IM Mastery Academy Review: Unknown Secrets About IM Mastery Academy

Once upon a time, this company was fined $150,000 and declared illegitimate by the CFTC, a scam.

IM Mastery Academy becomes legit by simply changing its marketing strategy.

The company discontinued promoting itself as a currencies exchange advisory (FRX) platform. It’s now a financial educator, teaching the art of trading FRX and digital currencies (DCX).

The company offers the same products under the same MLM business model.

Do you think IM Mastery Academy is legit?

I will share with you my answer in this IM Mastery Academy review.

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IM Mastery Academy Review Summary

Name: IM Mastery Academy

Business Type: MLM

Investments: $15

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  • IM Mastery Academy offers members two ways to make money, learning to trade currencies, or joining the MLM business.
  • Most people lose money trading currencies. Over 99% of MLM business owners make no money.
  • The best option to make money with IM Mastery Academy is promoting the MLM opportunity, not the Forex trading.
  • IM Mastery Academy is not a good place to learn forex trading. This is an MLM opportunity.


What Is IM Mastery Academy?

IM Mastery Academy is an MLM company operating an educational platform teaching people how to trade in Forex trading.

This platform offers more than 200 video lessons from 120 plus educators in 8 different languages.

You can join the IM Mastery Academy as a customer or as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) to make money from home.

IM Mastery Academy was launched in September 2019 by Christopher Terry and Isis De LA Torre.

This company was a reincarnation of another MLM known as iMarketsLive (IML).

iMarketsLive was shut down in March 2018 by the CTFC for operating as an illegal Forex trading platform.

Today, IM Mastery Academy is a financial education platform with over 220,000 members promoting the program worldwide.

IM Mastery Academy is nothing more than an MLM company selling worthless videos about the Forex market.

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IM Mastery Academy Forex Products

IM Mastery Academy offers training, mentorship, and tools to help you make money trading currencies.

The company most popular service is the goLIVE

goLIVE IM Mastery Academy

This is a live training platform with a mentorship program.

“The platform allows members to follow one of the 120 plus professional forex traders watching them trade live in the market. You can ask them questions about their trading styles and strategies to advance your knowledge in real-time.”

According to many online customer reviews, goLIVE is just marketing hype.

You will learn the basics of forex trading and nothing more.

The program is a training platform for the company’s MLM program.

Your mentor will pressure you into recruiting and building a team to earn residual incomes, not teaching you how to trade currencies.

Besides goLIVE, IM Mastery Academy offers these trading tools for an additional fee of $21.95 each:

IM Mastery Academy Harmonics

This tool helps you to identify potential reversals in the market. It provides powerful market insight & analysis for you to earn big.

IM Mastery Academy Delorean

It helps analyze the forex market to discover the right trading strategies and styles for you. It helps you make better trading decisions.

IM Mastery Academy Vibrata

It provides multiple training strategies for you to make money. You only have to execute these trading ideas, nothing more.

IM Mastery Academy Levels

This tool identifies entry and exit points to help you maximize profits and minimize losses.

IM Mastery Academy GoldCup

This tool compares multiple trading strategies to identify the most profitable trade ideas.

IM Mastery Academy Steady

This tool allows you to find long-term profitable trading opportunities which you can set and forget.

IM Mastery Academy BounceBack

This tool helps you get back into the market at the right time.

IM Mastery Academy SwipeTrades

This forex trade app allows you to receive real-time market info and trade ideas.

IM Mastery Academy Pivots

This tool alert the price movement. It notifies you when the price is about to go up or down on the trading chart.

IM Mastery Academy Liberty

This tool helps you discover the most profitable Binary Options trading using Liberty.

Is IM Mastery Academy An MLM?

Yes, IM Mastery Academy is an MLM operating a financial education platform about the forex market.

You can join this MLM company IBO program to earn commissions by selling their products and building a team.

IM Mastery Academy used the MLM business model to sell various forex trading tools and training videos. The same products were offered by an illegal MLM, iMarketsLive.

Many IBOs have complained that the forex lessons and tools are useless. The only way for them to make money is by promoting the IM Mastery Academy MLM program.

