Is Barefoot Writer Legit Or Scam – Barefoot Writer Review

Bait and Switch is the oldest scam in the book. Many Barefoot Writer reviews accuse the club of operating this scam.

Is there any truth to this complaint against the Barefoot Writer Club?

Or, the bait and switch are done by unethical affiliate marketers claiming Barefoot Writer not legit to promote another product.

Either way, you don’t want to be a victim of a bait and switch scam.

I am going to tell-you-all, my researches, and experiences, in this Barefoot Writer review.

You decide whether the Barefoot Write is legit or a scam.

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Barefoot Writer Review Summary

Name: Barefoot Writer

Business Type: Professional Club

Investments: $49 per Month

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  • Barefoot Writer is an online club offering advice, tips, and techniques on how to become a freelance copywriter.
  • This is a writers’ club, not a make money opportunity club.
  • The Barefoot Writer is owned and operated by the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI).
  • This club provides members an opportunity to network with professional writers to ask for advice, tips, and writing job opportunities.
  • Members also receive the monthly magazine offering insight into the latest writing techniques and practical guidance from the best-paid writers in the industry.
  • Barefoot Writer appears to be a legit professional club. It’s the place for you to connect with professional writers and learn the latest well-paid writing jobs in the industry.
  • The Barefoot Write is not a copywriter training program, and it’s not a make money online opportunity.


What Is Barefoot Writer?

Barefoot Writer is an online professional club of independent writers, which operates by the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI).

The mission of this club is to provide aspiring writers with a unique community for networking and learning the latest writing advice, tips, and technique from professional writers.

Barefoot Writer is not a subscription magazine online. The monthly industry magazine is part of the membership. It provides insight into the independent writer industry of what’s hot, what’s in, and what’s out.

The Barefoot Writer club is not a make-money-from-home opportunity. It does offer an online job board for you to find high-paid writing jobs.

There seems to be a rumor spreading online by unethical affiliate marketers calling Barefoot Writer a scam business opportunity. Even though this is an online club for writers.

The Barefoot Writer negative reviews seem to be written by Wealthy Affiliate members trying to trick you into joining their program. They bait you into believing the Barefoot Writer, a legit professional club, as a business scam. Then, they tell you Wealthy Affiliate is a better option. A classic bait and switch scam.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business opportunity, while the Barefoot Writer is an online professional club.

The Barefoot Writer Club Review

The Barefoot Writer Club is an online community for independent writers to network. It’s a place for writers to exchange ideas, tips, new writing techniques, and job opportunities.

There is no formal training lesson or course offered by the Barefoot Writer Club. You join the club to learn from other professional writers and to share your experiences.

The Barefoot Writer club is like a local writing group.

The biggest benefit of being a Barefoot writer club member is gaining insight into the writing industry.

Barefoot Writer Magazine

The Barefoot Writer club publishes a monthly magazine to keep members informed about the writing industry.

The magazine provides the writing industry outlook, best writing techniques, and tips on finding clients.

It features writer success stories to inspire and motivate you. It’s a wonderful way to learn and build a successful career as an independent writer.

You can submit your article to publish in the Barefoot Writer Magazine. The club will pay $100 to $300 if your article is selected. This is the only time that you can make money with the Barefoot Writer.

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How To Become A Barefoot Writer?

This club for writers opens to the public. Anyone can join.

The cost to join the Barefoot Writer Club is $108 per year ($49/month). The club offers a 365 days money-back guarantee. This means you can cancel your membership anytime and receive a full refund.

Here’s what you enjoy as a Barefoot Writer member:

  • The monthly digital magazine with 50 past issues
  • Access the Member Portal to network with professional writers for feedback, advice, tips, and practical guidance on improving your writing skill.

Is the Barefoot Writer Legit?

Most complaints of the Barefoot Writer as not legit seem to think the club as a business opportunity.

Ask the doctors or the accounts why they join a professional club? they will tell you for personal development and industry insights.

No one joins a club to get rich.

If you are looking for ways to make money from home, I would not recommend the Barefoot Writer.

