How To Get Rich – Living The American Dream

American is the land of opportunities. But what on earth does this means?

Many people interpreted this to mean: ‘If you work hard, you will get rich.’

This is not true. I know many people work 70 to 80 hours a week, but they are still BROKE.

So, working hard is not how to get rich!

Do you want to know how to get rich and live the American dream?

There’re only three ways for people can get rich.

  1. Inherent Wealth
  2. Win the lottery
  3. Self-made Wealth

Today we will talk about how to get rich from nothing.

We call these people Self-made Millionaires.

But working hard doesn’t make you rich, then what can you do to get rich?

The answer will surprise you.

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How to Get Rich Not Working Hard

You must have a certain level of intelligence to become rich.

If you are not smart, smart people will take advantage of you to make themselves rich. That‘s what rich people do. They don’t work hard, they take advantage of other peoples’ hard works to get rich.

When I say work smart, I am not talking about the 7 levels of smarts that scientists have discovered. You don’t even need these 7 levels of smarts to get rich. You just need these two: Be Super Intelligent or Be The Best At What You Do.

Many of us are not super intelligent. This is a gift at the time of birth. You either born super intelligent, a PRODIGY, or not.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a prodigy to get rich. If you are a super talent you can skip this section and read how to get-rich-quick with your talent.

For these rest of us, the average intelligent people here’s how to get rich.

How to Get Rich from Nothing

We know that the way to get rich is not working hard but working smart.

The term working smart doesn’t mean you have to be intelligent either.

Working Smart Means Be The Best At What You Do!

If you become the best in your profession, you will get rich because companies and people will pay top dollars to learn from you. Don’t believe me, look around you. The best people working at your company are in the management positions and get paid the most.

Those working hard, clocking in 70 to 80 hours per week, get paid minimum wages and never get rich.

So, if you want to get rich, change the way you work, Start Working Smart.

OK, it’s easy to say, but how can someone work smart?

To become a smart worker, you need to learn from the best. Or use my model, copy what the bests do!

To Get Rich, Copy What Rich People Do!

When I started out looking for ways to make money online, I spent nights and days working on building my website. I worked hard but had nothing to show. My first online business went under within the first year.

This failure leads to a big discovery. This is when I realized that working hard doesn’t result in success or get you rich.

I went online and conducted research on how people get rich from nothing by reading stories of self-made millionaires and billionaires. I discovered one important thing that made these people get rich from nothing.

They follow the business model that makes others rich.

Let me give you an idea.

I want to get rich as an online blogger.

I thought to become a rich blogger all I had to do was published lots and lots of stories and articles. I worked hard producing articles for my first blog. I earned nothing, A TOTAL FAILURE!

After following other rich bloggers, I quickly realize that no one will pay me to write. To make money, I must know what to do with the articles after I have written them.

So, I study what other rich bloggers do with their blog. I discover a business model that they all follow to make money online. I call this: ‘The 4 Steps to Make Money Online.

One of the most important steps of this business model is monetizing the blog.

With my first blog, I did not know that I must monetize the blog to make money. So, I just wrote and wrote.

After I learn and apply the same business model that every rich blogger uses to make money online, within 6 months, my blog when from nothing to generate over $7,000 a month.

That is how I get rich from nothing.

Why I Choose Blogging to Get Rich

There are a lot of online business opportunities, but most of them required a substantial amount of investment.

When I started out, I didn’t have a lot of money. I only had $200 to invest.

To be honest, the cheapest online business is blogging. But I lost everything with my first blog site.

Well, you can start a blog for free and work your way up. I did just that. This is truly a business opportunity to get rich from nothing.

If you want to get rich from nothing, then following the business model that I have used. I suggest you start with these 10 Free Lessons to learn how it works.

You need to copy the exact method that layout in these free lessons. If you do this, you will become successful and get rich.

You can also read my article on ‘The Business Model That Make Me A Millionaire,’ or check out my professional profile to connect with me if you need help to get rich.

How to Get Rich Quick With Your Talent

Now, for the super talent or the PRODIGY, here’s how to get-rich-quick with your talent.

Don’t listen to people telling you that you cannot get-rich-quick.

If you are super talented, you don’t need to copy the rich people.

You just need to get discover to get rich. But to get discovered, you need to show your talent to the world.

There are two options for you to show your talent: Online or On TV.

Get Rich Quick On Social Media Sites

Let the world know your talent through social media networks.

All you have to do is create a video, don’t have to be professional, to show your talent, then post them on social media.

After posting on the social media networks, you will need the help of your friends and family to share the video and ask others to share your video as well.

When people on social media see your talent, they will share with more people. This creates a social viral that will like land you a lucrative opportunity with a company or talent agency.

Here are a few Free Lessons on how to get social with your talent to help you get started.

Get Rich Quick On TV

You can use the TV talent shows to get rich by auditioning or a spot with American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Shark Tank, or the new TV show The World’s Best.

The opportunities for the super talent to get-rich-quick is getting easier and easier with these TV talent shows.

You can get discover overnight and become millionaires.

But to get rich, you must show your talent to the world.

I have listed all the venue for you to get rich, all you have to do is go to the audience. If you are truly talented, you will get-rich-quick. This is true, and you see it.

Finally, How To Get Rich and Living The American Dream?

Those of us who are not a prodigy, start doing what rich people do to get rich.

Don’t take the phrase “doing what rich people do” to mean address like the rich, spending like the rich, living like the rich when you have nothing.

Doing what rich people do’ means the activities that make them rich, Work Smart!

The smartest way to get rich is following the business model that makes people rich. Here’s one:

Launch a Blog and follow these 10 Free Lessons to get rich.

For the super talented people, start showing your talent to the world. You have the internet and the TV shows, use them to get rich.

For those born into wealth and have won the lottery, start enjoying your riches and live the American dream.

Are you one of the rich people reading this post? Share with us how you get rich.

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