Is IM Mastery Academy A Pyramid Scheme?

IM Mastery Academy is a pyramid scheme. This company sells a fake dream where the profit doesn’t come from trading, but from recruiting.

A legit MLM becomes a pyramid scheme when the product is used to disguise a lucrative recruiting scheme.

Most IBOs of IM Mastery Academy do not make money from forex trading. They make their profits from recruiting others to join.

Numerous online customer reviews tell us that IM Mastery Academy trading tools and lessons are basic and useless.

IM Mastery Academy uses the goLIVE forum to encourage members to recruit more IBOs.

The reason IBOs purchase the products is for the opportunity to recruit and earn commissions.

IM Mastery Academy products offer no benefit or value to IBOs. This MLM is a pyramid scheme.

How To Join IM Mastery Academy?

You have to join IM Mastery Academy as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) to earn commissions.

You need a sponsor to open an IBO account. You can easily find a sponsor by searching online or on social media sites.

There is a fee to join Mastery IM Academy MLM.

IM Mastery Academy IBO

As an IM Mastery Academy IBO, you are given the right to sell products and build a sales organization.

IBO commissions are outlined in the IM Mastery Academy compensation plan which is the same as the iMarketsLive.

You are not required to purchase a starter pack. But to receive the commissions, you must buy the most expensive pack. I’ll explain this in the next section of this IM Mastery Academy review.

IM Mastery Academy Cost

The cost to join Mastery IM Academy IBO is a $16.71 enrollment fee with a monthly renewal of $16.71 to keep your business active.

You may also purchase one of the 5 starter packs instead of the IBO Academy.

  • The Elite Academy Starter pack costs $325 to enroll with $274.95 per month.
  • The Forex (FRX) Academy pack costs $234.95 to enroll and $174.95 per month.
  • The High-Frequency (HFX) Academy pack costs $234.95 to enroll and $174.95 per month.
  • The Digital Currency (DCX) Academy pack costs $234.95 to enroll and $174.95 per month.
  • The ECX Academy pack costs $234.95 to enroll and $174.95 per month.

You can launch an IBO by purchasing the IBO Academy pack. However, you do not qualify for commissions.

You must meet the monthly minimum sales volume and recruiting requirements to receive commissions.

The only way to satisfy the monthly sales volume requirement is by purchasing one of the IM Mastery Academy packs.

The best pack to earn commissions is the Elite Academy. I’ll explain this in the compensation section of this review.

Do you see the marketing trick here?

Yes, you are not required to purchase a starter pack to participate in this MLM business. But you must be qualified to receive the commissions.

I hate MLM because of this. The personal sales volume requirement is designed to force you to purchase an IM Mastery Academy pack.

Think about it.

Why do you have to pay Mastery IM Academy $274.95 every month for the opportunity to promote and sell its products?

IM Mastery Academy should be paying you.

As an Affiliate Marketer, companies pay me to promote their products online.

The monthly personal sales volume is used by MLM companies to convert independent business owners into loyal customers. You should read our discussion on MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing to learn more.

IM Mastery Academy Compensation Plan Review

IM Mastery Academy claims its compensation plan offers 6 ways to make money.

Well, this is an MLM. There are only two real ways: sell products or build a team.

IM Mastery Academy compensation plan uses both the unilevel and binary to pay out commissions. It’s easy to understand. I’ll explain the main parts of this plan to simplify the entire compensation calculation.

The commissions are determined based on your rank. You need to know the IM Mastery Academy compensation ranks to understand how the payout works.

IM Mastery Academy Ranks

IM Mastery Academy compensation plan has 11 ranks. Recruits start at the lowest rank and work their way up.

You must meet the rank requirements to get promoted and earn rank bonuses.

Here are the ranks:


Rank bonuses are only paid to the Platinum 2000 Rank and above.


Once you understand the IM Mastery Academy payout ranks, it’s much easier to discuss the commissions.

IM Mastery Academy Products Commissions

Every time you or your team members sold a starter pack, you earn a commission called “Platinum Bonus.”

This bonus pays up to 3 levels and is based on your rank.


