Clickbank University Review – A Scam, Deception, or Legit Business

Clickbank University founded in 2013 with the purposes of providing online training to both affiliate marketers and vendors (business owners).

Today, this training platform is very famous within the making money online community. Many entrepreneurs have made millions with this program, however, many more losing everything with it.

As a result, many online entrepreneurs label Clickbank University as a scam. While others, claim to find online financial success with this university. Whose is right? Or whose is wrong?

OnlinBzDog has received numerous inquiries from our readers regarding the legitimacy of Clickbank University. As a result, I am writing this comprehensive Clickbank University review to assist you in the process of making an informed business decision.

Since this is a business review, I will follow the rule of the fundamental steps to affiliate marketing to analyze Clickbank University. These business rules are the foundation of every online business. You will have difficulty making money online if one of the fundamental steps is missing.

I suggest downloading a copy of my ‘Guide To Make Money Online‘ to read along with this Clickbank University Review to gain more knowledge about this online business opportunity.

What is Clickbank University?
A Clickbank University Review

Clickbank University is a spin-off from the Clickbank marketplace. To understand the university training programs, we must first visit the Clickbank marketplace.

Clickbank marketplace is an affiliate platform to connect vendors (businesses) with affiliate marketers. For many years, Clickbank has been known as a place for vendors to sell digital products and for affiliate marketers to make a huge commission selling these digital products.

One thing that makes Clickbank marketplace different from other affiliate program is that you don’t have to be a business to join as a vendor, anyone pays the $49.95 fee is a vendor. This is why the Clickbank marketplace is also famous for promoting junk products.

After many years of operating the Marketplaces, Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan recognized that their program needs to provide some type of training to teach people how to create a digital product and selling it online. Bingo, Clickbank University was formed in 2013.

Clickbank University was formed to teach members how to become vendors. This is the original idea. As time goes on, the university also adds training on to affiliate marketing to help members make more online income through selling other members’ digital products, this is called Clickbank University 2.0.

Clickbank University and Clickbank marketplace operate as one unit. The university was designed to make more money for vendors and Clickbank. This is why when you join Clickbank University, you can only promote Clickbank Marketplace products and services.

Clickbank University training programs

After the update of Clickbank University 2.0, the training programs now have two tracks. The original training lessons for vendors, new training lessons for affiliate marketers.

Clickbank University training programs are running in group lessons. A Clickbank student must finish each group of lessons before the next group is unlocked. It was designed to ensure students follow every lesson and not skipping around. This locking feature is the most complaint issues about Clickbank.

Let’s look at each training program separately:

Vendors Training Program

This training program has 10 modules, and it takes 12 weeks to complete. They are designed to turn ordinary people into digital product producers. These lessons cover a wide range of topics, and they are very informative.

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Here are the topics that Justin Atlan will cover in this 10 module vendor training program:

  1. It starts with product research and development: these are introductory lessons to guide vendors through the process of finding and identifying a profitable niche to design or launch their digital products.
  2. Your first products: this is the actual process of creating a real digital product to offer to Clickbank customers.
  3. Product packaging and design: in these lessons, vendors will learn how to design and package the digital products to make them more attractive and appealing to the target audience.
  4. Design a sale page or squeeze page: this also knows as a landing page. You will learn how to use the Clickbank web builder to design your landing page to promote your digital product.
  5. Converting visitors into paying customers: this covers the process of a sales funnel, and how to create one.
  6. Product pricing: these lessons cover initial pricing for your digital product and including up-sell techniques to get the maximum revenue from each customer.
  7. Generating traffic for your sale page: these lessons only cover traffic generating technique through building an email list for email marketing. There is no lesson on organic traffic, or search engine traffics.
  8. Getting approved for Clickbank marketplace: here you will learn how to put in the final touch to get your digital product ready to be included in the Clickbank marketplace.
  9. Maximize revenue through the Clickbank joint venture: this refers to the Clickbank affiliate program, vendor partnership, and Clickbank marketplace. Vendors will learn how to use these partnership programs to drive sales for their digital products.
  10. Expanding your Clickbank business: these are final lessons on product promotions, services, and supports, then on expanding your Clickbank business by creating more digital products.

