David Emmons Review – Is Artist Marketing Formula Legit

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Tire of traveling the country attending trade shows after trade shows to sell your artworks or products?

There’s a better way to sell your product 24/7 from the comfort of your home, using the internet.

David Emmons Artist Marketing Formula will show you how. This road artist turned online artist know the way to achieve success.

But it will cost you a small fortune to learn with David Emmons.

A few online David Emmons reviews call him a scam.

I decided to look into the Artist Formula course. I want to see if David Emmons can help you turn something you love doing into a successful business.

One thing that I notice from my research is David Emmons makes his fortune selling digital courses, not artworks.

This makes me wonder, is David Emmons Artist Marketing Formula legit?

Here’s the surprise!

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David Emmons Review Summary

Business Information

Name: Artist Marketing Formula

Business Type: Make Money Online

Investment: $797 – $1,497

  • David Emmons found the Artist Marketing Formula to help artists utilize the internet to grow their revenues.
  • The program teaches the process of building an audience using Facebook ads to sell your products.
  • Yes, you are paying David Emmons $1,497 to learn how to run Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • David Emmons offers a Masterclass every week for free. But this is not a class. It’s a webinar promoting the Artist Marketing Formula.
  • You can purchase the Artist Marketing Formula with the Basic Package, the Pro Plan, or the Premium Package.
  • After reviewing the Artist Marketing Formula, It doesn’t look good to invest over $1,000 learning about Facebook ads.


Who Is David Emmons?

David Emmons is a self-taught artist. He designs and creates his artwork using copper, steel, and colorful stained glass.

For twenty-six years, David sold his artworks at events, exhibits, and trade shows. He became tired of traveling and wanted to spend more time at home with his family.

David started looking for a better way to sell his artworks. He discovered that he can sell them online.

Mr. Emmons built his first website with the hope of making an extra $500 per month.

The first website was a big hit. David then started researching to learn how to sell better online.

David learned how to grow his Facebook audience and understanding the power of selling to them.

After mastering the art of selling on Facebook and Instagram, David launched a training/coaching program called Artist Marketing Formula. This program teaches artists how to harness the power of the internet to sell their artworks worldwide.

David calls his coaching program, Artist Marketing Formula.

Today, David Emmons devotes his time and energy to help artists and small business owners find success selling online, using Facebook and Instagram ads.

David Emmons is a real person. However, his Artist Marketing Formula relies on digital ads to make money online. This method of selling online is too expensive for new and inexperienced artists.

You can potentially waste a lot of money with Artist Marketing Formula.

There’s a cheaper way to sell online known as “Organic Traffic.” We’ll discuss this in a bit.

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David Emmons Masterclass Review

To promote his Artist Marketing Formula course, David uses a marketing technique called Bait-and-Switch.

He offers a free masterclass to introduce interested people to the paid course.

The masterclass is not a class. It’s a marketing webinar promoting the Artist Marketing Formula.

This class introduces you to David Emmons and how he has used Facebook ads to achieve financial freedom selling online.

David tells you the power of the internet is enormous. There are millions of fans waiting to buy your artwork.

If you want to sell or reach your fans, you need a mentor. You don’t want to do this by yourself.

The masterclass tells you, it’s costly to learn how to sell online yourself. You need a step-by-step guide from someone who has already done it.

David Emmons finishes the masterclass by asking you to sign up for the Artist Marketing Formula.

You do not learn much from the masterclass. It designs to get you to buy from David Emmons.

David Emmons Artist Marketing Formula

Those who decided to enroll in the Artist Marketing Formula course will receive a tutorial on how to run Facebook and Instagram ads.

The course breaks down into 5 modules. Let discuss each of them:

  1. Module 1: This lesson covers the process of setting up a Facebook business page. You learn to use keywords, graphics, and posts to attract and grow fans based.
  2. Module 2: This training is about growing your fan base at lightning speed to increase online sales. You learn to use Facebook posting to engage with your fans. David will show you the process of creating the best engaging content. You get an introduction to Facebook ads.
  3. Module 3: Using videos and Facebook live to reach more fans is the topic of this lesson. It covers to process of posting videos and live stream on Facebook. In this lesson, David tells you to hire a freelancer for creating professional-quality videos. Yes, everybody knows this.
  4. Module 4: This lesson is about building an email list using Facebook marketing. It introduces you to the power of an email list. You learn to set up Mailchimp to collect email addresses. However, David does not tell you there is a cost to Facebook marketing and the Mailchimp tool.
  5. Module 5: How to run Facebook ads correctly to grow your online sales 10x. It’s costly to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads with zero sales. It’s not cheap to buy ads on Facebook. This will be a big expense for the course.

