Social Media Exchange – Things You Must Know

Social media exchanges are free websites that allow people to earn money while improving their social media presence.

These sites also create a big dispute in the SEO and online marketing communities.

Website owners can use these websites to earn money, enhance social presence, and push brand to the top of search results.

But what are the consequences of using social media sites like or Lincollider?

Is it safe to use these social media exchange sites to promote a blog or website?

Is this a good way to earn income online?

There seem to be no consensus amount experts. The debate is open to all.

Social media exchange sites were created to help social media users earn money, getting more follows likes shares, and comments to improve their social media status.

By improving their social media engagement, users can expand their reach on social media platforms and in turn generate organic visitors to their websites or blogs.

Many users also argue that social exchange sites can indirectly enhance SEO ranking, and by using them, one can achieve a higher position on the search result.

Before discussing in detail about each social media exchange sites, let talk about the power of follows, likes, shares, and comments have on social media networks and their effect on site SEO.

As a blogger, here’s my profile, I am always looking for ways to improve my blog performance. I rely on social media exchange to help me.

Social media exchange sites are safe, if you know how to use them.

I have used these sites to make money as well as promoting my Money-Making website.

Social Media Exchange – More Follows Likes Shares

No follow, no like, no share means no social engagement.

You need social engagement to promote content and expand its reaches on social media platforms.

Content without social engagement is a dead post.

Today, social media platforms provide a unique way for individual and businesses to promote, connect and communicate directly with the customers all over the world.

If a business is able to engage with social media users, it will be rewarded with more online exposures and brand awareness.

Follow, like, share, and comment is important social activities to determine social engagement.

A higher level of users’ engagement will help to boost the business reaches and presences on social media networks.

Greater social presences result in more free traffic to the website or blog which lead to more sales.

In the beginning, it was easy to get follows, likes, shares, and comments.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to earn a follow, like or share from social media users.

Many Businesses have adopted social media ads to get more engagement for their content.

Every year, social media platforms make billions through ads.

However, you can use social media exchange sites to generate free follows likes shares.

What is Social Media Exchange?

Social media exchange provides free ways for members to get follows, likes, shares and comments on their Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and other social media networks.

Members can also make money online with social media exchange sites by performing different social tasks in exchange for money.

Social media exchange operates on this concept: ‘you share my post, I’ll share yours.’

However, not everyone will play by the rule, so the exchange issues point where you can earn by performing activities on the exchange, then use those points in your account to get follows, likes, shares, comments, and views.

This is the fairest way to ensure all members follow the system.

All social media exchange sites are very popular because these sites are an excellent way to generate social engagement (also called social signal) for content.

Strong social signals mean more exposures and greater reaches for your content.

Online gurus argue that social media exchange sites are similar to traffic exchanges, link exchanges, and blog networks.

These free exchanges do not add any value to the content, but rather have a negative effect on SEO ranking.

They consider social media exchange as spam sites and discourage people from using them. 

Are these online experts, correct?

The Right Way to Use Social Media Exchange

Social media exchange by itself offers no benefit to your blog or website.

These sites are more of a tool to help improve social signals.

Social signals are generated by the engagement of exchange members with your contents.

Here are the steps-by-steps to properly use social media exchange:

  1. Post meaningful content on a social media network.
  2. Then add a direct link to a blog or website on the post.
  3. Using points in your account, you can start request follow, share, like, comment or view from members in the social media exchange.
  4. Exchange member will personally perform the social engagements to earn points.
  5. When a post receives follows, likes, shares, comments or views, this sends a signal to the social media network that users are interested in seeing the post.
  6. As more users interact with the post, this help to increase the number of reach and impression.
  7. Reaches and impressions are the number of times the post was viewed.
  8. More views mean more user interactions, which result in more visitors to the website.

Promoting content is the correct way to use social media exchanges.

Never, use social media exchange to gain followers without offering anything of value.

An empty social media account with a lot of followers looks very suspicious. This can result in account suspend, and you can get banned from the social media platform.

Social Media Exchange and SEO

The biggest concern blogger and online business owners have is the negative effect on their website SEO content ranking.

I have read many negative arguments against using social media exchange, but I am unable to find any proof or evidence of negative SEO resulting from using social media exchanges.

On the contrary, I found a positive SEO impact with my own content using social media exchange sites to improve shares and attract visitors.

There is no direct effect between social media exchange activities and SEO.