That is a quick overview of the vendor training program. If you have a product or professional skills that you can offer online, I recommend you join Clickbank University Vendor Training Program. This program is specifically designed for you.

I will cover more on what type of product or services that you can offer with Clickbank marketplace later below. You can also click here to skip ahead.

Clickbank University Affiliate Program

This training module runs for 8 weeks. It covers the basic of to affiliate marketing, earning commission by selling other Clickbank vendors’ products.

Clickbank University does not call this to affiliate marketing training. This is labeled as a Clickbank Affiliate Commission System. It is designed to teach members ways to make money online with Clickbank marketplace without the need to create a product.

Clickbank University does not have an affiliate marketing training program. This program was never designed for affiliate marketers. It was designed for vendors.

From this point on, I will follow Clickbank University and call this ‘Clickbank Affiliate Commission System,’ or Clickbank affiliate program.

You can use these lessons to learn basic affiliate marketing. To earn serious money online, you need a real affiliate training program that design specifically for affiliate marketers. This program is my #1 recommendation.

Here are the lessons that Clickbank University used to explain its affiliate program.

  1. Intro: You begin with an introduction to the Clickbank affiliate program.
  2. Basic email list building: these lessons cover how important an email list, and how to make a commission by promoting Clickbank products and services through email marketing.
  3. Building a landing page website: this is similar to vendor training. You learn how to build a squeeze page, not a website. You can only promote Clickbank products with these squeeze pages.
  4. Email capturing: here you learn how to use your landing pages to capture visitors email to use as part of your email marketing program.
  5. Managing your email list: these lessons cover the basic of email lists, and how to build trust with customers using email marketing.
  6. Driving targeted traffic: this module gives you a little more in depth about using email marketing to promote Clickbank products to a targeted group of customers.
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These training lessons are basically to provide an overview of the Clickbank University affiliate program, not an affiliate training program.

This is a classic misunderstand the differences between an Affiliate Marketing Program and Affiliate Marketing Training Program.

An affiliate marketing program is a system for vendors (businesses) to sell its products by signing up affiliates to promote the company’s products for a commission.

An affiliate marketing training program is an online educational platform teaching the business techniques of earning money online through to affiliate marketing.

This little misunderstanding has cost lots of people to lose their investment.

Can I make money online with Clickbank University?

Yes, you can make money with Clickbank University. The truth is many people have made millions with Clickbank programs. This is a legit online business opportunity.

There are two ways to make money with Clickbank University. You can become a vendor, or you can become a Click bank affiliate. These two online business programs are totally different from each other.

In this section, I will explain the differences to help you make the most money online with Clickbank University.

Make money as a Clickbank vendor

Vendors are people having products or services to sell to the public, and they want to sell them using Clickbank affiliates.

You don’t have to have a product to become a Clickbank vendor. This program will teach you how to create your own digital product.

You can use Clickbank University vendor training program to learn how to create a digital product such as an eBook, training videos, educational videos, games, and mobile apps.

This is a great training program to make money online by turning professional skills or hobbies into a digital product then market it to the world. For $49.95 per month, Clickbank University is the best program for this.

Make money as a Clickbank affiliate

Clickbank marketplace is a popular platform for experienced affiliate marketers to make money online. It is a place that pays the highest commission. You should join this program to expand your online business and income.

Again,Clickbank is not an affiliate marketing training program.

An affiliate marketing training program must teach the following: choosing and designing a niche business website, creating and writing ranked contents, traffic generating from both paid resources and organic resources, and the last step is monetizing the business website.

For beginners, I recommend that you learn all the affiliate marketing business before joining Clickbank University affiliate program. This is the only way to make money with Clickbank marketplace. Start your to affiliate marketing training first.

Many online Clickbank University reviews call Clickbank University a Scam because they do not understand the purpose of this training program. This university is designed to train vendors, not affiliate marketers.

You can make millions with Clickbank University vendor training program, but you cannot get rich using the Clickbank University affiliate program as an affiliate marketing training program.

The Clickbank University affiliate program is for experienced affiliate marketers. If you are new or just starting out, don’t waste your money and time on this program. You need to learn affiliate marketing first before joining Clickbank. This is the best way to make money online with affiliate marketing.

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