Prosperity of Life Review – Is Prosperity of Life Legit

The move from Liberty League International to Prosperity of Life is to avoid legal troubles.

Offering the same products under a different name doesn’t make Prosperity of Life legit. Do you agree?

There is a long bad story behind the man who founded the Prosperity of Life. It’s one that you must read before joining this business opportunity.

I am going to share with you everything about the Prosperity of Life Network, the history, the products, and the people behind this scheme.

You have lots of questions. I hope this Prosperity of Life review can help.

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Prosperity of Life Review Summary

Name: Prosperity of Life

Business Type: Personal Development

Investments: $6,250

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  • Prosperity of Life sells Personal Development & Wealth Creation courses and seminars.
  • This work-from-home business opportunity started in 2001 as Liberty League International by Shane Krider.
  • In 2006, the company reached a multi-million dollar settlement with the State of Arizona for making false or deceptive statements in the marketing materials.
  • In 2009 Mr. Krider renamed the company, Polaris Media Group, to promote the same personal development scheme. The company was not very successful.
  • On Apr 10, 2010, Shane Krider and Rachel Krider relaunched the company as Prosperity of Life with headquarters in Fountain Hills, Arizona.
  • After multiple name changes, Prosperity of Life is the same old Liberty League International scam.
  • Do you think Prosperity of Life legit?


What Is Prosperity of Life?

Prosperity of Life is the resurrection of Liberty League International.

The company promotes a personal development scheme which they call the Prosperity of Life Business Opportunity.

It reports Prosperity of Life associates earned up to $30,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 or more per month. You can read all the Prosperity of Life testimonials on the company’s website.

According to the company, promoting high-ticket price products help the Prosperity of Life members earned high commissions.

You must be wondering, what does the Prosperity of Life sell?

Prosperity of Life Products

Prosperity of Life sells personal development products and lived seminars which they call ‘Master of Destinies Coaching Training.’

It is all about investing in yourself. Personal development products help you to recognize your skills and maximizing your potential.

17 Day Personal Prosperity System

  • This is a crash course introducing the Master of Destinies Coaching Training program.
  • It claims to transform your life in 17 Days.
  • This self-study video course focuses on six mind-bending topics:
  • 1. The Six Higher Faculties of Mind.
  • 2. Internal vs External Reality.
  • 3. The Sixth Sense Zone.
  • 4. Collapsing the Field.
  • 5. Love and Gratitude Compass.
  • 6. Seeing the Subliminal.
  • The 17-Day Personal Prosperity System is an intensive crash course designed to prepare you for the Master of Destinies training and coaching program.

Master of Destinies (M1) – Self-Study

  • This is a 12-month web-based video course teaching the steps of life improvement.
  • M1 covers the following topics: know yourself, departure, decision, and action.

Master of Destinies (M2) – Live Events

  • This is the 5-day wealth creation seminar which Prosperity of Life calls, Sovereignty Live.
  • Prosperity of Life offers two Sovereignty Live events every year.
  • All Prosperity of Life members must attend one of these Sovereignty Live seminars.

Master of Destinies (M3) – Live Events

  • M3 is known as the Influence Live seminar which offers semiannually.
  • This live seminar is 8 days long covering the topics of personal development and leadership coaching techniques.
  • This live seminar teaches the history of money, how money works, prosperity consciousness, make money work for you through investments, how to take the leap, unlearning the myths of the middle class, and more.

Master of Destinies (M7) – Recorded Event Video

  • This product includes 4 recorded events: two Sovereignty Live wealth creation seminars and two Influence Live advanced personal development seminars.
  • Members who could not attend the live events are encouraged to purchase this product.

These personal development products are very expensive (high ticket items) which allow you to earn a big commission promoting them.

In the following section, I’ll discuss the business opportunity and the cost to join the Prosperity of Life.

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Prosperity of Life Business Opportunity

Most people join the Prosperity of Life for the opportunity to make money from home.

The Prosperity of Life business opportunity is by invitation only. This means you must have a sponsor. This requirement has created a big confusion among online reviews of the Prosperity of Life. The majority call Prosperity of Life an MLM.

Before explaining how this business opportunity works, I want to answer this important question:

Is Prosperity of Life A Pyramid Scheme?

Let me start with, Prosperity of Life is not an MLM. But, it doesn’t mean that Propserity of Life is not a pyramid scheme.

“A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products.” Wikipedia.

Does this mean Prosperity of Life is legit, not a pyramid scheme?

A company doesn’t have to be an MLM to operate a pyramid scheme.

Prosperity of Life adopts the ‘2 passes up’ compensation scheme, which pays the sponsor for recruiting others into the business.

Let discuss how this pyramid scheme works.

The Cost To Join the Prosperity of Life Business

You can purchase either an M1 or M7 product to make money with the Prosperity of Life.

  • The M1 costs $2,285
  • The M7 costs $4,590

Most people purchase the M7 product. Here’s why:

Under the ‘2 Pass Up’ scheme, you do not earn commissions from the first 2 sales. They are passing up to your sponsor. This is the promise that Prosperity of Life makes to members for recruiting others into the business.

When you purchased the M1 at the time of joining, you have to pass up commissions from the first two M1 sales to your sponsor. You also do not qualify to earn a commission from the M7 sale.

If you decide to purchase the M7 later, you have to pass up another 2 sales of M7 to qualify for commission.

