Survey Squad Review: I’ll Give You The Truth About Survey Squad Legit

If you want to know why Survey Squad members are not getting pay? Then you will enjoy reading this Survey Squad review.

It has nothing to do with getting scam. I am telling you right now Survey Squad is legit.

However, this survey site has numerous flaws that prevent people from earning a consistent income.

Now you know why many people prefer Swagbucks and InboxDollars over this survey site.

Most surveys takers hate the Survey Squad payment process. It has a high cashout threshold and six to eight weeks of waiting for a check.

Then, there’s a possibility that your check never comes.

So, let begin our review of Survey Squad to help you understand more.

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Survey Squad Review Summary

Name: Survey Squad
Business Type: Survey Site
Investment: Free

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  • You can join Survey Squad to make money by doing surveys and small tasks.
  • The rewards for completing a project are high. However, it’s not easy to get qualified. Some members have not qualified for a single survey for more than a year.
  • Many survey takers dislike Survey Squad because of the slow payment process. It takes more than a month to process a cashout.
  • If you have taken online surveys for cash, you know it pays below the minimum wage.
  • Yes, Survey Squad is legit. It doesn’t mean you will make money. Here’s why.


What Is Survey Squad?

Survey Squad is an online, US-based survey panel under the subsidiary of Focus Forward.

The company behind Survey Squad has been offering market research services since 2003. It started from manual, door-to-door campaigns evolving to phone interviews when these devices became a household staple.

At present, Focus Forward has adapted unique survey mediums such as web chats, video conferences, blogging, online diaries, and more.

Companies and brands in need of market opinion can do their studies through the Survey Squad panel.

Survey Squad panel are individuals who join the company to get paid in exchange for their honest opinions.

If you are familiar with Swagbucks, InboxDollars, you know Survey Squad is not a good way to earn a full-time income online.

Online surveys pay on average between $0.50 to $2.00 per survey completed if you are qualified.

Many people join Survey Squad to earn a few extra bucks in their free time.

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How To Join Survey Squad?

Survey Squad is free to join for both companies and individuals.

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Companies looking for market opinion can directly contact Survey Squad to hire their services. This Survey Squad review is not for you.

This review is for those looking to make money with Survey Squad.

If you are looking to earn some money, you can join Survey Squad through their official website.

Survey Squad Qualifications

At the time of writing this review, Survey Squad only accepts participants living in the United States. It’s the only requirement.

We suggest you check the company’s website for any updates.

Survey Squad Application Process

Registration for a free account is quite simple. Survey Squad asks for your name, address, phone number, and state.

However, completing the application process is a pain, specifically, filling out the profile.

Before you have access to the profile, you must complete seven surveys about yourself without pay.

According to Survey Squad, completing the seven personal surveys improve your chance of qualifying for surveys.

However, it takes more than 30 minutes to complete all seven survey surveys for free. This is not good for survey takers trying to make money.

Both Swagbucks and InboxDollars do pay you for completing the profile.

Once your profile is approved, Survey Squad classifies you into one of the three categories: consumers, business professionals, and medical professionals.

You will receive email invitations for surveys or tasks according to your group and personal details.

How Does Survey Squad Work?

Survey Squad will send you email invitations when available surveys or tasks match your profile. You are free to accept or decline the invitations.

If you are going to accept an invitation, you must do it quickly. These invitations tend to fill up fast.

Aside from email invitations, Survey Squad also announcements on its official Twitter page the newest opportunities. You can apply directly on the Twitter page to participate in them.

Ways to Make Money With Survey Squad

Survey Squad offers members numerous options to make money.

Members can participate in online or mobile surveys, in-person focus groups, and phone interviews.

The compensation for a completed task is determined by its complexity and time required to complete it.

Members also receive multiple entries for completing a survey to enter the monthly sweepstakes with the chance to win up to 250,000 points.

Survey Squad Rewards

Survey Squad compensates members for completing surveys or tasks with Focus Forward Points. You then convert points into dollars.

1,000 Survey Squad points will exchange for $1.00.

You earn 1,000 to 5,000 points for completing a survey online or mobile.

On the other hand, longer tasks like phone calls, and in-person interviews earn $100 to $300.

How Does Survey Squad Pay?

Survey Squad offers two types of payment: cash and points.

For online and mobile surveys, you get paid with Focus Forward Points upon completion.

However, you cannot cash out until the account accumulates a balance of 20,000 points.

The $20.00 (20,000 points) minimum cashout threshold is relatively high for a surveys site. It will take you a long time to receive a payment when your daily earnings average 1,000 points.

With group and in-person studies, you receive a payment as soon as the study ends. You can choose cash or a check.

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Points cash out get paid by check only. It usually takes six to eight weeks for you to receive the payment.

Yes, you do earn real money from Survey Squad. But waiting for more than a month receive your check payment is a little inconvenient.

I don’t know why Survey Squad doesn’t offer the PayPal option. This way, you will receive your earnings a lot faster.

Is Survey Squad legit?

With a strong reputation and a long history of industry service, Survey Squad is legit. It is one of the most formidable platforms available online for you to make money.

The high payout threshold and slow payment process make Survey Squad the least favorite site amount survey takers.

Survey Squad does offer competitive rewards for completing surveys. However, the challenge is getting qualified for them. It’s not easy.

Honestly, survey qualification is the biggest hurdle for survey takers to make money.

The companies conducting the market survey are looking for specific types of people. The chance of you fitting their target demographics is slim.

So, your chance of earning a full-time income doing online surveys is unrealistic. But, there’s away. Check out this strategy to Generate A Full-time Income Online.

Survey Squad Scam Complaints

The tops three scam complaints against Survey Squad are:

Bad Customer Support

When you encounter issues with compensation or the site, you will hardly get a swift and satisfactory response from support.

Hard To Qualify For Surveys

It’s normal to get disqualified for a survey. However, many Survey Squad members complain about getting tons of survey invitations but never qualify for them. Some members have reported this happened to them for over a year. It means they cannot make any money.

Horrible Payment Process

It’s ridiculous to wait for more than a month to receive $20.00. Survey Squad members have reported waiting for more than 16 weeks for the check. Some members complain that they have never received a payment. With check payment, anything can happen.

Survey Squad Review Final Thoughts

I am not a fan of taking surveys to make money. For me, Survey Squad is a waste of time, not worth it.

Yes, Survey Squad and all survey sites are legit. But, they don’t pay much.

Why do you want to work for less than the minimum wage?

If you are pursuing your dream of making money online, Survey Squad is not the place.

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I hope this Survey Squad review answers your question, is Survey Squad legit?

Until next time.

Please, share your Survey Squad experiences below.

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