you walk, run, or hike outside, LifeCoin automatically counts your steps and converts them into points called, LifeCoins.

LifeCoin automatically tracks the number of coins you earn and allows you to redeem them for gift cards, gadgets, and even cash.

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Here’s how LifeCoin works: you download the LifeCoin app, start walking to begin earning, and get rewarded with redeemable gifts.

Is LifeCoin A Free app?

LifeCoin is a free app that pays you to do something as simple as walking. The app tracks all of your steps outside to convert them to LifeCoins.

The free version limits earning of 5 LifeCoins per day.

To earn 10 LifeCoins a day, you need to purchase a premium membership. Premium membership enhances your earning potential to the max level.

The cost for the premium LifeCoin app is $39.99 per year.

Purchase the app only if you wish to earn more coins.

How do you earn LifeCoins?

The LifeCoins app offers you two ways to earn LifeCoins: taking more than a thousand steps and inviting other people to use the app.

Here’s how you earn LifeCoins.

Earning Option 1 – Walking, Running, and Hiking

Outdoor movements are the primary way of earning LifeCoins.

Once you have installed the app and enabled the GPS on your mobile device, the LifeCoin app will track your location and count each step you have taken.

You earn a 1 LifeCoin after taking 1,000 validated outdoor steps.

LifeCoin only counts outdoor steps. So, you have to leave your house to earn.

Don’t expect to earn a lot of LifeCoins from just a few steps.

Earning Option 2 – Referral Program

You can also earn LifeCoins by participating in the referral program.

The earning process is simple. You invite friends, family members, or anyone to use the app to earn a referral LifeCoins.

You can invite a person by sharing your invite link with them. Then, they have to click the link and install the app on their device. Once they complete the registration process, they will receive 5 LifeCoins.

The five referral LifeCoins you get are not a lot. But it is better than taking 5,000 steps.

The more people you invite to use the app, the more LifeCoins you earn.

Is LifeCoin Worth It?

When we say LifeCoins is legit, we do not mean it is worth your time. The earning potential is so low that it makes no sense to join.

Let’s review the LifeCoin earnings to show you what we mean.

LifeCoin allows you to earn a maximum of 5 LifeCoins per day.

According to LifeCoin exchange rates, it takes 50 LifeCoins to earn $1.00. (See the cashout review section for details.)

So, you earn $1 (50 LifeCoins) every ten days. It is equivalent to an income of $0.10 per day.

For LifeCoins premium members, you can earn a maximum of 10 LifeCoins per day.

It still takes premium members five days to earn $1 (50 LifeCoins). Your daily income is only $0.20 per day.

Based on the earnings above, we say LifeCoin is not worth it.

A few online reviewers claim that the LifeCoin referral program is worth a try. Well, we do not think so.

LifeCoins pays 5 LifeCoins for each referral. For each person you invite, you earn $0.10.

To earn a minimum wage of $7.00 an hour, you would have to bring in 70 people per hour.

For your information, getting 70 people to sign up for LifeCoins every hour for eight hours each day is impossible.

When deciding if LifeCoin is for you, The first question you might want to ask is whether you are not comfortable with an income of $0.10 – $0.20 per day.

LifeCoin is best for someone who needs the motivation to help them exercise and lose weight.

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This app is not for those looking to earn passive income.

There are other worthy online opportunities for you to earn extra cash.

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I am not saying this fit you, but who knows?

How Do I Cash Out My LifeCoins?

We have reviewed the LifeCoins earnings potential.

Now, for those using the app, you want to know how to cash out your LifeCoins.

LifeCoin allows users to redeem their LifeCoins for electronic devices, gift cards, or cash.

Yes! You have the option to convert your LifeCoins to cash withdrawals via PayPal.

However, you have to meet the cashout threshold to convert your LifeCoins.

LifeCoin minimum cashout amount is $50, and the payout threshold for PayPal withdrawal is $100. These are very high cashout thresholds.

It can take years to earn enough for a cashout.

You need 2,500 LifeCoins ($50) to cash out for a gift card. When your earnings are 5 LifCoins per day, it takes 500 days to earn enough for a $50 gift card cashout.

It will require 5,000 LifeCoins for a cash payout. You need to wait for more than two years to collect $100.

LifeCoin Pros and Cons

Below is the list of our Pros and Cons of using LifeCoin. You can use it to decide whether LifeCoin is worth your time.

LifeCoin Pros

  • LifeCoin is free to join.
  • The app is easy to download, install, and use.
  • You earn passive income doing what you love, outdoor exercises.
  • The app automatically tracks your outdoor steps and covert them to LifeCoins.
  • You have more than one options to earn.
  • LifeCoins can exchange for cash.

LifeCoin Cons

  • Low pay rate and limited earning opportunities.
  • Extremely high cashout threshold.
  • Only tracking outdoor movement. You cannot earn exercising indoors.
  • The continued use of GPS while the app runs significantly reduces your phone’s battery life.
  • Limited redemption selections with some prizes and gift cards out of stock.

Final Review on LifeCoin – Is Legit, But!

Sure, LifeCoin is legit. But it doesn’t appear to be a good opportunity for those looking to earn passive income.

This app is a motivation to encourage users to exercise. It is not for you to earn a supplemental income.

We have reviewed the LifeCoin earnings potential. The number doesn’t add up. There is no way you can make a living collecting pennies.

That is why earning passive income with LifeCoin is not worth it.

Why would you invest your time into an opportunity that doesn’t pay the minimum wage?

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I hope this LifeCoin review answers your questions, Is LifeCoin legit?

Until next time.

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