Capital Syndicate Review – Is Capital Syndicate Legit

Lee Arnold is preaching two simple steps to make money from home investing in real estate.

  1. Find active real estate investors, and
  2. Connect them with Capital Syndicate to make money.

It sounds exciting, right?

Well, not really.

This is a spin on a job known as mortgage agents.

Mortgage agents find and qualify home buyers (investors) then connect them with banks for loans to earn commissions.

Do mortgage agents make money from home?


It makes you wonder, is Capital Syndicate legit or a scam?

Can you make millions connecting investors with Capital Syndicate?

This Capital Syndicate review offers you insight into this real estate investment program.

You might not like what I am about to tell you.

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The Capital Syndicate Review Summary

Name: Capital Syndicate
Business Type: Real Estate Investment
Investment: $2,500 – $10,000

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  • Capital Syndicate offers training programs to people looking for ways to make money from home investing in real estate.
  • You can purchase a course to become a certified private money broker or as an investor, flipping properties with private money for profits.
  • This review is about Capital Syndicate. It’s a certified private money broker course.
  • If you are looking for the flipping properties course, you can click on the link to read the review.
  • Capital Syndicate is a collective group of private funders looking to earn passive income by lending money to real estate investors.
  • As a certified private money broker, you earn commission by connecting investors with Capital Syndicate.
  • It costs up to $10,000 to become a certified broker with Capital Syndicate.
  • The program encourages brokers to use Capital Syndicate as a funding source for their own deals.
  • Flipping properties require some level of renovation and finding buyers. It’s not a make money from home opportunity.
  • An investor filed a scam complaint with Trustpilot stating Lee Arnold failed to provide private funding for all his deals. He lost a lot of money.


About The Capital Syndicate

Capital Syndicate is a certification program for those looking to become private money brokers.

This certification program was created by Lee Arnold who is also the founder of a hard money lender group called, COGO Capital.

As a certified broker, you earn commissions for connecting real estate investors with Capital Syndicate.

You can also use Capital Syndicate to fun your fix & flip investments.

Lee Arnold uses this broker training program as a way to promote and sell his Cogo Capital.

Upon completing the private money broker program, you are a mortgage agent for Cogo Capital.

I don’t know why people paying up to $10,000 for this broker certification. They can get it free as a mortgage agent with a local bank.

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Capital Syndicate Lee Arnold

Let talk about Lee Arnold and why he starts Capital Syndicate.

Lee Arnold claims to be the real estate finance guru, specializing in private hard money lending to real investors.

Mr. Arnold’s financing experience span over 20 plus years. He’s been training people in the process of lending private money for real estate deals since 1995.

Lee acquired his real estate knowledge through long years of trial and error.

He claims to have built a million-dollar real estate business from the ground up.

Using his success, Lee offers his teaching and mentoring to other real estate investors across the US.

However, his students were struggling to find success because they have no access to capital to fund their investments.

To solve this problem, Lee founded Cogo Capital, where real estate investors could go for unlimited funds for their real estate investments.

But Cogo Capital’s success depends on people willing to lend money to active investors.

Secured Investment Corp, was created to teach people a way to earn passive income by becoming a private lender.

As the demands for private money lending grow, Lee Arnold discovers another opportunity to earn passive income, connecting investors with vested private money lenders.

Capital Syndicate training program was introduced.

Capital Syndicate Training Program

Capital Syndicate course is organized into 5 modules video presentation discussing the basics of being a private money broker.

Module 1 – This video lesson is an introduction to the Capital Syndicate opportunity. It gives you a road map of the course and why you should be a private broker.

Module 2 – This module introduces you to different players in the real estate investment market. You learn the important role of private money brokers and how they make money.

Module 3 – This is a basic marketing lesson. Lee discusses methods of lead generation using both offline and online. He’ll show you how to use direct mail and social media sites to find your best clients.

Module 4- This module covers lead qualifications. You learn the process of converting leads into qualified clients. Lee goes over questions you must ask every lead and the mistakes you must avoid closing the deal.

Module 5 – This video discusses the process of private money funding and how you get paid. It discusses the real estate closing process, including mistakes to avoid.