The Artist Marketing Formula is a Facebook ads training course. It just teaches you how to use Facebook to sell online.

This course is risky and expensive because it builds an online business using only Facebook ads.

This means a small mistake in running Facebook ads will cost a lot of money.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with ads. This is something David Emmons doesn’t want you to know.

David Emmons Masterclass Cost

The Masterclass is free. Since this class is useless, you must purchase the Artist Marketing Formula course to train with David.

There are three options to purchase the Artist Marketing Formula:

  1. The basic package costs $797. This package gives you access to all the video lessons.
  2. The pro package costs $997. It comes with all the lessons in the basic package, plus you get live monthly group coaching and lifetime membership in the Student Mastermind group.
  3. The premium package costs $1,497. You get everything in the pro package in addition to 10 one-hour private coaching calls.

You should know that private groups are nothing more than Facebook groups.

The only interesting item is the 10 one-hour private coaching calls.

However, these private coaching calls do not help you sell online. They are answering sessions for you to ask questions regarding your Facebook marketing. If you have no questions, then the private calls are worthless.

Does The Artist Marketing Formula Work?

I can only find success stories on David Emmons’s marketing website, nowhere else.

I cannot find any real-world success story about the Artist Marketing Formula.

I found online reviews where members stated this regarding making money with the Artist Marketing Formula:

“… I quickly figured out the people making money were David Emmons and Facebook…”

After you have paid David Emmons, you are on your own.

“… When I wrote to David to ask about … not making money with Facebook ads …, he cut me off from my ‘lifetime’ access to the course and will not answer my emails.”

Here’s my warning to you. Online marketing gurus always promise an easy way to make money online. After they have your money, you discover there is no easy way.

When you ask why I cannot make money with the Artist Marketing Formula, the guru will answer, “You haven’t worked hard enough!”

Is David Emmons Artist Marketing Formula legit?

David Emmons is a legit artist turned online marketer.

As to the Artist Marketing Formula course, this is all hype with no proving success.

If you believe David Emmons’s story, I guess the Artist Marketing Formula works.

I cannot see how you can run successful Facebook ads with zero expenses. This doesn’t happen. Facebook charges a lot of money to run ads on its platform.

I am not telling you the Artist Marketing Formula is a scam.

You will get your video lessons after paying over $1K.

I am telling you don’t expect to increase your online sales 10X with Facebook ads. Even Facebook doesn’t guarantee this result.

Final Review Of David Emmons

David Emmons is another money-making online training program that promises the moon and stars but fails to deliver either.

This program targets newbies and desperate artists looking for an easy way to make money online quickly.

There is no easy way to make money online, even with Facebook ads.

Before investing in an online training program, you must search for success stories with proof of real profits from actual members, not those provided by David Emmons.

Most scams offer cannot show profits.

I want you to know making money online is real. But it doesn’t mean every online opportunity is legit.

Yes, there are legit ways for you to make money online. You just need to find the right one.

I understand you are here to read my review of David Emmons.

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I hope this David Emmons review answers your question, is Artist Internet Formula legit?

Until next time.

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8 thoughts on “David Emmons Review – Is Artist Marketing Formula Legit”

  1. great review.. thank you so much for posting. Everything he is selling is available on YouTube for free. Just do you research there with the stress of expensive investments. Kudos to you.

  2. After registering on his web, I am just getting emails after emails and his paid adds running on my profile, anyway I knew there has to be a catch somewhere.
    Thanks for the review.

  3. Thanks so much, This is great information.

    I had a feeling this promotion was not totally legit. A simple google of his name doesn’t bring any real results separate from his own promotions. Suppose to log on for seminar in a few minutes..NOT!

  4. I commented on his FB post asking why out of the 45 posts FB said he had, you could only see 8…he blocked me…lol…Let the buyer beware rings very true here in this David Emmons Review.


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