Let look at a few top complaints against the Barefoot Writer.

Barefoot Writer Complaints

The best way to learn if the Barefoot Writer is legit or scam is by analyzing online complaints. These complaints tell us customer experience with the club.

Basic Lessons Complaints

This is expected. Most professional clubs do not provide skill training.

Don’t expect to learn top-notch writing skills from the Barefoot Writer Club.

Most of the training courses offered by this club are basic. It’s designed to introduce you to new writing techniques or styles.

Upsell Advance Training Complaints

“I paid $49 for the Barefoot Writer subscription. To actually go through the program that trains you. I was asked to pay $148. I backed out after reading negative reviews.”

I can understand the disappointment of this person joining the Barefoot Writer hoping to learn everything from a club. This is not possible.

Professional cubs are responsible to recommend advanced training courses for members’ personal development.

If you don’t want to receive new skill training alerts, you just turn off the notification.

Then what’s the purpose of joining a professional club?

Unrealistic Income Claim Complaints

A few complaints stated that “… the Barefoot Writer claims you can make five, six, or seven figures as a freelance writer is a hype…’ But this is true.

There are freelance writers who earn a full-time income offering writing services on freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

You can find freelance writing success stories all over the internet. Just type “freelance writer income” into the Google search bar to see it for yourself.

You probably know or follow a few millionaire bloggers. Bloggers are freelance writers. How can this be a scam?

Barefoot Writer Free Report Scam Complaints

These are complaints against the “9 Ways To Make A Very Good Living As A Writer” free report.

A few online review bloggers accuse Barefoot Write of using a free report to trick people into joining the club.

But, do you know every blogger offers free eBooks, including me.

A free eBook in exchange for your email is a legit marketing technique. Every company, blogger, newspaper, magazine uses this to stay connected with readers.

This free report provides information about different options to make money as a freelance writer. It does not mean to be a training guide for you to make money.

Refund Complaints

“Pam said…

I paid $49 for the program. After reading many negative reviews… of the Barefoot Writer, I immediately contacted them via email to cancel… I was surprised to find that my bank account was credited the $49 the very next day! I can’t say whether… Barefoot Writer… is legit or not, but I can say that they DID follow through with their 100% guarantee money back by refunding my account. If it was a true scam, I don’t believe I would have been reimbursed…”

I don’t know if this is a complaint or testimony. It’s good to share it with you anyway.

You can read more complaints against the Barefoot Writer club with the BBB. It seems to me anyone who requests a refund gets it.

Most complaints against Barefoot Writer seem to come from people who misunderstand the club as a business opportunity.

You must be careful with what you read on the internet. Not all Barefoot Writer reviews are the same.

Some review writers intentionally misleading readers to promote or sell their own products.

As a Business Review writer, I have evaluated hundreds of home-based business opportunities to expose scams. I can tell you the Barefoot Writer is a legit professional club, not a business opportunity.

My Final Review of The Barefoot Writer

Don’t join the Barefoot Writer club if you want to make money with the program.

It’s an online writers club for networking. This club is good for those who want to learn about the writing industry.

I put together the Barefoot Writer pros vs. cons to help you decide.

Barefoot Writer Pros

  • A place to network with professional writers.
  • Provide industry insight on freelance writing trends and demands.
  • Offer practical guidance and lessons for writer development.
  • 365 days of money back.

Barefoot Writer Cons

  • You cannot make money with the club.
  • A $108/year membership fee is expensive for beginners.
  • Too many people think Barefoot Writer as a business opportunity, not a club.
  • All basic training, which what you expect from a professional club.

I hope you understand the Barefoot Writer club is not a place for you to make money from home.

Don’t waste money and time with this club if you want to make money from home.

I know, you are searching for a business that generates consistent income every month. Isn’t this right?

There are many opportunities for you to build a lucrative business working from home.

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I hope this Barefoot Writer review answers your question, is Barefoot Writer legit or scam?

Until next time.

Please share your Barefoot Writer experiences here.

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