You will also learn how to use Capital Syndicate to fun your real estate investment deals. This seems to be the main reason people joining the program.

The process of finding qualified buyers is not easy.

Buyers with strong credit scores prefer to deal with banks because of the lower interested rates.

Most investors who come to Capital Syndicate for funding likely having problems with financing.

Lee wants you to believe making money from home as a private money broker is simple and easy.

However, this is not true. As a broker, you are doing the work for Lee and Capital Syndicate.

You spend money marketing the Capital Syndicate funding program.

You spend time qualifying the leads into clients.

You then bring the client to Capital Syndicate.

But, you don’t make money unless Capital Syndicate funded the deals.

Can see how Lee uses you to help him find qualified clients to lend money?

This entire program focuses on turning you into a client. Throughout the course, Capital Syndicate tries to upsell you with other products such as Master Private Money Certification or 3-Day Brokering One-on-One Mentorship. These programs add up to over $10,000.

Capital Syndicate makes money from selling you the courses and teaching students to use the program as the funding source for their deals.

You are ending up spending more money than actually making money.

Capital Syndicate Cost

Capital Syndicate course costs $2,500 to become a certified private money broker.

There are additional upsell courses that Capital Syndicate encourages you to buy to earn more money.

The first upsell from The Capital Syndicate is Mater Broker Certification.

The Next upsell is the 3-Day Broker Mentorship program.

Both programs cost more than $10,000.

I don’t understand why have to pay this much to become a mortgage broker.

You can learn all of this for free by applying for a loan officer job with a bank.

The costs listed above are just for a bunch of video lessons from Capital Syndicate.

I am not discussing the costs of marketing, traveling, and your time spending qualifying a client in this review. You need to add these costs to your business.

The majority of people who join Capital Syndicate are looking for private money to fund their real estate deals. This is how they hope to make money.

When you make money actively flipping properties, this is not a make money from home business.

Is Capital Syndicate Legit?

Capital Syndicate is a legit private money broker training program.

However, your broker certificate is only valid with Capital Syndicate. This is not a professional certification.

You will receive the 5 module video lessons. But, why pay $2,500 for lessons you can get free from the bank?

It’s hard for a private money broker money working from home. You must meet with clients to discuss the funding application and process.

You might not have to attend the loan closing, but you have to find qualified clients.

There is no way you can make a lot of money as a money broker sitting at home.

Capital Syndicate uses the work-from-home marketing scheme to lure people into their broker certification program.

Regardless of what happens, Capital Syndicate makes money selling you the courses.

Capital Syndicate Complaints

You can find all the complaints against Capital Syndicate on the Trustpilot website.

Most Capital Syndicate complaints have to do with the refund policy.

The company denied every refund request after the 3-day training event.

The 30 days Capital syndicate refund policy is not true.

Is Capital Syndicate Course Worth It?

I would never pay $10,000 for a course that I can get for free from other players in the industry.

Lee Arnold creates the Capital Syndicate course to make money for himself.

You are unlikely to make money after completing this private money certification program.

I am unable to find a success story from a real student of Capital Syndicate.

I hope you understand Capital Syndicate is nothing more than an educational program.

This is not a work-from-home business opportunity.

The best way to generate passive income from home is through an online business.

I understand you are here to read my review of Capital Syndicate.

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I hope this Capital Syndicate review answers your questions, is Capital Syndicate legit?

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

6 thoughts on “Capital Syndicate Review – Is Capital Syndicate Legit”

  1. I’m glad that I was lead to read your review on the Lee Arnold Capital Syndicate. You have just saved me money and heartache. Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    My name is Chonkav Lor, I was a Mortgage Broker in 1986-1995 in Fresno, CA for the Asian community plus other Minority in State Of California. If, I sign up of $47 is that including Broker membership fee for life time ? Also, can I be doing business out of State too ?

    Chonkav Lor

    • We don’t know. Please contact Capital Syndicate for your question. We have no connection with the company. This is just a review of Capital Syndicate. Thx

  3. Hello been a hard money lender for 15 years and then when the housing market busted I lost all my investors so I understand the business very well does it cost money to join I see somebody says something about $47 I already know how to do the business I just need to be put in contact with the right person at capital silicate


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