Isagenix Review – Is Isagenix A Scam?

This is a review of a popular MLM Business opportunity known as Isagenix.

Are you searching for a legit business opportunity to make money from home?

Did a friend or a family member invite you to join the Isagenix MLM business?

You are not sure. You have heard MLM opportunities are scams.

But, the Isagenix MLM sounds legit. 

Should you say no, or should you join?

I know you have lots of questions about Isagenix.

Let’s start our Isagenix review to answer: Is Isagenix a scam?

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What is the Isagenix Business Review?

Isagenix is a multilevel marketing business opportunity that allows business partners to earn commissions from the sale of company products.

Isagenix is an Arizona based company that was founded in 2002 by Jim Coover and Kathy Coover.

The company manufactures and markets a range of health and wellness supplements. The products are classified into four broad categories included weight loss, energy, performance, and healthy aging.

To help their business associates sell the products, Isagenix executives have taken the extra step to create different programs such as the ’30 day energy system’, with the idea of prepackaging the variety of Isagenix products to help improve people’s energy.

The Coovers, with over 35 + years of multilevel marketing experience, decided to market their product under the network marketing business model.

Today, Isagenix business has become a multi-billion dollars global company with tens of thousand business associates worldwide.

The company claims that its MLM business has helped thousands achieved financial success.

I’m not personally convinced that every business partner of Isagenix achieved business success.

Isagenix describes its newly revamped website,, as simplified, streamlined, and sleek!

The website is supposed to help new business partners achieved success faster and easier.

Isagenix Health and Wellness Supplement Products

Isagenix supplemental products are very similar to other health and wellness available on the market. The company claims that its products are backed by science and produced real results for the customer.

However, many studies have suggested that most of Isagenix products are no different from cheaper alternatives which give you the same results.

Isagenix offers hundreds of different supplement products to its customers. You can find these products in the following categories:

Weight Loss Solutions, Snacks & Mini-Meals, Energy Solutions, Performance Solutions, Healthy Aging Solutions, Targeted Solutions & Daily Health, Age-Defying Skincare, Business/Value Paks.

All products are available on the company website and through their business associates except the Business/Value Paks.

The business/value Paks are designed for those interested in becoming an Isagenix business partner. To purchase the Paks, you must have a sponsor. You can find this information in the next section on how to become an Isagenix business partner.

It is very difficult to find genuine and honest opinions about the products of MLM members. Some members crazily love Isagenix products and willing to say anything. Then there are those who flat out say the products are crap. It’s hard to know if Isagenix’s health and weight products really work.

One fact that everyone agrees on Isagenix products is they are expensive. Some products cost three times more than similar competitor products. This is why you have to think objectively and don’t let the business opportunity hype become the main factor in your decision to become an Isagenix business associate.

A good business objective is to buy low and sell high. If Isagenix products are so overpriced, how can you sell them on the market?

Isagenix 9-day cleanse is the most popular product among young people, especially the ladies. These products can be a good start for your Isagenix business.

I have not tried or used any Isagenix products, so I cannot tell you anything about them. To be honest, no matter how good they are, I will not buy these overpriced products.

Many Isagenix business associates argue that the overprice of Isagenix is irrelevant because of the health benefit that you potentially receive from using the products.

I don’t see the business logic in the argument above. When you run a business, to make money with Isagenix, you have to make sales. How can you make a sale if the products are overpriced?

This explains why the majority of Isagenix business partners will never make money. This is a common theme with all MLM.

Become An Isagenix Business Partner

Isagenix business opportunity is through invitation only. If you want to become a business associate, you must have a sponsor. You can easily find one online through a Google search.

The company recently redesigned its website to be more user-friendly. This website is the training platform for new Isagenix business builders.

The website featuring four easy step-by-step training process: Start Here, Launch, Training, and Tools. Each section contains the necessary tools and lessons to help you launch an Isagenix business.

Here are the requirements to become an Isagenix business associate:

Step 1.

EAT IT – Isagenix wants you to purchase and consume the products every day. They will ask you to set your personal goal and go for it. Most Isagenix products are purchased and consumed by their business associates.

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Step 2.

LOVE IT – Isagenix wants you to share the products with friends and family. The company says: “the best thing in life is sharing the positive experience with others.” Isagenix wants you to recruit friends and families.

Step 3.

SHARE IT – Isagenix wants their business associates to “be positive, be authentic, and be yourself!” Don’t force Isagenix on others, just share until they are ready to talk about the products. When they are ready, then the associates will recruit into the network. Isagenix wants you to sign your friends and families into your network. 

Step 4.

REPEAT – Start from step 1 and continue eating Isagenix products. Isagenix wants you to buy more and find more people.

Here is a sample of the Isagenix 30 Day Starter Pak Contains:

Isagenix Business Value Pak

1 x FREE one-year membership in the Isagenix Autoship Program

1 x IsaBlender. 2 x Cleanse for Life, 4 x IsaLean Shakes, 1 x Ionix Supreme, 1 x IsaFlush, 1 x SlimCakes, 1 x Isagenix Snacks, 1 x Natural Accelerator

1 x Instructional Booklet (with easy-to-follow directions for a weight loss or health maintenance program)

This Pak has three prices:

  • $449.90  if you join the Autoship program and become Isagenix business associates.
  • $474.11 + $50 Signup if you don’t want to be a business partner.
  • $608.30  this is the full retail price.

At these crazy prices, I cannot see how an Isagenix business associate makes money, if they are eating and sharing the products with others.

Isagenix Compensation for Business Partner

Isagenix is a multilevel marketing business. There are many types of compensation plans in MLM, Isagenix adopts the binary compensation plan.

Under the binary compensation model, you receive a commission based on the weaker of 2 downline legs.

Confuse? Not to worry, I will walk you through the Isagenix compensation plan.

