How To Make Money With Online Surveys – Online Survey That Pay

I know, everyone is telling you don’t waste your time with online surveys. You are not going to get rich doing online surveys.

That’s because they don’t have a strategy or understand how to make money with online surveys.

Doing online surveys is not about getting rich. It is the quickest option to make a few bucks online when you need money.

To earn the most money with surveys, you must have a strategy. I make money with online surveys by using these two steps:

  1. Join online survey sites that pay, and
  2. Choose the highest paying online surveys to complete.

I will show you how I have used this two-step strategy to earn a consistent income from doing online surveys every month.

Before I am sharing how I make money with online surveys, you must understand doing online surveys is not a full-time or permanent job.

I did online surveys to earn some money while building my online business.

Today, I do surveys for fun and donate my earnings to support my favorite causes.

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Overview Of How To Make Money With Online Surveys

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  • You should never join an online survey site unless you know for sure it pays.
  • The best way to find out which online survey sites pay is by reading reviews from the online survey directory.
  • Finding online survey sites that pay is the best way to avoid scams. You don’t want to spend hours completing surveys without receiving payment.
  • Avoid doing every survey offers by the survey sites. Find and complete the highest-paid online surveys to earn the most money.
  • Your success depends on the number of highest-paid surveys that you can find.
  • You don’t’ have to join every online survey site to search for the highest-paid survey. You just need to do what I am about to share with you below.

You might not get rich doing surveys. But you can use these best Make Money Online With Surveys Strategies to earn a few quick bucks now.
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What Are Online Survey?

First, let discuss what are online surveys? Sure, you can skip this section to read my earning strategy.

Surveys are structured questionnaires used to collect data from a target audience for market research purposes.

Traditionally, surveys are done by printing the questionnaires on paper and mailing them out to the target audience to complete.

Using the internet, market researchers have simplified the data collecting process by offering questionnaires directly to the target audience using a web form. This form is known as an online survey.

So, an online survey is a web form of questionnaires to collect data from a sample target audience. The target audience completes the survey by visiting the market researcher’s website and filling out the web form. The form collects the data and stores them in a database for analysis. The researchers pay the audience for their time completing the online survey.

Online surveys with monetary rewards are a win-win situation for companies and consumers.

Doing online surveys is the easiest and fastest way to earn some extra cash online in your free time.

However, the problem with online surveys is avoiding scams. This is the reason you must join survey sites that pay.

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Legit Online Surveys That Pay

This is a time-consuming research process for new online survey takers.

There are hundreds of online survey sites. How do you know which one is legit?

When I first started doing online surveys, I had to join every online survey site to find out which one is legit and pay. But you don’t have to do this.

I’ll share with you my experience and show you which legit survey sites that pay.

There’s no need to join all survey sites to improve your earnings.

Your earnings diminish as you join more survey sites because it increases the chance of getting scammed and harder for you to meet the minimum payment threshold.

Meeting the minimum payment threshold is the key to make money doing online surveys. I’ll discuss more on this in a bit.

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You should only do legit online surveys that pay. You can find these surveys on popular market research sites. These sites are known as leaders in the industry. They control over 95% of online surveys.

The two well-known leaders in the survey industry are InboxDollars and Swagbucks. These two survey sites offer 100% legit online surveys that pay. You know for sure you will receive payment for the works.

However, you don’t make money just by registering with legit survey sites. You must complete a survey to earn.

If you want to make the most money with online surveys, you must understand the rewards for completing a survey.

How Much Does Online Surveys Pay?

You are not going to earn $5 to $35 per survey. Survey sites that offer unrealistic payments are generally scams.

The average pay for each survey is between $0.50 to $3.00. Long surveys pay more, but they are harder to qualify.

Participating in a research group will allow you to make more money, up to $200 per session. This type of paid survey is conducted through invitations only.

Why knowing how much a survey pay is so important?

Let look at it this way, if you have two surveys that pay $0.50 and $2, everyone tells you to choose the $2 survey.

Choosing a higher paying survey is not always a good option.

What if the $2 survey takes 1 hour to complete and the $0.50 only take 2 minutes, which one should you complete first?

Can you see the strategy here?

Online Surveys That Pay Well

Online surveys that pay well are not those offering the highest cash rewards.

You must look at the time that it takes to complete a survey to determine which one pays better.

Let compare the two surveys above, the 2-minute survey paying $0.50 and the 1-hour survey paying $2.

The 2-minute survey pays you $0.25 per minute.

The 1-hour survey pays only $0.03 per minute.

This shows the 2-minute survey paying higher. But most people will go after the $2 survey.

To find online surveys that pay well, you must take into account the time to complete the survey. Don’t jump in and compete for a survey just because it has a higher dollar amount in front of it.

You can find a lot of these short surveys that pay well in InboxDollars and Swagbucks. These popular survey sites control the majority of online surveys. If you focus on completing these types of surveys, you can earn a good payout from these two sites.

