The Wealthy Affiliate Community

In 2018, Wealthy Affiliate has reached its leadership status as the #1 online entrepreneurs community with over 1 million members.

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate community, you are a member of an online supportive entrepreneur group that will help to build a successful online business. But is there any truth to this claim? 

You should investigate this community if you are planning to start your own online business. 

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate Community About?

This affiliate marketing community was founded in 2005 by two young entrepreneurs, Kyle and Carson, with the vision to connect and share their online success with like-minded individuals working hard to make money.

Today, this niche community has grown into a big family of over 1 million members strong. Wealthy Affiliate community has become a very reputable company in the affiliate marketing online training and education program.


This community provides all tools and training resources to help people learn the 4 steps of online affiliate marketing and building a successful niche business.

Wealthy Affiliate continues to evolve and innovate much faster than its competitors in the same industry.

Its free membership is a big hit among young entrepreneurs looking to start an online business with little or no investment. Many people come as a free member, but then quickly moved to premium as they realized the great opportunity of building a successful online business and the freedom of being their own boss.

This is an opportunity of a life. The door to success is opened. It is up to you to take that first step. Join the most successful affiliate marketing community online today, Get A FREE account and discover for yourself what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.


Wealthy Affiliate Owners

Wealthy Affiliate is currently a private company. Carson and Kyle still are the principal owners. This company does not have any plan to seek investors or going public soon. It seems the two principals will retain the ownership of the company for a little while.


Who are Kyle and Carson?wa kyle

They are the founders of the #1 affiliate training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. They launched this venture about 12 years ago. Kyle is currently the editor, moderator, and tutor at the Wealthy Affiliate program, while Carson is handling designs and architecture of the company.


wa carsonKyle and Carson scam?

They are currently an active member of the Wealthy Affiliate live chat room. You can talk and ask for their helps any time in the community board. All you have to do is get the Free account, then you can chat, email or read their personal bio, blog posts, and even sen them a private message. These guys are both available to help members all the time. This is what makes this company unique compared to its competitors.


My Wealthy Affiliate Website

To have a complete understanding of what Wealthy Affiliate about, you must visit the company’s website.

The company’s about webpage is the primary place where you can learn and discover a lot about company missions, goals, and purposes.

Wealthy Affiliate about page provides visitors with a lot of information about the program, people working at the company, contact information, and physical location. This is probably the best place to start to determine if Wealthy Affiliate company is scam or legitimate.

Legit companies will not hold back providing visitors with complete information on them. They want visitors to learn as much as they can.

It is also a great opportunity for the company to showcase its products and services. I Recommend you visit Wealthy Affiliate About’s page to find out what Wealthy Affiliate is about.


The most important thing you can do as a customer to avoid scams is to carefully study the company’s websites.

When you first arrived at the Wealthy Affiliate Website, you will see a sign-up form. Don’t just jump in and sign-up, take a moment to study what this company is about. Look at the web address and a quick overview of the site design.

A one-pager or a poorly designed website should give off a red flag as a scammer. A well-designed eCommerce website requires a lot of money, scammers never want to put that kind of money into such designing.

Look at Wealthy Affiliate website for yourself, you should be able to determine if is a scam or legit.


Wealthy Affiliate Community Board

Wealthy Affiliate recently switches from forum to the community board. This community board is what sets the company from its competitors.

The Wealthy Affiliate community board is a place for every active member, over 1 a million of them, to post personal blogs, ask training and technical questions, tell success stories, and network with other members.

The main features of this community board are live training, chat room, classrooms, help center, and all online business building tools.


To see and experience this active community board, I suggest you register for a free account to get unlimited access to this community. The community board is open to everyone that registered with Wealthy Affiliate, both free and premium members.

The Wealthy Affiliate community board is a great place for all online affiliate marketers.

It offers information for those who are brand new to making money online industry as well as those with years of experiences.

Experienced affiliate marketers may enjoy the benefits of sharing their success and tips with other Wealthy Affiliate members, while newbies can learn how to build an online business by interacting with experienced affiliate marketers.

This community board is really created for all online entrepreneurs to share, learn, support and help each other in the process of building a successful online business from scratch. This is what Wealthy Affiliate is about.


Yes, you are all invited to join and experience this unique and special Wealthy Affiliate community.

4 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Community”

  1. I’m happy I joined the wealthy affiliate program. It’s good to be in a community that cares and wants to see you succeed, unlike a lot of other companies, that hide behind their product. Kyles always active and he helps lots. You have full access to the owners. The community too, there always someone willing to help. I am glad that I found this program.

    • The Wealthy Affiliate community is what the company about. We agree with you that you can find help everywhere throughout the company. It is a special community that focuses on supporting online business owners. Thank you for your input.

  2. I agree with your review/assessment of wealthy affiliate. It’s a wonderful opportunity when you are given the option of taking a couple of the classes without paying a penny. They really put a lot of time and effort into this and I haven’t found anything quite like it. The classes are very easy to follow, my goodness, if I can follow the instructions and create a website and pictures and affiliate links, I believe anybody can! That is what Wealthy Affiliate About.
    Thanks for this info and great review of the program!

  3. Thank you for the vote of approval. We love a testimonial from a current member. It is an honor to us that you stop by. We heard a lot of wonderful things about Wealthy Affiliate program from business owners like you, just another average person building her dream online. Good luck to you Jennifer. Best wishes.


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