However, there is a direct effect between social media exchange and social media platforms. This is how things should be.

According to Google, the social signal is not a direct SEO ranking factor. It does not play a major role in determining your page rank.

Don’t expect the first-page rank just because your content has a high number of follows, likes, and shares.

The one thing that social media exchange offers indirectly improving your content SEO ranking is SHARE.

A high number of social shares allow search engines to discover and index your content faster through backlinks.

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When social media exchange users interact and share your content, it creates backlinks which Google considers as one important ranking factor out of 200 ranking factors.

It doesn’t make any sense to say that Google penalizes content for using social media exchange because there is no direct relationship between the two.

If there is any SEO ranking benefit from social media exchange activities is very minimal and indirectly through sharing the content.

Social media exchange, however, can play a major role in social media platforms.

Because these sites rely on the number of follows, likes, shares, comments, and views to rank their content.

Users can use these exchange sites to manipulate content rank.

A post with strong social engagement will have greater reach and more views compared to the one with no share, like, comment or view.

This is where social media exchange sites have a direct impact on a website by creating a social signal to boost it reaches and views on social media networks.

Should I Use Social Media Exchange?

Yes, only use it to boost your social signal.

Social media exchange is an excellent way to jumpstart social engagement for your content.

As discussed above follows, likes, shares only effect contents ranking on social media networks, not on search engines.

So, any organic traffic generates from these social engagements are from social media platforms, not from Google.

I suggest using social media exchange site to improve your content reach and exposure, nothing else.

Unlike the old day, you can no longer expect to post an article or a video clip on social media and instantly receive follows, likes, shares, and comments.

It is very difficult to get that first like and share.

Social media exchange sites are a great tool to help you jump start this.

Many bloggers spend hours on social media sites to promote their content.

They posted content on their fan page, group pages, public page, and even to their circle, but received a few likes or shares here and there.

The problem with posting the same contents repeatedly could drive people crazy and could also get you banned for spamming.

A better way to share your contents is through social media exchange sites.

Let other people share your content for you. You can save time, get broader reaches, and avoid getting punished by social media networks.

How To Earn Money With Social Media Exchange Sites?

A few social media exchange sites offer users a chance to earn money.

The two popular options to earn money with social media exchange are:

  • converting points to cash, and
  • earning money for referrals.

I’ll show you how to earn a substantial amount of cash for referring new members to the social media exchange sites.

But first, let talk about the point earning system.

Converting Points Into Cash

The point to cash system is similar to the system used by a popular survey site Swagbucks.

Under the points to cash system, social media exchange rewards members with points for performing likes, shares, and follows.

When members collect enough points, they can convert them into cash and request a payout through PayPal or by check.

You have to do a lot of follows likes shares to earn enough points for money. This can cause your social media account to be banned for suspicious activities.

I don’t recommend using this option to earn money with social media exchange.

Social Media Exchange Earns Money Through Referrals

A better way to earn money with social media exchange sites is through an affiliate referral program.

You can earn a lucrative income under this affiliate system.

Social media sites such as LinkCollider pays up to $55 per referral. This is serious money.

You can become an affiliate by registering for a free account with Linkcollider.

Every member of a social media exchange site will receive a unique affiliate link to use for referrals.

You can invite friend and families to join the social media exchange using your affiliate link.

When they sign up through your link and become an active member, you earn money from the social media exchange sites for the referral.

I use a different way to invite referrals. I use my blog.

You can earn a lot of money promoting services, such as social media exchange, with a blog.

As a blogger, I can reach thousands of people each day through my blog site.

All I have to do is include an ad banner on my site for people to click on. This is how I get hundreds of referrals each day.

Imagine earning $55 per referral and you have 200 referrals per day, that’s $1,1000. Blogging is a lucrative online business.

If you are interested in using a blog or website to earn money with social media exchange, I suggest you check out these 10 Free Lessons teaching the process of setting up a blog site and adding affiliate links to earn money online.

Blogging is the best way to earn money online.

You don’t have to waste time doing follow like share activities.

You don’t have to worry about getting banned from social media sites.

Earnings are on autopilot, passive income

You can start this online business for free with this #1 training program.

I have used the same free training to build a successful online business. You can do the same, just check it out.

How to join social media exchange sites?

To join and share contents on social media exchange sites is very simple. All you need is to register for a free account. Most exchange sites give free points upon registration.