Highest Paid Online Surveys

Using the strategy above, the highest paying online surveys are the one that offers the highest reward per minute.

Before starting a survey, you should look at the time required to complete together with the reward amount.

Always choose the surveys that require less time to complete with the highest paying amount. These are the highest paying online surveys to make the most money.

There’s another reason why this strategy works well to help you make the most money online with surveys.

Since most people go after surveys with the highest paying rewards, it’s harder to compete and qualify for them.

It’s easier to qualify for surveys with less competition.

Don’t walk away from online surveys because they offer a lesser reward amount. When you calculate the time required to complete these surveys, they are the highest paying online surveys to go after.

The more money you earn per minute doing surveys, the more money you make per hour.

Online Surveys That Pay Cash

Most people suggest you do online surveys that pay cash to earn real money. This is not true.

It’s simpler to determine your earnings by doing cash surveys with InboxDollars.

But sometimes you earn much more with point surveys offered by Swagbucks.

Yes, you have to convert points into cash when cashing out. But you don’t need to do this by hand.

The survey sites will automatically calculate the points exchange for you.

If you are only doing online surveys that pay cash, you must abandon this strategy. You are limiting yourself to make money online with surveys.

A good survey site must offer you more ways to earn.

Here’s’ what I mean:

InboxDollars offers these quick tasks to earn money:

  • $5 new account bonus. This is free cash for becoming a member.
  • Get paid up to $15 to read the daily email and scratch games.
  • Earn $0.01 for each internet search using the InboxDollars search engine.
  • Earn up to $0.02 for watching videos.
  • Get paid to play games online.

Swagbucks has these options for you to earn a few quick bucks:

  • $3 sign up bonus to new members.
  • Earn up to 20% cashback shopping online.
  • Get paid to do the daily poll.
  • Get paid to play games and watch videos online.
  • Doing daily Click and earn emails.
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As you can see, there are more ways for you to make money with survey sites besides doing the cash surveys.

Cashback is another way to earn money for things you purchase every day. Especially during the holiday season, I can make as much as $200 per month on cashback.

I recommend joining Swagbucks and InboxDollars to collect the new member cash bonus, up to $5, and more options to make money. These two sites have partnered with thousands of retail stores for you to earn cashback.

Remember, you can make a lot of money from doing micro-tasks, not just doing online surveys that pay cash.

Can You Really Make Money Doing Online Surveys?

Yes, you can make money doing online surveys, but you must have a strategy to maximize your earnings.

You can make $200 to $300 per month using the two steps strategy outline in this article.

You will not make money by going after the $20 or $30 surveys. These surveys are either scams or too competitive to qualify.

The best method to make money doing online surveys is going after the highest paying surveys, which I have given the formula above.

Online surveys are a quick and easy option to make money online.

If you want to get paid online right now, simply follow these two steps:

  1. Join online survey sites that pay, and
  2. Choose the highest paying online surveys to complete.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online money-making opportunities to expose scams. I can tell you online surveys are a legit way to make money.

How I Make Money With Online Surveys

Contrary to popular online advice, I make more money focusing on doing surveys with two online survey sites, Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

I discovered the more survey sites you joined, the harder you will make money with online surveys. This is because of the minimum payment threshold requirement. (I can find the payout requirement for each survey site by reading the online survey directory.)

You do not receive payment from survey sites unless you have earned enough cash in your account.

When you join hundreds of survey sites with different payment thresholds, it will be very difficult for you to meet all the payout requirements.

Let me give you a real-life example:

  • 3 online survey sites with these different minimum payout requirements: $20, $25, and $30.
  • If you join all three sites, following the popular advice, you must earn $75 from doing surveys to receive payment.
  • If you join 1 survey site, you can request payment after collecting only $20.

The idea of joining every survey site to get the most survey opportunities is wrong. Doing a lot of online surveys without receiving payment is bad advice.

I am not telling you to join every survey site. I am telling you to join the biggest and most popular survey sites. You want to join the leader.

Here’s why I choose Swagbucks and InboxDollars:

  • The two survey sites control most of the online surveys
  • They have payout millions of dollars in rewards. You know they will pay for your work.
  • You earn free cash for joining.
  • You have more options to make money besides doing surveys.
  • It’s much easier to meet the minimum payout requirements when you combine all earnings in one place.

With Swagbucks and InboxDollars, you already have access to over 95% of online surveys.

The reason online survey review articles want you to join all the survey sites is for them to collect the referral commissions. This is known as affiliate marketing. The writers make money every time you join a survey site.

Affiliate marketing is a better way to make money online comparing to taking surveys.

I understand you are here to learn how to make money with online surveys.

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I know you will make money with online surveys using the two-step strategy.

Until next time.

Please share your strategy to make money with online surveys below.

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