Cash Back From Walmart – How To Get Cash Back From Walmart?

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You know, every store has some type of cash back program.

Like, Target has a gift card cash back program… But what about Walmart?

Does Walmart have a cash back program?

Interesting question!

I have never thought of it!

Do you know if there is one?

I asked the old lady that I met at Walmart yesterday.

I was shopping for my kids’ end of school year party when an old lady came up and told me,

“You can get those paper towels at Target and receive a $5 gift card cash back.”


Yes, you cannot get cash back from Walmart, BUT… sure do at Target! She smiled.

I thought Walmart has a cash back program.

I don’t believe so. She replied… You never get cash back from Walmart!

Interesting, I thought Walmart does…

NO! She cut me off… I don’t know how to get cash back from Walmart…

Me neither! I said.

She smiled and walked away.

On the way home, I kept thinking, Walmart must have a cash back program…

I thought,

“I’ll do a search on the internet to find out how to get cash back from Walmart when I get home.”

I did the research, and here’s what happens.

Does Walmart Give Cash Back?

My first search: “Does Walmart Give Cash Back”

Google found tons of information on the cash back at Walmart, but the wrong cash back…

it the cash back that you request at the register using a debit card… not the cash back reward that I am looking for.

I started to think… Maybe the old lady was right… Walmart doesn’t give cash back.

But, then I thought… “Maybe I’m looking at the wrong place!”

Then I remember something… Amazon cash back program.

Remember the online retail competition between Walmart and Amazon?

If you do, you’ll understand how the digital cash back program works.

There’s a website that I use to get cash back from Amazon… maybe, I thought! “That’s how to get cash back from Walmart.”

Sure enough, a visited the website, here’s what I discovered…

Walmart Cash Back Sites

Today, everything is going digital, and Walmart cash back is no exception.

If you want cash back from Walmart, you’ll not get it the old fashion way.

Back in the day before the internet, to get cash back from Walmart, you had to mail in a rebate form to a processing company to claim the reward.

The internet has changed the way that Walmart offers cash back.

Like, Amazon, eBay, and Target, Walmart uses an online cash back processing company called “Rakuten” to manage and process its cash back program.

To get cash back from Walmart, you must register with Rakuten through their website, “Ebates.”

Walmart cash back 5%

Rakuten will process your Walmart purchases cash back,

and Walmart is currently offering up to 5% cash back on almost everything that you purchase from the store.

They even give you $10 just to sign up for a free account… This is what I call, aggressive market competition.

But, before I explain the process of getting cash back from Walmart,

Let’s look at,

Walmart Cash Back Deals

This Walmart cash back program dated back since 1999…

It has been paying out over $13 million dollars to Walmart shoppers.

Walmart cash back program

Did you know about this?

Yes, I didn’t know either…

If I do, I would have joined Walmart cash back club long… long… ago!

But, we still can… It’s not too late.

Using Rakuten, Walmart offers cash back on almost every product that it’s selling in the store.

Walmart cash back deals

I have included a picture of Walmart cash back deals for you to see.

It’s very aggressive!

Don’t you agree?

I don’t know how much you shop at Walmart,

But for me, every week, I spend at least $200 to $400 at Walmart.

If we do the math… I could receive up to $20 Walmart cash back each week… that $200 bucks a month…

Now, this is much better than doing online surveys, right?

OK, these Walmart cash back deals are impressive.

But, how do you get them…

How do you get,

Walmart Cash Back Ebates

The process to receive cash back from Walmart is very simple.

Plus, they give you $10 to sign up!

OK, let me share with you what happens after I registered with Ebates, the Walmart cash back program:

I found this SAMSUNG 55″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR, Smart TV at Walmart online on sale for $997.99, original price was $1,199.99.

I want to get the 5% cash back from Walmart as well, So

I visited and click on “Join Now”.

The process is easy… you can sign up with your email address or using your Facebook account…

It didn’t even ask for my address.

After completing the registration, I had to confirm the account through an email that Rakuten sent.

Once confirmed and login to my Walmart cash back account,

I looked for Walmart…

because Rakuten also handles other companies’ cash back program, including Amazon, eBay, Macy, Target, and more… This means you can use this account to get cash back from these stores…

But, we are talking about Walmart cash back… So, you have to find Walmart and click on Walmart from your account to get cash back from Walmart.

Now, why do you have to connect to Walmart from your Rakuten account?

Well, because this is how Walmart track your purchases to process cash back…

However, there another way to purchase right from the Walmart site, which I’ll discuss in a bit.

When I arrived at Walmart, I purchased the Samsung TV,

within a few minutes, I can see $50 Walmart cash back pending in my account, plus $10 signup bonus for meeting the new shopper requirement.

See, how easy that was? I just get $60 cash back from Walmart…

I waited until the next day to pick up the TV at Walmart…

You can use this account to get cash back from Walmart on every purchase!

As promised, here’s the process to get cash back directly from the Walmart website, no need to login to Rakuten!

All you have to do is download and install the Rakuten cash back button in your browser.

Here’s how,

Scroll down to the bottom of Rakuten website and you see the “Rakuten Button”,

just click on the link and follow the instruction to add the button in your browser.

Once completed, you can shop directly from the Walmart site, and the cash back button will notify you of the Walmart cash back offers.

Isn’t that simple…

Now, I can get cash back every time buying something from Walmart.

You must try the Walmart cash back program.

It’s a great way to get some free Coffee cash!

Until next time…

Now you know, Walmart does offer cash back!

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