You must be active to receive commissions.

Once you become a member, after purchasing one of the business/value pak above, you can start building your network by sharing the business with friends and families, your warm market.

You must maintain an active status to earn commissions on your downline’s activity. This means you have to spend at least $148, about 100PV (personal point), each month purchasing Isagenix products to meet your PV requirement.

If you are planning to become an Isagenix business partner, make sure you can afford the $148 per month to stay active. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will lose all your commissions. This is why many people prefer building an Affiliate Marketing business over MLM business. Affiliate marketing pay commission on every sale, no requirement. 

As long as you stay active, there are various ways you can earn commissions with Isagenix.

Earning on your own Isagenix downline

The majority of your income under any MLM business will come from your downline. You make money on the volume of business that your downline does.

The size of your downline will determine your rank and commissions within the company.

Here is a quick example of Isagenix review compensation under the binary model:

Under the binary model, you must build two downlines, a left, and a right team. You only receive payment for the weaker team performance.

Let say your left team reaches a group volume (GV) performance level 3, but your right team (GV) is on level 1, your commission payment is level 1, or 1 cycle.

GV is generated through individual downline purchasing products for their personal use, this is called a PV (personal business volume).

Everyone in MLM must maintain a PV level to stay active and receive commissions. (See above for Isagenix business PV requirement) Therefore, a larger downline will generate a larger GV which in turn pays more commissions.

However, under the binary model, you always receive the lowest commission based on the performance of your weaker team.

If one of your team does not meet the GV perform requirements, 33%PV, you will not receive a commission, even your stronger team has 100%PV. This is the scary part of a binary compensation plan.

Despite the strict binary requirements, Isagenix always claims that their home-based business opportunity is one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry.

Isagenix Retail Earning

Isagenix business associates can buy wholesale and sell at retail to earn a profit.

The business associates can direct potential customers to their own website to earn the difference between wholesale pricing and what the customer pays at the online store.

One important business fact for you is a $4.95 handling fee subtracted from your retail commission every time a customer purchase online.

Ranks, Achievements, Bonuses, and Incentives

Isagenix offers various performance-based incentives for top performers. These are also ways for business associates to increase their earnings with MLM business.

Isagenix has the following ranks and achievements: Associate, Consultant, Manager, Director, and Executive.

Each level of rank providers an associate with additional bonuses and incentives such as introducing product Bonuses, team Bonuses, and executive matching bonuses.

With multilevel marketing, there are many bonuses and incentives to encourage associates recruits and sales. But the primary income will always be from your own downline.

How Much Are Isagenix Members Earning

From Isagenix 2015 and 2016 Earning Disclosure Statements, It stated that only 1 out of 2,500 Isagenix business associates earned more than $50,000 with 99.6% of global Isagenix business associates earned less than $10,000.

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A 99.6% failure rate! Does this sound like a good business to build a passive income?

Even though only 1 in 2,500 Isagenix members earned a substantive yearly income, this result could be considered one of the best in the MLM opportunities.

In theory, Isagenix MLM business opportunity is the best way to build a residual income business. But in reality, it is a 99.6% failure.

Isagenix Training Programs

All new Isagenix business associates are told to follow the network marketing system called ‘duplication.’ This method can be done by employing what Isagenix calls ‘You + Two, Them + 2’. The idea is that you start making money when your two recruits each recruit two friends.

This process must continue for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, according to Isagenix, you will have a team with over 8,000 members. With this team, you can generate an annual income of over $250,000. Easy say, but 99% of Isagenix business associates do not make minimum wages.

All business associates are also required to attend training events. The Isagenix business conventions can be a costly item for most business associates, especially when you do not make enough money to eat.

Isagenix Business Pros

These are a few things that I like about this business opportunity:

  • The initial investment is considered low to start your own business.
  • Isagenix business associates have a better chance of success than most MLM companies.
  • Healthy & wellness MLM companies have historically performed well both from a longevity standpoint and financially for both the companies and their business associates.
  • Isagenix has been around since 2002 and ran by two very successful MLM executive Jim and Kathy Coover.

Isagenix Business Cons

Multiple business reasons make me dislike Isagenix business

  • It is very difficult to create a residual income by doing network marketing compared to Affiliate Marketing.
  • The binary compensation model is very disadvantageous to associates, and you can potentially get nothing for all the hard work.
  • The requirement to remain active to receive future commissions is too expensive.
  • Isagenix products are overpriced which makes it very difficult for retail sales.
  • Only 0.04% of the business associates make over $50,000 a year.
  • Isagenix discourages associates from recruiting online.

These are some major business reasons why I would not build a business with Isagenix.

Is Isagenix MLM Worht It?

Building a business requires a ton of hard work no matter with Isagenix business or not. The important part of starting a new business is doing researches.

Market research is the key to business success. Just like you are reading this Isagenix review, it is part of your marketing research.

Don’t go in business based on hype and empty promises. This only leads to disappointment and failure.

Multilevel marketing business requires a strong networking skill and the ability to successfully build your downline.

If you are struggling with recruiting people, then the Isagenix MLM is not for you.

Let think about it,

Do you know why you want to start a home-based business?

To earn extra money from home, to be your own boss, or to achieve financial freedom?

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It’s not easy to build a successful business with Isagenix MLM.

Do you know Isagenix MLM is not a home-based business?

You cannot recruit people from the comfort of your home. You must travel around the country to recruit new business partners. I hate doing this!

There are better home-based business opportunities that you can build a lucrative business without leaving your home.

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Before joining the Isagenix MLM business, I invite you to read “What I Do Every Day To Make Money Online”. It is more enjoyable and easier to make money doing what you love.

I hope this Isagenix review answers your question, is Isagenix a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your own Isagenix experiences here.

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