How To Pronounce Niche? – The Niche Pronunciation

Blogging online for many years, I have heard “Niche” pronounced in so many different variations that make me wondering, which is correct?

Have you ever thought about this?

How to Pronounce Niche?

The dictionaries offer three pronunciations for ‘Niche.’ You can pronounce as ‘Nitch, Nish, or Neesh.’ These are all correct but depend on where or what region you from.

So, according to the dictionary, when I say “Nitch”, It is correct, because I am an American.

Where you live apparently determines your niche pronunciation.

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History of The Word ‘Niche’

The word ‘Niche’ has a French origin, deriving from the French word ‘Quiche.’ The French pronounce ‘Keesh.’

Many people choose to use the French pronunciation as a more correct way to pronounce niche. They pronounce Niche as ‘Neesh’ borrowing the ‘eesh’ from French ‘Keesh.’

The Americans, seem to be the only country in the world, choose to pronounce Niche as ‘Nitch’. I am unable to find any information on the history of this pronunciation. I don’t know why Americans choose ‘Nitch’ over ‘Nish’.

There you have it, the brief history of the word Niche. You can choose to pronounce niche as ‘Neesh’ to incorporate the French origin of the word, or you can adopt the American ‘Nitch’ pronunciation use mostly by American English speakers.

Countries with heavy French influence such as Australia, Part of Canada, UK, and Ireland pronounce it as ‘neesh.’

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Countries with strong US English influence pronounce as ‘nitch.’

Either neesh or nitch is correct. Stop laughing at other niche pronunciation!

Who Uses Niche and Talk About Niche Every Day?

Niche is often used and talked about in online business communities.

You will encounter various ‘niche’ pronunciations amount online entrepreneurs. Some pronounce ‘nitch market’ while others pronounce ‘neesh market.’

If you are starting an online business or learning to become a blogger, don’t worry so much about the pronunciation of niche.

The right or wrong pronunciation has nothing to do with your business success.

Focusing on the business concept of finding a profitable niche, the right way to building a niche website.

I have online entrepreneurs who told me that they would not listen or watch a training video if the presenter pronounced ‘Niche’ wrong. I don’t understand the business reason behind this decision.

Are you learning to build a niche business or learning to pronounce the word niche?

Pronouncing ‘Niche’ correctly has nothing to do with launching a successful niche business or blog.

Building a niche blog requires more than pronouncing ‘Niche’ correctly.

The 4 Steps to Build a Niche Business does not require the correct pronounce of ‘Niche’.

I can assure you this, you will encounter all the different pronunciations of niche learning these 4 areas of the niche business.

If you decide to only learn from presenters who pronounce ‘nitch’ not ‘neesh’ or vice verses, then you will never be able to build a successful online business.

The main reason that online business owners go after niche markets because is much easier to make profits and manage.

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Take Amazon, this online retailer was launched as a niche business, selling books. If Amazon started offering everything from A to Z on day one, it might not be here today.

The internet has changed our understanding of niche businesses.

We no longer view ‘Niche’ as a small segment of a market.

There is nothing small about an online niche business. Some niche market worth over billions of dollars. One such niche is Affiliate Marketing.

Since this discussion is about ‘Niche’ pronunciation, I will not give full detail of the affiliate marketing niche.

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Look, there is no right or wrong way to pronounce ‘Niche.’ How you pronounce niche depends on where you from.

I pronounce ‘Niche’ as ‘Nitch.’ What about you?

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