It Works A Scam – It Works Review

“It Works is a scam! The products don’t work!”

“I wasted a lot of time and money on It Works! This is a scam!”

“They say you only have to do 15 to 45 minutes a day to be successful! No, it’s more like 15 hours a day! It Works is a scam!”

“It’s hard to make money! It takes a whole lot of effort to sell a product that doesn’t really work! It Works is a scam!”

Is this sound familiar to you?

I have been hearing this a lot from people online as well as offline…

Then, on the other hand, I have It Works distributors leaving messages on my Facebook Page proclaimed, “It Work is the best opportunity on earth!”

Should I abandon my lucrative writing business to join It Works?

Tired Of Scams And Pyramid Schemes?

Your Work From Home Opportunity!

Is It Works A Scam or the best?

Who should I believe?

What do you say?

We are going to find out the truth, today, right now, right here, at our Coffee Talk…

Anyway, does anyone know,

What Is It Works?

It Works is an mlm company that sells the crazy body wraps, which they called the “Ultimate Body Applicator”, to help you lose weight.

Well, to be correct, the company has never claimed the body wraps help people lose weight… only people online and a few distributors.

Besides the body wraps… It Works offers an entire line of skincare and nutritional products, including greens powders, lifestyle probiotics, Keto Coffee, Keto Go energy drink, and Ketones shakes.

It Works started in 2001 by Mark Pentecost and his wife, Cindy, with headquarters in Palmetto, Florida.

What’s amazing was It Works turned profitable just after three years

And even more amazing is It Works distributors can make thousands of dollars within months.

OK, something is not right! If it takes It Works three years to become profitable,

then, how can you claim,

it only takes months for It Works distributors to become profitable!

Somebody is lying, or maybe scamming us all.

Now, if you think It Works business opportunity is too good to be true, wait until you hear,

It Works Products Scam

It Works most popular product is the crazy body wraps.

This non-woven cloth wraps, which It Works claims to help you tighten, tone, firm, reduce cellulite and improve skin texture all within 45 minutes.

However, there’s no scientific evidence backing up It Works claims about “That crazy wrap thing”.

Here’s what Dr. Joel Schlesinger said about body wrap:

It Works product scam #1

WebMD had an interview with Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, a Washington, D.C., dermatologist and Dr. Sandra Fryhofer, past president of the American College of Physicians, here’s what both doctors said regarding the body wrap:

It Works scam #2

OK, there you have it, all doctors agree there are no long-term benefits using “That crazy wrap thing”.

It is a temporary illusion, making you feel thinner or appear prettier for only a day or two, not forever!

So, if you are looking for a temporary fix, the It Works body wrap is for you.

But if you are looking for a long-term solution, don’t waste money on It Works body wrap… It doesn’t work!

Here we have two passionate groups of customers,

those looking for a temporary appearance solution agree and say, “It Works products not a scam”,

while those looking for long-term solution disagree and argue, “It Works products a scam”.

Both are correct…

Which group of customers are you?

For me, I personally think It Works product, “That crazy wrap thing”, is a scam…

Because It Works marketing creates an impression that the body wrap is a permanence solution to help people tighten, tone, firm, reduce cellulite and improve skin texture, which they know, it’s not!

If It Work clearly advertises the body wrap as a temporary solution, then It Works is not a scam… But, I don’t think It Works will do this.

Why, you might ask?

Because it will be the end of “That crazy wrap thing!”

Then, Does It Works violating any laws?

The answer is no… because It Works does not claim the body wrap as a permanent solution either…

Look at It Works advertisements, neither the word “permanence” nor “temporary” appears in the ad… clever right?

It Work ad scam

Now, the next topic we are going to discuss is,

It Works Distributor Scam

This scam allegation is about It Work business opportunity, “It Works Distributor.”

We have touched on this topic earlier, but let’s look at this some more.

Now, we already know, It Works is an mlm company.

There are plenty of complaints that It Works is a pyramid scheme…

We have discussed this issue in our prior Coffee Talk, It Works A Pyramid Scheme.

We applied the FTC guidelines and determined that It Works distributor opportunity can be considered a pyramid scheme… You can read our full discussion by following the link above…

In this Coffee Talk, we are going to look at another important allegation regarding It Works business opportunity, and this is the monthly AutoShip.

Many distributors, as well as loyal customers, complained that they were not told about $50 cancellation fee for the Auto-Shipment program.

This Auto-Shipment is part of the enrollment process.

Every It Works distributor is required to maintain $80 auto-shipment to qualify for commissions… You can find this requirement in the It Works compensation plan.

But, nowhere can you find the $50 cancellation fees!

There are numerous complaints filed with the BBB on this.

Take a look at the Alert below, even the BBB considers this as a pattern, not just a few incidents.

It Works BBB scam alert

Now, what surprises me the most is, It Works blamed the recruiting distributors for not properly disclosing the cancellation fee.

Really? Can you tell me who enforces this policy?

YES! It’s you, It Works! You are the one collecting the $50, not the distributors!

Let’s see what happens if you’re not enforcing the cancellation fee… maybe… likely… THERE’S NO COMPLAINT!

So, is this a scam or not?

What do you say?

I am moving on to the next subject.

It Works promotes the distributor business opportunity as part-time, work from anywhere and on the phone.

It Works work from anywhere scam

It Works

Sorry, this is not true! If you want to make money as an It Works distributor, you have to promote the business full-time.

Can you work your It Works business from anywhere?

I don’t think so.

If your idea of work from anywhere means traveling the local streets recruiting strangers, meeting people at their home, knocking on friends’ doors, and attending sale parties that you are not enjoying… Then, I’m sorry that is not fun works!

We call this street and door-to-door selling… It’s not “work from anywhere!”

Here’s my version of work from anywhere,

Can an It Works distributor work from anywhere like me?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired just talking about It Works business of recruiting, recruiting, and recruiting…

Traveling to different places meeting people face-to-face to recruit new distributors, IS NOT WORK FROM ANYWHERE, OR ON THE PHONE!

So, what do you say,

It Works A Scam or Legit?

We can understand why people call It Works a scam when they are told… “work from anywhere”… “work on your phone”… “work part-time”.

None of them are true!

To be successful and make money with It Works, you must work hard and long hours.

I challenge any It Works distributor to show me that they make a full-time income only working 2 to 3 hours each day.

Look, it’s not easy to make money with an mlm business.

You have to work hard to achieve success.

The problem that I have with It Works is the way they promote their products and the business opportunity… It’s very misleading!

It’s all marketing hype… Not a reality!

If you’re buying into It Works fantasy land, then It Works is the best opportunity on earth.

But, if you are smart and realistic, you know all of this is B.S!

There you have it,

Until next time we meet, enjoy discussing It Works a scam!

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