Is Cash Tracking System A Scam – Cash Tracking System Review

Here’s is the business scheme.

You give a gift from $500 to $10,000 to someone to join a business club.

Then you go out working hard to convince people to give you the same amounts to join your business club.

The business scheme above is known as Cash-Gifting System.

So, you tell me. Is this Cash Tracking System a scam?

It amazes me that people get excited about the cash-gifting scheme. They believe the Cash Tracking System is legit, and they are going to get rich.

The Cash-gifting system has always been illegal and will always be illegal.

I understand you are excited to learn how this Cash Tracking System works.

We will break down this cash-gifting scheme to show you why this Cash Tracking System is a scam.

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Cash Tracking System Review Summary

Name: Cash Tracking System

Business Type: Cash-Gifting Scheme

Investment: $500

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  • Cash Tracking System claims you can make more than $10,000 a day just by inviting people to join a business club.
  • You are required to make a cash-gifting of $500, $1000, $1500, $2000, $3500, $6500, or $10,500 to your sponsor to join the Cash Tracking System.
  • Once you are a member, you can recruit and convince others to pay the cash-gifting fees to join your business club.
  • So, you are paying someone $10,000 for the opportunity to trick others into the same scheme. If you cannot convince people to make a cash gift up to $10,000, you lost all your money.
  • Don’t you think is better to put $10,000 in a saving account earning interest and protecting the principal? This is a guaranteed return investment.
  • It appears that some people think giving $10,000 to a stranger is the best investment.
  • The Cash Tracking System is a perfect example of a get-rich-quick scam.


What Is Cash Tracking System?

Cash Tracking System is an online cash-gifting scheme created by a person known as Mark R.

No one knows or meets Mark R. But people are excited about his cash-gifting idea.

This investment operates on a simple idea. Every member pledge to make a cash-gift between $500 to $10,000 to the sponsor upon joining the business club. Since this is a gift, you get nothing in return.

I must warn you that the cash-gifting scheme is illegal in some states. You can do prison time for this. Be smart and check your local laws before joining the Cash Tracking System.

Cash Tracking System is not a real business opportunity. This website targets those looking for a lazy way to get rich, making money doing nothing.

If you want to make money doing nothing, then puts the $10,000 in a saving account with the bank.

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How Does Cash Tracking System Work?

The Cash Tracking System starts with someone invites you to join a business club. This person gives an invitation password to access the system.

When you access the system with the invitation password, you need to complete your membership enrollment form to become a member.

Part of the enrollment process is choosing the level of cash-gifting investment. You can choose to give of $500, $1000, $1500, $2000, $3500, $6500, or $10,500.

The amount of your cash-gift is the amount that you can earn in the future.

For example, if you pledge a cash-gifting of $10,000, then you are entitled to receive future cash-gifting up to this amount.

Most members pledge the highest amount for fear of missing out on future earnings.

After you have paid the cash-gifting, you are now a member of the Cash Tracking System.

You receive nothing except more fees if you want to make money.

The Cost To Join The Cash Tracking System

Besides the cash-gifting investment, you have to pay a setup fee and a monthly fee to maintain your membership.

The Cash Tracking System charges a $25 setup and a $39 monthly membership fee. If you fail to pay these fees, you will lose your membership.

The Cash Tracking System doesn’t offer a refund, because this is a cash-gifting scheme. You are giving money away, not purchasing anything.

Once you sign up for this scam, it will be difficult to get out.

Cash Tracking System Success Stories

I cannot find any Cash Tracking System success story online. This is expected because most people will lose money with this system.

The problem with this system is not a lot of people interested in giving away their money to strangers. I would not. Would you?

When you cannot recruit people to join the Cash Tracking System, you cannot make money.

Yes, you are recruiting people to make a cash-gifting of $10,000 to you for nothing in return. I don’t think you will be very successful in doing this.

The only Cash Tracking System success story is from the anonymous person that creates this scam.

Is The Cash Tracking System Legal?

In many states, the Cash Tracking System is not legal. You can do some hard times for this.

You must check local laws to avoid legal problems if you plan to join this cash-gifting scheme.

The Cash Tracking System claims that this scheme is legal because you’re not participating in a pyramid scheme. This might be true in terms of the pyramid scheme. But cash-gifting is illegal.

Another legal problem you will face is the tax laws.

According to the Cash Tracking System, you don’t have to pay taxes on the earnings, because these are gifts. This is not true.

Cash-gifting schemes are not legal under the U.S. Codes. The IRS treats cash-gifting as an illegal gift that does not qualify for tax exemption. So, you do have to pay taxes.

When you pay tax, you notify the government that you are participating in an illegal scheme.

Cash Tracking System Is A Scam

Since cash-gifting is not legal in most States, the Cash Tracking System is a scam.

The founder of this system doesn’t disclose his identity for one reason, avoid getting caught. He knows the Cash Tracking System is not legal.

You are at risk when participating in this cash-gifting scheme. You are responsible for the people that you have brought into the system. They will come after you for their money.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online money making opportunities to expose scams.

I am telling you the Cash Tracking System is a scam.

I know some people will not agree with this review, but you must agree with me on the followings:

  1. You invest $10,000 into the Cash Tracking System as a gift.
  2. You receive nothing from the sponsor. Once the cash-gifting is completed, the business transaction is done.
  3. The system is not responsible to provide you services or supports unless you pay them the monthly fees.
  4. This entire cash-gifting scheme is based on recruiting others. When you cannot recruit, you lose everything.
  5. Ask yourself this, how many people will give you $10,000 for nothing?

The Cash Tracking System is not a real business. Only a fool will fall for this scam.

Final Words On The Cash Tracking System Review

You will never make money with a cash-gifting scam. This scheme is illegal. It cannot help you achieve financial freedom.

The idea of getting rich doing little or nothing has always been used by online scammers to target lazy and greedy investors.

Smart business owners will never participate in the Cash Tracking System. They understand that only an idiot will give them $10,000 for nothing.

Unfortunately, most of us are smart and will never fall for this scam.

If you want to avoid scams, stay away from the Cash Tracking System.

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I hope this Cash Tracking System review answers your question, is Cash Tracking System a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your Cash Tracking System experience below.

3 thoughts on “Is Cash Tracking System A Scam – Cash Tracking System Review”

    • It “works” until you are caught, just like anything else that is illegal. Cash gifting is legal. (that means you can cash gift as long as you have NO expectations of receiving any money in return ever ) Cash gifting “programs” are not legal in any state in the US, or in most countries. What happens when you are caught? 1. you pay back everyone you brought in. 2. you pay a nice fat fine 3. you can do prison time (the Judge will tell you “Ignorance of the law is NO excuse” 4. if you did not pay income tax on the money, you will owe the tax and penalties to the IRS. There’s no reason to hurt yourself or hurt other people when there are many legal and moral ways to make lots of money online or offline. CTS has been turned in to the FTC, IRS and other gov. offices.


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