YOR Health Review – Is YOR Health A Scam

This is our YOR Health MLM business opportunity review.

In this discussion, we are going to find out “Is YOR Health a scam?” This is a popular question about YOR Health, following “Is YOR Health a pyramid scheme?”

Not all mlms are a pyramid scheme!

Before investing with YOR Health, we need to know more than a simple answer to, “Is YOR Health a scam?”

We want to know,

  • Is YOR Health business opportunity profitable?
  • The costs to start a YOR Health business, and
  • Can you make money with YOR Health?

The least we must know is “Profitability.” Business Profit is the main reason we invest in an MLM business.

Let me be honest with you; the MLM business is dying. People don’t want to invite strangers into their homes. How can you build your MLM business?

Today, the opportunity is an online business. The internet allows us to reach customers around the world. It’s the best way to generate passive income from home.

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YOR Health Review Summary

Name: Yor Health

Business Type: MLM

Investment: $50

Recent Reviews:

  • YOR Health is an mlm company that promotes and sells nutritional products.
  • YOR Health has a network of 4,995 promoters in the United States and Mexico.
  • However, according to YOR Health financial information, more than 64% of Promoters earned ZERO income with the business.
  • You must be very good at Face-To-Face selling to make money with YOR Health.
  • If you don’t like face-to-face recruiting, then YOR Health mlm business opportunity is not for you.


What Is YOR Health?

YOR Health is an mlm company founded by Dennis Wong in 2008 to promote and sell health and nutritional products.

YOR Health considers itself as a movement, not just selling health products.

The company slogan is “Live Bare”, meaning a return to nature.

YOR Health’s annual sales revenue is $40 Million dollars.

According to YOR Health, the company primarily sells its products through an mlm network of 4,995 promoters in the United States and Mexico.

However, according to YOR Health, more than 64% of independent promoters earned an average income of $68 a month.

Our research has discovered on May 12, 2005, the FTC fined Dennis Wong and co-founder, Jeffrey P. Morgan, $400,000 for operating a pyramid scheme known as “Mall Ventures”.

Part of this FTC settlement barred Wong from participating and operating any business involved with a pyramid scheme.

However, Dennis Wong is the CEO of YOR Health.

Based on the information available to the public, we can conclude:

  • YOR Health is an mlm company based in Irvine, California.
  • YOR Health home-based business opportunity is not profitable with the majority of promoters earned little or no income.
  • CEO, Dennis Wong, had been found and fined by the FTC for operating a pyramid scheme, and
  • YOR Health business is very competitive.

The YOR Health home business opportunity doesn’t sound like a good investment.

Before investing with YOR Health, it’s smart to compare with other home-based business opportunities…

You can use My Writing Business to make a comparison.

How to Join YOR Health?

You have three options to join YOR Health:

  • Become a Retail Customer for free with no benefit.
  • Join as a Select Customer, paying a $25.00 registration fee, to receive a 25% discount off retail price.
  • You can join the movement and become a YOR Health Promoter. This is a business opportunity which gives you the rights to sell YOR Health products, recruit other promoters, and participate in YOR Health rewards and bonuses.

This YOR Health review is an analysis of YOR Health mlm business opportunity.

Therefore, we will be focusing our discussion on the option of becoming a YOR Health Promoter, starting a business with YOR Health.

The Process To Join YOR Health As A Promoter

You will need a sponsor to join the YOR Health business opportunity.

If you don’t have a sponsor, you can request one by visiting the company website.

You can complete the application and pay the basic application fee online.

However, a local YOR Health promoter will contact you for a face-to-face meeting to help set up your business.

But, before you can earn commissions, you have to sell or recruit others to join YOR Health.

The Costs to Join YOR Health

The basic membership fee to become a YOR Health Promoter is $50.

This fee is waived if you purchased a Business Builder Set from $544.56 to $2,154.48.

YOR Health review business set

YOR Health Promoters are not required to purchase a Business Builder Set.

Your YOR Health sponsor is likely to push you to purchase the set to boost your chance of success with YOR Health… But,

I honestly don’t believe it makes a difference.

The sponsor, on the other hand, will earn a bigger commission when you purchase the most expensive Business Builder Set. I’ll explain this in the compensation section of this YOR Health Review.

This is the cost to join.

There are other costs to operate a YOR Health mlm business.

These costs are business operating expenses.

We’ll discuss the two biggest operating expenses to build the YOR Health business:

1. Time Expenses

Most people don’t factor in the time that requires to promote and build the YOR Health business.

If you want to become a successful YOR Health promoter, you are going to invest at least 80 hours per week into building the business.

Yes, this is a full-time business, not part-time. I have never met anyone successfully building an mlm business part-time.

We will use the 80 hours with a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, this means a YOR Health promoter must invest at least $580 per week, $2,320 per month, to build a YOR Health business.

