How to Build a Free Business Website?

You can build a free business website in less than 1 minute. This is no joke. The video below will demonstrate how to build a free business website with a few clicks of the mouse.

build a business website in 30 seconds

A business website is a must for anyone that wants to launch an online business to make money. With today technology, it is very simple, easy, and even free to build a professional business website without tech-skills.

You don’t need to pay thousands for a professional web designer to build a business website. If you are looking to launch a website for your business, you can do it yourself and for free. I’ll show you how.

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The Right Way to Build a Free Business Website

Launching a free business website requires careful planning and selection of two very important components: The website hosting platform and the web builder software.

After selecting the two components above, the process of designing a free business website is very simple as you can see from the video above.

Selecting A Website Hosting For Your Free Business Website

The hosting platform refers to software and programs that allow the free business website to function and operate properly.

You cannot make changes to the hosting technical components, because they are usually controlled by the Web Hosting Providers.

However, you have the options to select which web hosting providers to build your free business website.

Free business website hosting providers

 There are lots of web hosting services that offer free business website, but how do you know which one is the best fit for your business?

Knowing how to select the right web hosting company is the key to building a successful free business website.

The web hosting service is the backbone of every free business website.

The free business website lives or dies depends on the hosting platform, so choose your free web hosting company carefully. 

Here are important issues to consider when selecting a web hosting service to build your free business website:

1. Whose is getting the income from the free business website?

The majority of free web hosting requires you to allow ads to run on your free business website so they can collect the income from advertisements. This is not good.

Ideally, you want to build a free business website on ads free platform. This makes your business website appears professional and relevant to visitors. Everybody hates a business website full of ads.

Building a free business website on an ad-free platform gives you as the owner the ability to collect the online incomes generated by the free business website. After all, making online incomes is the main reason that you want to create a free business website.

Therefore, when selecting a free web hosting chooses the one that does not require ads to run on your free business website. This is the only way to make sure that you will collect all the income producing from the business website.

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2. The platform SEO configurations for the free business website

Next, you want a free web hosting service with the best web design platform, free web themes and the full flexibility of SEO configuring for your free business website.

Today, the most popular web hosting platform is WordPress.

WordPress gives you hundreds of free web themes to use in designing your free business website.

WordPress is also the easiest and most flexible platforms when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your free business website.

WordPress gives you the full control of your business website.

3. Domain name options for the free business website

Domain name selection is the final consideration.

Every hosting provider offers you a choice of using a free subdomain name to build your free business website or purchase your own domain name

You should use the subdomain name during the free business website design phase. First, it saves you money and gives you time to search for a good domain name for your online business. Second, this subdomain site allows you to stay off-line until ready to launch.

When your free business website is ready to go live, you want your own domain name. This is your business brand. You want to build your own brand and identity. You know longer need the free subdomain name.

The question here is how easy to switch from a free subdomain to a private domain?

This change should be as simple as a few clicks of a mouse. It should not cost you anything extra.

I like to create my free business website with a hosting service that also offers domain name. This makes my life so much easier when switching from a free subdomain to my own domain name. 

When selecting a web hosting platform to build a free business website, I personally prefer Free ads WordPress hosting platform. WordPress gives you lots of control, free themes and easy to design a free business website. Especially with the SEO component, it is probably the best platform to get your found on Google search engines.

Choosing A Web Builder Software to Design the Free Business Website

Website design software covers the aesthetics, or the looks and feels of the free business website. This includes both the layouts and web contents. These components must perform two important business functions:

  1. Website Content Creation
  2. Online Business Marketing Appeal.

Website Content Creation

The first thing you have to do before sitting down and design your free business website is creating a website content plan.

This free business website content creation plan is an outline of your business services or purposes. This is an overall structure of the free business website content marketing plan.

  • It must cover the goals for website content development.
  • It must clearly articulate the unique value that your business content will provide to readers.
  • It should outline the opportunities and obstacles that your business might encounter as you execute this free business website content strategy.
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Effective website content must have a meaningful, measurable, and timeline goals. These goals are reasonable to accomplish with your business website contents.

The most important content strategy for a new free business website is to get ranked on search engines.

This means you have to focus on the SEO plan. The goal is to add keyword rich contents to the free business website to make it SEO friendly.

The best website contents are SEO optimized with maximized user experiences. These types of contents are ranked high in Google search results. High search ranked means more customers can find your free business website.

Building a free business website that no one can’t find is worthless. So, if you don’t know anything about SEO, here’s a free lesson to introduce you to the importance of website SEO content.

Free Business Website Design

You only have 3 seconds to attract a website visitor’s attention. You must create a free business website that sells.

This can be achieved by design the free business website with powerful marketing appeal to attract customers attention.

A good website marketing content must include:
  • Online Business Purpose: The free business website must communicate the products, services or information that the customers want or need.
  • Call for Action: The free business website must lead customers to perform a task or take action.
  • Sell Your Expertise: The free business website must make customers believe in you, and only you have the best solution to their problems.
  • Targeted Customers: Your business cannot provide solutions to every problem. The free business website only sells to the right customers.
  • Keep It Simple: Don’t over design, and Don’t oversell. Focused on your expertise and value.

It is not difficult to build a free business website. You can launch one right now in less than 1 minute.

However, launching a successful free business website requires the right marketing strategies to achieve it’s business’ goals, make money online.

The planning and layout of the free business website are much more time consuming than the actual designing phase. A well and carefully plan is a factor in determining your free website business success.

Let review the strategies that require to build a free business website:

  1.  Always choose a free ads WordPress hosting platform for the free business website.
  2.  Select a web builder software with easy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) configuration to add SEO friendly contents to the free business website.
  3. Learn to incorporate marketing contents into the free business website design to convey a clear business purpose and guide customers into completing taken action, buying.

Following the steps above, you will be able to build a free business website that generates passive income online to support you and your family.

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