Level 1

  • Every time you sell one of the 4 Platinum packs, you receive a $25 bonus.
  • When you have sold or your team member upgraded to the Elite Academy pack, you earn $50 commission.

Level 2

  • You must achieve the Platinum 600 Rank or above to qualify for this bonus.
  • Someone on your level 2 sold a starter pack. You would earn $12 commission on the Elite and a $10 commission on the Platinum packs.

Level 3

  • You must be at the Platinum 1000 Rank or above to receive this bonus.
  • Your team member in level 3 sold a starter pack. You would earn $7 commission on the Elite, and $5 commission on the Platinum Pack.

I hope you can see that it’s not easy to make a lot of money selling IM Mastery Academy products.

If you want to receive all the commissions from product sales, you must recruit or build levels 2 and 3.

Team commissions are the primary option to make money with MLM.

IM Mastery Academy Residual Commissions

The IM Mastery Academy compensation plan payouts the residual commissions weekly.

A flat residual commission is determined based on your rank.

You must meet all the rank requirements to receive the weekly guarantee residual check.

The residual commission starts at $37.50 per week to $125,000 per week.

Below is the IM Mastery Academy residual income schedule.

IM Mastery Academy residual income

New IBOs start at Platinum 150.

To earn the $37 per week residual commissions, you must recruit 3 team members with a monthly personal sales volume (PSV) of 435.

You advance to the rank of Platinum 600 when you have 12 recruits and 1740 PSV per month. Your weekly residual commission is $150.

You can work your way up to the rank of Chairman 500 and earn $125,000 per week residuals.

There are leadership bonuses and incentives that you can earn which I am not going to discuss in this IM Mastery Academy review. They are not easy to achieve. You should look at the IM Mastery Academy compensation plan to learn more.

I hope you can see this compensation plan is designed to force you to purchase products.

Once you join the IM Mastery Academy, you are committed to paying the monthly subscription fee for the opportunity to earn commissions.

The earning potential with the IM Mastery Academy is impressive. But there is a big flaw that might expose IM Mastery Academy as a scam. I’ll talk about this in the next section.

If you are looking for a legit work-from-home opportunity, I invite you to read how I make money every day online.

Is IM Mastery Academy Legit?

IM Mastery Academy is not legit. The problem is in the compensation plan. IBOs are purchasing products for the opportunity to make money from the recruits and nothing more. The products that they purchase have little or no value to them.

Let go back and look at the residuals schedule.

  • You convince 3 people to join and each purchase a starter pack. Each starter pack generates 150 PSV. Now you qualify for the Platinum 150 Rank with 3 recruits and 435 PSV (150 x3). You get paid $35 per week from the $174.95 monthly fees collected from each recruit.
  • Then you help the 3 each to recruit 3 people. Now your team has 12 members with 1,800 PSV. You advance to Platinum 600 with a $150 weekly paycheck.

You don’t need to sell products to make money. The educational products are used to disguise a lucrative recruiting scheme.

You can replace the products with a broken sink and this MLM still works.

IM Mastery Academy is a scam, not a legit MLM.

IM Mastery Academy BBB Complaints

There are numerous complaints against IM Mastery Academy (iMarketsLIve) with the BBB regarding the company products.

Here’s an example from the BBB complaint file. You can visit the IM Mastery Academy BBB web page
to read more.


These complaints filed with the BBB tell us that IM Mastery Academy is not about trading. This business is all about recruiting and more recruiting.

As a Business Review writer, I have evaluated hundreds of home-based and MLM business opportunities to expose scams.

I believe IM Mastery Academy is a pyramid scheme. This MLM opportunity is not legit.

Final Review of IM Mastery Academy Company

IM Mastery Academy is not a place to learn forex trading.

This MLM is set up to recruit people into a pyramid scheme. The lessons and trading tools are used to hide an illegal business.

If you are looking for a legit home business opportunity, you need to ask yourself these questions.

Why do you want to start a business?

To make money, right?

But to make money you need to invest in a legit and profitable business opportunity.

IM Mastery Academy is neither legit nor profitable.

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I hope this IM Mastery Academy review answers your question, is IM Mastery Academy legit?

Until next time.

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