Is Field Agent App Legit Or A Scam – Field Agent App Review

The gig economy has offered us many ways to make money online from the comfort of our home.

Field Agent App is one of them. This mobile app allows you to earn some extra cash by completing small tasks for companies.

You are reading this Field Agent App review because you have just discovered this opportunity.

People seem to be excited about the Field Agent App when they first discovered the opportunity.

But the excitement quickly faded as people discovered it was not easy to make money with Field Agent.

Now, I am not saying Field Agent App is not legit or a scam.

The problem that you have with these gig mobile apps is ‘Competitions.’

Those that have done Online Surveys For Cash will understand the ‘Competitions’ problem.

If you are new to the idea of making money online, this Field Agent App review is a great way to get started.

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Field Agent App Review Summary

Name: Field Agent App

Business Type: Money App

Investment: Free

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  • Field Agent is a mobile app that allows people to make money by completing small jobs, which call ‘Missions’.
  • The app is free. You must download the app to your Android or ISO devices and set up an account to apply for the missions.
  • Most jobs involve taking pictures and in-store surveys such as mystery shopping, retail store audits, or market research.
  • One simple mission can take anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes to complete, and it pays between $3 to $15.
  • However, most missions require you to be present at the store. This means you must travel from locations to locations. You cannot perform these jobs at home.
  • There aren’t enough jobs offered on the Field Agent app. When there’s one, you have to compete with hundreds or even thousands of people for that same job.
  • Most missions are completed within seconds. The person gets to the store first, gets the job.
  • Yes, Field Agent App is legit, not a scam. But the competition makes it impossible to make money.
  • How fast can you travel from one location to another to make enough money for the gas?
  • Don’t waste your time with the Field Agent app. It is not a good option to make money from home.


What Is Field Agent App?

Field Agent App is a free mobile app that allows people to make money performing small gigs known as ‘MISSION’.

These small missions normally take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Payment for a completed mission is between $2 to $15 depending on the complexity of the task.

Field Agent app missions are mostly involved with market research such as in-store audits or mystery shoppers.

Most Field Agent jobs require you to be at the location to complete the missions. Travel from locations to locations is part of the gig.

Another challenge is getting the job. The competition is fierce, and there aren’t a lot of missions available. You are lucky if you can get 1 mission within 24 hours.

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How Much Does Field Agent App Cost?

Field Agent App is free. The app works with both Android and ISO devices.

The registration process is simple. You download the Field Agent App, then register for an account to search for missions.

You will be asked to provide a few profile questions. Especially, the locations or geographic areas that you are willing to accept jobs.

But before you can accept a mission, you must complete the screener jobs. These jobs pay nothing. They are designed as training sessions to prepare you for the missions.

Download the app is free. But completing a job is not.

You are responsible to pay for your own transportation between locations to perform each mission.

You must be the first person to arrive at the mission location to get the job. If you are not, you earn nothing. You pay for the gas. This is the first cost of joining Field Agent.

The other cost is your driving times. You drive around town all day to compete for a job. You don’t get paid for these hours.

After all, Field Agent is not free.

Listen, there are better ways to make money online without leaving your home or traveling around the city all day.

I launched my Affiliate Marketing business for less than $300. Yes, I have to work. But I work from the comfort of my home with my laptop. There’s no need to drive around the city and compete for a job. I earn over $100k each year.

You can follow the link above to discover my personal process to financial success. It will help you see why Field Agent App is not an ideal opportunity to earn some extra cash.

How Does Field Agent App Work?

The first step is downloading the Field Agent App on to your Android or ISO devices.

You are required to register for an account as a new Agent.

The registration process is simple and requires some basic personal information.

Once the account is set up, you are ready to compete for a mission.

Inside your account, you can alert to notify you of missions available in your selected area.

Depend on where you live, big cities have more jobs. Rural areas can see days without a mission.

Then you have to be the first at the location to get the job.

Field Agent App is more of a hype. It is not designed for you to make money.

Can You Make Money with Field Agent App?

Yes, you cannot make money with Field Agent App. But it’s not enough for a cup of coffee.

The two biggest problems with Field Agent are: job availability and be the first to complete the job.

It is normal to go for days without a mission available in your selected area.

When a job offer is available, you are competing against thousands of people. Most jobs disappear within seconds.

You are not going to make $15 every 30 minutes. It’s more like making $3 every week or even month.

I know you can make money, and Field Agent App is not a scam. But for $3 per week, do you want this job?

Is Field Agent App Legit or A Scam?

I can tell you that Field Agent App is legit. It is a data collecting or a field marketing research company.

The purpose of this app is to help companies, majority retail stores, to quickly hire a mystery shopper or someone to evaluate their stores.

The easiest way to verify an app legit is by looking at the payment requirements.

You can request a payment from Field Agent when your account has $1. This is the only requirement.

You can get paid with a PayPal or Dwolla account.

A simple option to verify if Field Agent App is legit is by reading reviews.

Online reviews offer real peoples’ experiences with Field Agent App. You can quickly find out Field Agent App is not scam.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online businesses to expose scams.

I can verify that Field Agent App is legit. But you will not make a lot of money with this app, not enough for a cup of coffee.

Is Field Agent App Worth It?

Field Agent App sounds exciting and worth a try.

But after your first missions, you will find this app is a waste of time.

There are enough jobs to go around. When one becomes available, you have less than 2 seconds to accept the mission.

You can be wasting hours or days to compete for a job.

Why wasting your time with a Field Agent App just to earn a few bucks?

Do you want to make some serious money online from home?

Let think about it,

Why do you want to make money?

To earn extra cash, be your own boss, or quick your corporate job?

But to make money, you look for a legit opportunity that pays a consistent income.

Field Agent App is legit, but earning is not consistent.

To be honest,

You want to join an online opportunity that generates long-term incomes.

You want to make money far into the future, not just for a few dollars here and there. Isn’t this the #1 reason you search and join a legit online opportunity?

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There is no consistent or long-term income with Field Agent App. This is not an ideal opportunity to make money.

There are many legit online business opportunities that you can make a full-time income from home today, or even more.

I choose This #1 Business Opportunity to build my fortune. Yes, I have to invest time and effort into this opportunity. But the income is consistent.

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Before joining the Field Agent App, I invite you to read “What I Do Every Day To Make Money Online”.

I hope this Field Agent App review answers your question, is Field Agent App legit or a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your Field Agent App experience below.

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