With the free account, you can add links to your blog or webpage including a short description of the content for social media exchange members to share on their social media account.

After adding your links, you then offer points as a reward in exchange for likes and shares.

Having hundreds of people sharing your contents on social media networks is better than repeatedly sharing them yourself. You no longer need to spend hours at the computer posting and promoting. All of this is done for you by exchange members.

When different people share the same content, it creates a social signal, not spam.

Should I Purchase Social Media Exchange Points?

If you are busy, it might be a good idea to purchase points to allow you extra times to do other important business tasks.

Rewarding social media exchange members with points is no different than hiring someone to post or share contents for you on social media platforms.

Many big businesses hire a social media manager to manage their social media accounts.

Startups and small businesses can use social media exchange members to do the same work as a social media manager. This is a cheaper way to grow your social media presences.

What to avoid on social media exchanges sites?

THIS IS A WARNING, never use auto-surf or auto-click on the social media exchange sites to generate free website traffic. Search engines consider this a bot and will penalize your website.

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The use of bot can also get you banned from Google AdSense.

Furthermore, these types of free website traffic are not a real human, so they do not bring any monetary value to your online business. Don’t use auto-surf or auto-click.

Be sure to only use social media exchange sites as a tool to help jumpstart your social engagement for your contents. This is real human interaction with content, not a bot.

I have shared with you everything about social media exchange sites, and how I use them to promote contents.

I believe these sites are excellent tools to manage content on social media networks.

As a busy blogger, I couldn’t afford to spend hours each day on social media networks.

I rely on these social media exchange sites for help, and you can do the same.

Here are some of the top social media exchange sites that I have used over the years.

You can check them out and select one that’s best for you.

Social Media Exchange Sites

The top social media exchange sites below are listed according to their leadership position with the largest community to smallest.

I have used these sites to promote and generate free traffic for my business websites. They are free to join. You can join one or as many as you like.

A few exchanges offer free points after registration for testing their services. You should collect these points to use toward promoting your business.

To get free points, all you do is follow the links below to learn more or sign up for a free account.


LinkCollider, the largest social media exchange site where online businesses can use to improve social signals. This exchange allows you to promote contents on all social media platforms with one simple link.

The success of Linkcollider is attributed to its strict rules against fake accounts, bots, and spams. All members of this community are real people manually performing follow, like and share through their own account. All social activities, conducting through this free website traffic site are from real-human and very reliable.

The exchange site has a vibrant community that will actively interact with your marketing contents to help boost its social media reaches. LinkColider members are both international and US based. This is great for any business looking to reach customers outside the US. Companies can use this free website traffic site to improve the social signal and generate shares, likes, follows and views for their content worldwide. This is my top social media exchange site. Start promoting your contents with a free Linkcollider account today. started in 2013, is a social media exchange community designed to help members with their Social Media Marketing campaigns. This company has quickly become the second largest user based to deliver the best result to members. is a comprehensive website covering all social media networks to help you grow your social media accounts. Using this free website traffic site, you can promote contents on all social media networks with just a few clicks of the mouse.

You can view the dashboard and earn between 100 – 200 free daily points, depending upon your activity, with a free account to test out the site. Register for a free account to learn more.


SocialAdr is the third largest free website traffic site to help website owners posting their pages on social media faster through its exchange members. This exchange can deliver faster results for your social media marketing campaigns. Its best services are delivered through the premium account, but you don’t need premium to get free shares, likes and follows. Click here to learn more.


This name says it all, a follow for a follow. This social media exchange site allows you to pick and choose which social media account to grow follows likes shares and views. This free website traffic site is straightforward and simple to use. Just add your link and watch your social media account growth. You get 20 free points upon registered, follow this link to learn more.


SocialClerks is another small exchange with about 130,000 registered active users. However, this free website traffic can seriously help you build social media profiles and connections on Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and more. Register for a free account and get 50 points.

This small social exchange site is a great place to get free likes and shares. It supports all social media networks. You can use this site to generate free traffic from Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and more. Account registration is free with bonus points for signing up. Click here.

The name says it all. This social exchanging site is an excellent tool to grow your fans based on your social media post, accounts, websites, or blogs. This exchange gives 200 free points for registration. Get you’re here.

These are the top social media exchange sites that I think worth your time to investigate. There are more exchange sites listed below. These free website traffic sites are too small to invest my times. I include them here for you to check out if you like.


