Free Long Tail Keyword Generator

The best free long tail keyword generator must not only generate long tail keyword suggestions but must also provide a detailed analysis of each search term to help bloggers or affiliate marketers understand the searchers’ intent.

Searcher’s intent is an essential element to achieve the greatest ranking and traffic from search engines.

The first step in creating ranked content is using a free longtail keyword generator to help with identifying the right long-tail keywords.

Finding the right long tail keywords is probably the most difficult and most important step of the content creation process.

The main reason behind this is that most free long tail keyword generator tools online only provide long tail keyword suggestions. It lacks the essential element of searchers’ intent.

Searcher intents articulate the exact mindset of a target audience while searching for contents, products or services online. This is why you need to know the Searcher’s Intent.

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What Is The Best Free Long Tail Keywords Generator?

A long tail keyword Generator is an online research tool to help content marketers in finding keywords.

A long tail keyword is search terms with a length of more than two or three words. Any search terms with less than three words are considered a short tail keyword or a head-term. 

Long tail keywords are less competitive, produce higher conversion rates and generate better free traffic to your website.

However, long tail keyword’s are very difficult to identify and manage. This is why the majority of free long tail keyword generators online do not perform well when it comes to identifying and generating good long tail keywords.

To get your content rank on search engines, you must use a long tail keyword generator to identify good long tail keywords. This tools must provide in-depth analysis of each long tail keyword term to help you understand the searcher’s intent.

Here’s an example, you can use the free long tail keyword generator below to compare with ubersuggest’s free keyword tool to see the difference between a great free long tail keyword generator vs. a keyword suggestion tool.

Just type in your long tail keyword to see the result.


Long Tail Keywords Effect On SEO

Long tail keywords are a search term that visitors used to find specific content, products, or services at the final stage when they are ready to take action.

The benefits of a long tail keyword are less competitive, more target, and much easier to rank. But, their search volume tends to be lesser. This mean visitor who finds your website is more likely to convert.

Long tail keyword helps to create content that targets a specific search term. As a result, your website will show up in Google search results and attract the right audience to the site.

The best method to improve search engine optimization (SEO) is to include long tail keyword’s in the title, meta descriptions, and in the content of the articles.

Remember, long tail keywords should only be used where it makes sense to the reader, avoid keyword’s stuffing.

Free Long Tail Keyword Generators vs.
Free Keyword Suggestion Tools

Many free keyword generators online provide long tail keyword suggestions, nothing more.

These tools are designed to suggest a different variation of the keywords, not necessarily mean ranking long tail keywords.

If you are only using keyword suggestion tools to create content, then don’t be surprised when some of your content is not ranked by Google or other search engines.

Free long tail keyword generators are different. They are designed to provide more information on each long tail keyword.

Good long tail keyword generator extracts long tail keywords from Google database, in real-time.

The long tail keyword is then presented in a detailed analysis to help content marketers in understanding the searcher’s intent.

Understanding searchers’ intent help writers to better incorporated the long tail keyword into the website contents, so it can be discovered by Google.

This SEO method has been proven to be the best times and times again by thousands of thriving online businesses and websites.

A free keyword tool that offers only keyword suggestions is not enough.

The Best Free Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool Online?

When evaluating a free long tail keyword generator tool online to purchase a subscription, you should only consider keyword tools that provide a detailed analysis of each search term, not just suggestion.

You want to deliver relevant content to searchers which in return Google will reward you with a higher ranking.

Let’s look at an example of a long tail keyword generator for free online, Jaaxy, to highlight the important information that needed to assist in identifying the visitors’ intent.

Here is the search result for “long tail keyword tool for free online”

keywords tool search

In this long tail keywords search, Jaaxy long tail keyword generator delivers both real-time Google long tail keyword suggestions and the following information to assist in evaluating each long tail keyword:

  • Average monthly search volume (Avg.): You want a long tail keyword with a high volume of search per month.
  • Quote Search Result (QSR): This provides insight into the level of competition for the keyword. This information is valuable because it helps you to determine your chance of landing on Google page #1.
  • Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI): This is the combination of Keyword Relevance + User Experience. This information tells you that if you create high-quality content, then people who see it will likely click on the content. This result in a higher rank.
  • SEO: This score gives insight into your SEO ranking possibility.
  • Traffic: This gives you an estimate the number of visitors to your website each month if you achieve 1st-page ranking on Google.

The level of detail analysis provides by Free Jaaxy long tail keyword generator can help a writer to better understand the searchers’ intent. This is the right way to create high quality, relevant, and ranking content for the website.

Long Tail Keyword Benefits

Long tail keyword provides so many benefits for content marketing.

However, most online bloggers and affiliate marketers avoid using the long tail keywords because of difficulty with finding and execution. ‘It’s just too darn hard to understand the real intent behind each search term’.

When using a free long tail keyword generator to research for long tail keywords, it is important to use a long tail keyword generator that provides detailed analysis on each search term to provide a better understanding of the searchers’ intent. The long tail keyword suggestion alone is not sufficient.

That’s why using a good free Long Tail Keywords Tool generator is the first step in creating SEO content.

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  1. Nice article about long tail keywords tool for free. Very instructive. I use Jaaxy already and I love it. I can tell you this, Jaaxy is one of the best keywords tool to use in finding a great long tail keyword for your content creation. I recommend everyone to use Jaaxy if you want to rank on Google.

    I wish you the best.

    • This long tail keywords tool Jaaxy was designed for affiliate marketers. I am glad that you confirm this. It is more powerful to have a confirmation from a real user that using the keywords tool every day in doing his online business. Thank you.

    • Yes, Jaaxy long tail keywords tool is excellent in finding great long tail keyword. Finding the right long tail keyword is about 80% for sure your content will be ranked in search engines. NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THIS!

  2. Great article about long tail keywords tool jaaxy, which affiliate marketer needs to do business if they want to rank in Google. You did a great review and everyone in this business should use Jaaxy. Once you use this long tail keywords tool, you will realize how powerful it is to help you create content that rank in search engines.

  3. I didn’t like this free long tail keywords tools Jaxxy much in the beginning, but slowly I see it has many advantageous over other keyword tools. I like that it provides a much more detailed results to help me write a better post. The best is Jaaxy Site Rank. It is also very useful to learn how your post performs in search engines.

    • The advantages that Jaaxy long tail keywords tool offer bloggers and affiliate marketer are unreal. You will not appreciate it powers until you are using the keywords tool to write. With so much knowledge and details of the keyword you are choosing, you can better plan, research and write your post.


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