The best way to join the Prosperity of Life is by purchasing both M1 and M7 programs at the same time. With this option, you only pass up 2 sales, not 4 sales.

The cost to purchase M1 and M7, the “M7 Fast Track”, is $6,250.

$6,250 is the cost to join the Prosperity of Life business. There are ongoing expenses related to this business:

  • $49.95 setup fee for the replicated Prosperity website.
  • $153 per month for digital business tools includes Online Business Manager, Lead Vertex Pro, Lead Manager, and Conference Call System.

Prosperity of Life is a pay-to-play business opportunity. I hate this type of make-money-from-home opportunity. It’s designed to force you to purchase Prosperity of Life products.

Think about it.

Why do you have to buy Prosperity of Life products for a chance to earn commissions?

The prosperity of Life should be paying you to promote its products.

As an Affiliate Marketer, companies pay me to promote their products on the internet. I don’t’ have to purchase anything.

Personal development products are used to avoid being classified as a pyramid scheme. You should read our discussion on MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing to learn more.

Prosperity of Life Compensation Plan Review

We have talked about the cost to join Prosperity of Life.

The next question is, ‘how do you make money?’ To answer this question, we look at the Prosperity of Life compensation plan.

Prosperity of Life offers the following commissions:

  • M1 – $1,828 per sale
  • M2 – $5,000 per event
  • M3 – $8,000 per event
  • M7 – $3,672 each sale
  • M7 Fast Track – $5,000 per sale

Let assume you purchased the M7 Fast Track and had passed up 2 sales. You are now qualified to earn all commissions.

Recruiting Sales Commission

You recruit someone to join the Prosperity of Life with an M7 Fast Track. Here’s is how much you make:

  • $5,000 from the sale
  • $10,000 from the recruit first 2 sales.

Your total commission for one recruit is $15,000.

Residual Commission

Every time your personal recruits purchase a product from the Prosperity of Life, you earn a commission.

  • M2 lived event – you earn $5,000 in commission
  • M3 lived event – you earn $8,000

Prosperity of Life doesn’t allow downline commission. This allows the company to claim that they are not an MLM.

How Much Does Prosperity of Life Associate Make?

A search online for ‘Prosperity of Life success stories’ came up with a few results of the same group of people.

I have no doubt that some people make money with Prosperity of Life. This number is small, which includes the Kiders.

It is not easy to sell a personal development product, because most people think it is a waste of money.

Not too many people can afford the Prosperity of Life products. This is not something you can sell to the average Joe.

Besides the price, the compensation plan makes it harder to make money.

You must sell $10,000 worth of Prosperity of Life products before you can earn a commission.

I am not surprised if over 99% of the Prosperity of Life members make no money.

Is Prosperity of Life Legit?

There is nothing illegal selling personal development and wealth creation products.

It became a scam when the business making false or deceptive statements in their marketing materials.

After the Liberty League International mistake, Shane Krider has stopped using deceptive marketing tactics. He uses ‘success stories and testimonials to promote the Prosperity of Life as a legit opportunity.

It’s very difficult for the authority to shut down the Prosperity of Life. The company doesn’t engage in false or deceptive marketing.

How can you prove the Prosperity of Life’s personal success stories is not legit?

The only fact that we have is online complaints against the company.

Prosperity of Life Complaints

Most complaints against Prosperity of Life seem to be the same, “I lost a large amount of money with this opportunity.”

A review of these online complaints tells us, success with Prosperity of Life is rare. This is normal with a pyramid scheme, only a small group at the top makes all the money.

You don’t have to believe me. Just follow the link above to read all the Prosperity of Life complaints yourself.

As a Business Review writer, I have evaluated hundreds of home-based and MLM business opportunities to expose scams.

So, when someone asks me, “Is Prosperity of Life legit?”

Based on my review of the business, I have to say no. Your chance of success with the Prosperity of Life business is less than 1%.

My Final Review of Prosperity of Life

The Prosperity of Life earning claims are exaggerated and unreal. I am not convinced that you can make $100,000 per month as a Prosperity of Life associate.

As a business opportunity, the bad outweighs the benefits.

Good things about the Prosperity of Life

  • High ticket price items
  • There is some value with the Prosperity of Life products.
  • Prosperity of Life is not an MLM.

Bad things about the Prosperity of Life

  • Prosperity of Life is the reincarnation of the Liberty League International scam, the same scheme with a different name.
  • Expensive and useless products make it difficult to sell.
  • The ‘2 Pass Up’ compensation plan was designed to encourage members to recruit. The prosperity of Life is a pyramid scheme.
  • You must purchase products to qualify for commissions.
  • The #1 Prosperity of Life complaints is ‘not making money.’
  • Low Return On Investment (ROI), your chance of achieving financial success is less than 1%.

The prosperity of Life is not a profitable business to invest in. It is not easy to sell disposable products costing thousands of dollars.

The people who purchased Prosperity of Life products are those hoping to make money selling high ticket items. Sadly, most of them failed.

Let ask yourself this,

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Prosperity of Life has a bad history as a business opportunity. Many online reviews have warned us ‘Prosperity of Life is a scam.’

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I hope this Prosperity of Life review answers your question, is Prosperity of Life legit?

Until next time.

Please share your own Prosperity of Life experiences here.

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