2. YOR Health Monthly Minimum Purchase Requirement

All mlm businesses require their distributor to purchase a minimum amount of product each month to remain active and receive commissions.

All YOR Health promoters must purchase 60 to 120 Retail Product Volume (RPV) every 28 days to remain active.

The RPV is points assigned to each YOR Health product. 1 RPV is approximately $1.32.

Every 28 days, a YOR Health promoter must purchase between $79.20 to $158.40 to earn commissions.

I refer to this RPV requirement as, “Pay and Play!” If you fail to meet the RPV, you are considered an inactive promoter and not allow to participate in earning commissions.

So, the real investment to launch a YOR Health business is more than the initial $50.

To start making money, you must purchase a Business Builder Set, because the $50 has no RPV value.

Monthly RPV is the biggest expense for every YOR Health Promoter.

This monthly expense can destroy your chance of making a profit because you must purchase products to stay in business.

With other home-based businesses, like affiliate marketing, you get paid commissions on every sale, no such thing as a personal purchase to receive commissions.

Do you understand why YOR Health has a 28 days RPV requirement?

  • First to sell products, and
  • Second to meet the FTC guideline as a legit mlm business.

Without product sales, YOR Health is a scam or a pyramid scheme.

As you can see, starting a YOR Health mlm business will cost you more than $50, a lot more.

When we start a business, we expect to make money to recover our investment.

Don’t you want to know how you can make money with YOR Health?

Of course, we all do!

To find this out, we need to look at

YOR Health Compensation Plan

YOR Health adopts a Binary mlm compensation.

Binary means you must build two teams, the right and the left, to earn commissions.

The Binary compensation plan is considered one of the most difficult to make money in the mlm business.


Because you have to build two successful organizations, not one, to earn commissions.

I’ll provide you a quick overview of the YOR Health compensation plan. If you want to see it in detail, just download a copy.

YOR Health is an mlm company. So, we know only two venues to make money.

  • Retail sales, and
  • Recruiting others to join YOR Health.

YOR Health claims that there are 5 ways to make money with the company.

But before you can earn a dollar as a YOR Health promoter, you must sell products and recruit others.

No commission is paid for failure to meet both conditions above.

Retail Earnings “Retail Profits”

This is buying wholesale and selling retail.

A YOR Health promoter can purchase products at wholesale discounts to sell retail for profits.

It sounds simple, right?

We’ll see.

I did a quick search online and found YOR Health SuperGreens – Antioxidant, Spirulina, Wheat Grass Supplement selling for $39.88.

The same item on the YOR Health website retail price is $54.51, and the promoter wholesale price is $40.88.

YOR Health Review product

Can you see?

The market is not willing to pay the YOR Health retail price, not even the wholesale price.

It will be a challenge to make a retail profit when the wholesale price is $40.88, and the market is only willing to pay $39.88.

Where is the Retail Profit?

Recruiting Incomes

There are several ways to make money with YOR Health under this category.

However, you must first recruit people to join, either as a Select Customer or as a Promoter.

Your recruits must also order products for you to earn commissions.

A 10% to 20% First Order Bonus (FOB) is earned when your new enrollment order of 400 PV ($528) or more.

Any order below this $528, you earn nothing.

Every month, YOR Health promoters earn 10% to 20% Personal Customer Bonus (PCB) based on product volume placed by their personal recruits.

But, you must be an “Active Promoter” to earn PCB, which means you have to purchase your own products to earn this commission.

The YOR Health compensation plan claims that you earn PCB on every order. This is not true. If you fail to meet the minimum 60 RPV, you earn ZERO commission.

The next two earnings “Binary Match Pay” and “Leadership Bonus” are much more difficult to earn because they involve building two organizations.

Both organizations must meet the minimum 400 PV ($528) to earn a 15% commission.

The illustrations below will explain how Binary commissions work.

YOR Health Compensation

Look at example 2, you can potentially earn nothing even when your group, as a unit, performs well.

It is very difficult to fully understand this compensation plan. The YOR Health compensation plan is designed for this purpose.

However, we don’t need to fully understand the YOR Health compensation plan, Because…

The compensation plan only tells us how you can make money with YOR Health.

It doesn’t give us the actual earnings of a YOR Health Promoter.

Actual earning is the information that helps us determine profits.

Then, why do we discuss the YOR Health compensation plan?

To prepare us for the following discussion,

Can You Make Money With YOR Health?

This question takes us a step further.

In the last section, we look at how you make money as a YOR Health Promoter?

Now, we’re discussing, can you actually make money under the YOR Health compensation plan?

Can you?

Where can you find the answer to this question?

The answer is in the YOR Health income disclosure statement.

