What Is A Walmart Rollback – The Walmart Cashback Secret

I visit Walmart all the time in search of cheap products. A few days ago, I was with a friend, and she found a beautiful dress with the Walmart Rollback Price. She told me: ‘This one is on sale, let get it!’ I said ‘NO’, Rollback doesn’t mean a sale or discount at Walmart.

My friend looked at me and ask, what do you mean? Then what does a ‘Walmart Rollback Means’ to you?

A Walmart Rollback simply means the price is lower back to the last previous price. If you want to know if the price is on sale or not, you must know the most recent price before the rollback.

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You know, I shop at Walmart so much to understand all the Walmart marking tricks. ‘A Walmart Price Rollback’ is one of those marketing gimmicks. Many customers thought ‘rollback’ to mean ‘Sale Price.’ Walmart knows this, and they love to use it to convince customers to purchase certain items.

Many Walmart customers are told that Walmart uses price rollback sell overstocks, out of season, or products that do not sell well. However, this is not true. Sometimes, a Walmart Rollback is actually a price increase. Allow me to explain.

Walmart Rollback Can Means ‘Price Increase’

The marketing strategy behind the Walmart rollback is to advise consumers that the items are being offered at an earlier price which was lower than the current price.

This creates an impression in the consumer’s mind that the items are offered at a discount price. However, this is not true. The items might be increased in price.

Here’s how Walmart Rollback marketing strategy works.

When new stocks arrived, Walmart will place the items on the store floor at a regular retail price for a few days, or until a certain number of the items have been sold.

Walmart might change the price of some items to either lower the price (let label this P1) or increase the price (let label P2) based on market supply and demand. The new prices are allowed to sit on the floor for a few days or a few weeks, just enough to stratify the laws.

Walmart might change the prices again to increase prices on all items. This new price increase has raised the ‘P2’ price the second time.

Now, if Walmart Rollback the price for ‘P2’ items, the rollback price will fall back to the first price increase, not all the way to the regular retail price when the stocks first arrived at the Walmart store.

So, the price rollback on ‘P2’ items is not a sale.

Can you see why a Walmart Rollback actually means price increase?

Is the Walmart Rollback A Scam or Legit?

A Walmart customer, Brenna Ceja, believes Walmart Rollback price as a scam. In April 2017 she filed a class action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of California accused Walmart Rollback marketing strategy as deceptive and false.

Walmart, however, believe their price rollback as legit and seek to dismiss the lawsuit in August 2017.

A spokesperson for Walmart recently offered this answer to a customer with the same questioned regarding the legitimacy of the rollback price on a toy he bought at a Walmart.

Customer: What’s wrong with Walmart Rollback? Bought this same toy at the for the same price at the same Walmart two and a half months earlier. So where are the rollback savings?

Walmart spokesperson: This toy was on Rollback in the Christmas Holiday. We have simply extended the savings beyond the normal 90-day Rollback period. The date on the sign reflects the date the Rollback was re-posted in the store.”

I can’t tell you if Walmart Rollback is a scam or legit under the law. We just have to wait and see the class action result. But, the Walmart rollback sign is still active at every Walmart store. The best way to find out if the item is really on sale, do a price check.

How Long Do Walmart Rollbacks Last?

According to the Walmart spokesperson statement above, the normal Walmart Rollback is 90 days. But this is not a guarantee.

Walmart can change the rollback price at anytime or the items are out of stock before the 90 days.

The 90 days simply the longest that Walmart will allow the rollback price to stand. This doesn’t mean every Walmart Rollback last 90 days.

I wouldn’t worry about how long the Rollback price last either. Now, you know Walmart Rollback doesn’t mean ‘sale.’ There no need to rush to Walmart before the rollback end.

Is ‘Walmart Rollback’ The Same As ‘Walmart Clearance?’

Walmart Rollback is not a ‘clearance.’ Walmart clearance is a real ‘sale.’ Unlike rollback pricing, clearance is used to sell closeout or discontinue items.

Walmart will offer a clearance price on items that they intend to clear the shelves. The clearance prices are usually below Walmart’s costs. This is a sale, not a marketing trick like rollback. There is no need to price check on Walmart Clearance items.

Get ‘Walmart Rollback’ Price With ‘Walmart Cashback’ Program

Walmart is not Target. You never get cashback or gift card when purchased at the store.

However, Walmart does belong to certain online cashback and gift card reward programs that you have to become a member to earn cashback and gift cards for in store purchase.

Walmart Cashback Through Ebates.

Ebates has one of the popular Walmart cashback programs online.

Ebates member can earn both Walmart Cashback online and in store purchases. The cashback amount on each item are varied. I suggest you visit Ebates to find the exact Walmart cashback on the item you intended to purchase.

Ebates is currently having a $10 Walmart gift card promotion for people to give the cashback program a try.

Here’s how to claim your $10 Walmart gift card:
  1. Register for a free Ebates new member account using your email or Facebook account.
  2. Spend at Walmart through the Ebates portal for at least $25 to receive a $10 to claim for a Walmart gift card.
You have two ways to meet this $25 minimum spending amount:

You can make purchases on the Walmart.com site through Ebates. First login to your Ebates account, look for a link to Walmart.com, click on the link to shop and Ebates will keep track all your spending amount to reward Walmart cashback and $10 gift card.

You can shop in a Walmart store by adding a credit card to your Ebates account. Use the credit card in your Ebates account to pay when checkout. Ebates will track your credit card spending and reward Walmart cashback and $10 gift card.

This is the first method to get Walmart cashback and gift cards.

Get Walmart Gift Cards Taking Surveys

Many online survey sites such as InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkies pay for your opinions on products that you purchased at Walmart.

These survey sites reward you cash or point which you can convert to Walmart gift card to use at the store.

There are more options for you to earn Walmart gift cards with these survey sites. You can play games, watch online TV, or participate in a consumer group study to earn more gift cards. I suggest you visit InboxDollars, Survey Junkies, and Swagbucks to start collecting your gift card.

You can join all three survey sites to increase your reward, no restriction.

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Now you know a Walmart Rollback does not mean a discount, sale, or a price reduction. It simply means the price is a rollback to the last previous price. Who knows the previous price?

Do you?

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