Addmefast is a free social media promotional tools to generate likes, shares, follows and views for your contents. Addmefast will give you 50 free points upon register to test out the exchange. This free website traffic site is not popular compared to Followlike and Lincollider because of it’s lack of enforcement on fake accounts. This exchange is best to use to get like and share for a social media post, not for followers. Click here to get 50 free points to try out Addmefast.


Like other social media exchange sites, YouLikeHits can help grow your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, SoundCloud, YouTube and more. This free traffic site is very easy to use. Just add your website or social media profile account and watch them grow. The most disappointing about Youlikehits is its low reward points. It is very hard to earn free points on this platform. This is why the free website traffic site is not so popular. You can learn more by visiting Youlikehits.

You do not have to pay to get like, share, and follow using Likestool. The social media exchange site is totally free. Use this to generate free organic traffic to your website. Click here to read more.


Traffup is a reliable and trusted social media exchange site to promote your website or blog on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can get a free account with traffup here.

These social media exchange sites are free tools to manage a business online social media presence. It is the simplest and fastest way to improve an online business social signal. Social signal gives a boost to the website which allows content to reach a wider audience and generate free traffic.

Free traffic is how you can earn a lot of money with social media exchange sites.

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  1. Hey there,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information on Social Media. From my experience with Social Media, I tend to think that it’s a free way to engage and grow your online business. The more trustworthy content you post, the more followings, likes, and comments your blog will experience.

    I wanted to ask you something regarding the methods of payment of the Social Media Exchange websites that you mentioned. Do they pay out via PayPal? 

    • Yes, you can get pay using PayPal, Check, or Direct Deposit. I suggest checking each site to get more information on the payment options.

      I am sure all of them pay through PayPal.

  2. Wow! This post is very exasperating and detailed. I couldn’t ask for more explicit informations on social media as a powerful tool for affiliate marketing advancement. Going by your post, I have heard of FollowLike and socialAdr. But the others mentioned are very new to me and I’m very glad I came in contact with your post. Now, I’m more enlightened about other sites and means to maintain my presence online through social media exchange tools.

    • Yes, social media exchange can add value to your online business if you understand how to use it correctly. I am glad to help.

  3. When I started reading this article, I was kind of sceptical, having been taught to stay clear off platforms like this

    but as I progressed, it began to make sense from your point of view, really it will pay if one focuses on using these platforms to promote the presence of your site by gaining shares and I also don’t see any harm that will cause.

    It also makes sense to me to try and make money using the referral scheme rather than engaging in something that may get me banned

    I will definitely take a closer look into your recommendations and walk my way through.. 

    Thanks for this great info.

    • Queen, I become successful in affiliate marketing because I keep an open mind and willing to learn new things. Many people warn me not to use social media exchange sites, but I use these sites with an open mind that certain things I should not do. Then I discover other benefits for using these platforms. 

      Using social media to share your content online is the best. It likes you have thousands of helpers pushing your content online very days.

  4. Hello and thank you for this informative article. I really enjoyed reading it. I heard about social media exchange but I did not knew that there were actual website proving these kind of services.

    I also understand that good content engagement is important for SEO. But I do not know if this kind of thing is good for long term website success.

    I know that buying backlinks is not a good option and is considered black hat SEO. Is content exchange in that category in your opinion?

    • I am not exactly sure what you mean by content exchanges? This subject is very broad. 

      Having others sharing your content on social media is one of the best ways to build SEO, better than backlinks. 

      When your content is shared by millions, this is like a video going viral. It sends a signal to Google that your content is very important and lots of people love it.

  5. This is a great article exposing how to use social media tools to generate leads. I think this is a smart one that i have not seen before in my internet marketing experience. I wonder if this your social media exchange platform can perform better than Facebook, which is more popular and generally used by millions of businesses to drive traffic. I guess because this is new, it may take a bit of time to attract confidence from large users. 

    But, i think you’ve done a good job here and i will check it out myself.

    Thank you.    

  6. Interesting, I’ve been active on Twitter and Facebook but I have to admit, my follower rate and engagement isn’t as engaging as I thought it would. Does the social media exchange work on any niche, even boring ones? I’m still learning a bit about the social media world and would love to have the opportunity to boost it further!

    • Social media exchange cannot be used as a replacement for social media sites. This is a tool to help you promote your content. If you are using these sites to get likes or comments, be careful, it might no do you any good.


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