Here’s what I mean,

  • The YOR Health compensation plan offers the POTENTIAL EARNING, a guess or an estimate.
  • YOR Health Earnings disclosure statement contains ACTUAL COMMISSIONS Promoters earned in the prior year.

As a business review writer, I look to the actual commission/earnings to advise clients on an investment. Potential earning is just a guess, an estimate.

Are you investing based on a guess?

NO? Then let discuss YOR Health Promoters’ actual income.

This is what YOR Health income disclosure statement tells us:

Promoter Actual Incomes

The majority, over 64%, YOR Health Promoters did not earn income.

What does this mean?

It tells us less than 39% of YOR Health mlm businesses earn a small revenue.

Next, we need to find the business breakeven point.

Break-even is when the Promoter generated enough income to cover expenses.

We will use our lowest monthly expenses estimated earlier, $2,399.20, to find the business breakeven point.

To break even with this mlm business, you have to reach the Ruby level, in which only 1.14% of YOR Promoters achieved breakeven.

Why do we need to find the business breakeven point?

Well, when a business cannot generate enough revenue to cover its expenses, the business is likely to fail.

This means YOR Health mlm business failure rate is over 98%.

Or, less than 2% of YOR Health promoters make money.

We don’t need to analyze the YOR Health top income level. This group makes up less than 1% of all YOR Promoters.

I can tell you that your chance of making money with YOR Health is ZERO!

Now, can you see how difficult to make money with YOR Health?

You must be in the top 2% to earn profit with this business opportunity.

So, Is this a good investment?

Well, who’s going to invest, if the chance of earning a profit is less than 2%?

Is YOR Health A Scam?

Yes, it is difficult to make money, but this doesn’t make YOR Health a scam.

YOR Health is a business opportunity. It is an investment.

All investments have risks, which means, you can lose your investments.

YOR Health’s profitability is low.

When you become a YOR Health Promoter, you are willing to accept the chance of making a profit is less than 2%. (98% of your business will fail)

When your business failed, you cannot call YOR Health a scam.

Risk is a part of every startup business.

Before starting a business, like joining the YOR Health Promoter, you need to carefully research the business opportunity.

Reading this YOR Health Review is a good way to learn the investment risk before investing.

Many entrepreneurs hire professional financial analysts to evaluate the risks of every business deal before they invest.

As a Business Review Writer, I have evaluated hundreds of businesses to help investors managing the risks…

That’s all we can do, managing risks.

To me, YOR Health is not a scam. It’s just an unprofitable business.

Then, what about

‘Is YOR Health a pyramid scheme?’

Well, YOR Health will deny they are a pyramid scheme.

But, why do I think YOR Health is a pyramid scheme?

Looks at their earnings disclosure statement,

Do you notice a pyramid shape?

Yes, the largest commissions were earned by a few at the top.

Less than 2% make money while over 98% lost money as YOR Health Promoters.

Doesn’t this how a pyramid scheme works?

Yes, the more people you recruit to join YOR Health, the more money you earn.

YOR Health is rewarding distributors to recruit people, not selling products.

Recruiting is how you get promoted and make money with YOR Health!

Well, you don’t have to agree with me on this.

The only thing I want you to learn from our YOR Health Review is,

“Your chance of making a profit with YOR Health is less than 2%,” OR

“YOR Health Promoters failure rate is greater than 98%!”

Is YOR Health Worth It?

Now knowing the success rate is only 2%, would you become a YOR Health Promoter?

I’ll never invest in a business opportunity unless the chance of making profits is greater than 60%.

YOR Health is not a profitable investment.

Do you know why you want to start a home-based business?

To earn extra money from home, to be your own boss, or to achieve financial freedom?

And to make money, we invest in a PROFITABLE business!

There are much better and less risky home-based business opportunities.

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The best part, you are working on the computer in your own home or anywhere you like.

Have you ever thought about this?

What will happen if YOR Health goes out of business or terminates your account?

You lose your YOR Health MLM of business.

This is the risk with mlm business opportunity which people rarely discuss until it’s too late.

When you become a YOR Health Promoter, you have no controlled or owned your business.

Your chance of achieving financial success with MLM is ZERO.


The MLM opportunities are no longer a lucrative option to make money from home. Everyone hates face-to-face sales and recruiting. You will have a hard time building a successful business with YOR Health MLM.

The most profitable home-based business opportunities are online businesses. This business model doesn’t require face-to-face selling or recruiting.

You can use This #1 Home Business Opportunity to create a full-time passive income. You can work from the comfort of your own home and on a laptop, with no commute and no boss. You work whenever you want and where you like.

I invite you to read What I Do Every Day To Make Money At Home Online. Let me show you the real system of generating passive income.

Even if YOR Health is not a scam, It’s not a good investment!

I hope this YOR Health review answers your question, is YOR Health a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your YOR Health experiences with us here.

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