Perpetual Income 365 Review – Is Perpetual Income 365 Legit

You are reading the Perpetual Income 365 review.

This review discusses the legitimacy of the Perpetual Income 365 secret algorithm to make money on autopilot.

You know, every autopilot business that I review turns out to be a scam.

If you are skeptical about Perpetual Income 365, you will enjoy reading this review.

Perpetual Income 365 claims its affiliate marketing system uses an MCCA algorithm to generate money income on autopilot.

What is an MCCA algorithm?

Let me tell you this, MCCA isn’t real. Here’s the story.

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Perpetual Income 365 Review Summary

Name: Perpetual Income 365
Business Type: Affiliate Marketing
Investment: $47 per Month

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  • Perpetual Income 365 is selling a done-for-you (DFY) affiliate marketing generating money on autopilot.
  • The founder claims the system operates on a secret algorithm which he calls MCCA.
  • After a complete review of the Perpetual Income 365 system, we discover it doesn’t work.
  • The system cannot make money on autopilot.


What Is Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 is a done-for-you affiliate marketing system founded by Shawn Josiah.

You can use this program to launch an affiliate marketing business and make money fast.

Shawn claims that everybody can use it to make money online no matter their age or skill in technology and marketing.

The Perpetual Income 365 promotional video told the story of Mr. X, a data scientist who worked for Netflix.

Mr. X discovered that Netflix is using a secret algorithm “to exploit” the public. The algorithm gets people addicted to using Netflix services and essentially makes money on autopilot for the company.

Josiah calls this secret algorithm the MCCA (Micro-Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm).

Here’s what MCCA means:

  • Micro-Commitment (MC): This is a sales technique of getting potential customers to commit to small steps until they reach the ultimate goal of purchasing the product. Perpetual Income 365 uses this to get people to buy.
  • Consistency Bias (C): It refers to the human tendency to continue to act according to the previous commitments. It means once customers start buying something, it’s difficult for them to stop. Perpetual Income 365 claims they have the secret that makes customers want to come back for more.
  • Compounding Algorithm (CA): Combining both MC and C techniques, Joshua creates the secrete algorithm. This algorithm will help you obtain compounding revenues.

This secret algorithm is the core function of the Perpetual Income 365 system.

However, there’s no way to verify the legitimacy of this story. It’s probably either marketing hype or a complete lie, a scam.

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How Does Perpetual Income 365 Work?

We cannot verify the true origin of this secret algorithm.

What we can do is offering you a complete review of the Perpetual Income 365 to see how it works.

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To use this done-for-you affiliate system, you must first become a paid member.

Perpetual Income 365 offers a few memberships and payment plans, which we’ll discuss in the price section.

Now, let explaining the basics of what you get when you subscribe.

Inside Perpetual Income 365

Once you subscribed to Perpetual Income 365, you will gain access to the following lessons and digital tools inside the Member Area.

  1. The MCCA Toolbox: This is the secret algorithm that makes money for you on autopilot. It’s the core function of Perpetual Income 365.
  2. Income Leverage Bounty: This is Perpetual Income 365 resources center. It provides training lessons teaching members how to use the MCCA tools to generate and grow their income 3 to 5 times in weeks.
  3. One-Click Content Stack: These are done-for-you (DFY) content to promote your online business. Contents creation is the most time-consuming part of affiliate marketing. With DFY content, Perpetual Income 365 does all the heavy works for you.

To put all these fancy descriptions in simpler terms, this is what they offer:

  • Easy to follow tutorials to help you implement the MCCA tools.
  • Ready to use squeeze pages to collect email addresses.
  • Free web hosting.
  • A guide for generating traffic.
  • An email follow-up sequence.

Perpetual Income 365 Working Process

Using the tools and lessons provide by Perpetual Income 365, you are now ready to build an automated money-making machine.

  • You begin by choosing a squeeze page. There are two squeeze pages for you to select. These squeeze pages are pre-designed and ready to use.
  • You then add ClickBank affiliate links to the choosing squeeze page.
  • Then, you direct paid traffic, using solo ad, to the squeeze page.
  • When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link to purchase ClickBank products, you earn commissions.

As you can see, Perpetual Income 365 has no secret algorithm. It is a simple affiliate marketing system with done-for-you squeeze pages and email swipes.

The system generates traffic using Solo Ad.

If you’re not familiar with Solo Ad, it’s a way of promoting products by sending offers using other people’s email lists.

Yes, you start by purchasing an email list from Solo Ad.

Using the email list, you send out email swipes promoting your squeeze page. When people click the link in your Solo Ad, They get redirected to your squeeze page.

Visitors don’t have to buy anything on their first visit. The purpose of the squeeze page is to get their email addresses.

Once a visitor subscribes to your email list, the autoresponder will automatically send emails to them, urging them to buy a product.

This system doesn’t make money on autopilot. It requires additional money and time to make the Perpetual Income 365 system works.

Buying the Perpetual Income 365 system alone does not guarantee you make money.

You have to pay more.

Perpetual Income 365 Price

Perpetual Income 365 doesn’t give you the actual cost of getting the system to work.

You get full access to Perpetual Income 365 for $47 per month.

However, you need to pay additional costs if you want the system to work.

  1. To build an email list, you must sign up for an autoresponder subscription. Perpetual Income 365 recommends GetResponse which costs around $15 per month.
  2. You also need to pay Solo Ad to generate traffic. The fee is up to $0.50 per click. If your solo ad email generates 100 clicks, your cost is $500.
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The cost to buy Perpetual Income 365 is cheap. But, it costs a lot of money to make it works.

It’s expensive to buy solo ads. Perpetual Income 365 doesn’t want you to know this.

If you are purchasing the Perpetual Income 365 system alone, you are not going to make money.

The system only automates the process of setting up an affiliate marketing business. You still need to invest more time and money into the system to generate revenue.

Perpetual Income 365 doesn’t make money on autopilot. It’s a scam.

However, it is worth mentioning that Perpetual Income 365 does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You might get a refund for the Perpetual Income 365 monthly subscription. But, the guarantee doesn’t apply to GetResponse and Solo Ad.

Is Perpetual Income 365 Legit?

Shawn Josiah promotes Perpetual Income 365 as an affiliate marketing with a secret algorithm to makes money on autopilot.

Our review has discovered this system cannot make money on autopilot, and there’s no secret algorithm.

I cannot say Perpetual Income 365 is legit. The MCCA story isn’t real. It’s a lie that Shawn Josiah has created to scam people.

Promoters of Perpetual Income 365 claim the system is legit because it’s an affiliate marketing system.

No, people are not buying an affiliate marketing system. They are buying Perpetual Income 365 believing in the secret algorithm.

The secret algorithm turns out to be a scam.

Is Perpetual Income 365 Worth It?

It is not easy to build a successful affiliate marketing business using exclusively paid traffic. Shawn and his promoters know this. So, they create a fake story to sell Perpetual Income 365.

I would never recommend beginners or inexperienced affiliate marketers to buy a paid traffic affiliate marketing system.

It’s difficult to predict the Solo Ads performance.

Most of the time, email advertisements don’t work. The business owner is facing a difficult situation. If he continues buying the ads, he is wasting money. If he stops buying more ads, the business is dead.

It’s never worth it to build an online business relying solely on advertisements.

A good affiliate marketing program must teach the method of generating free traffic.

Most successful affiliate marketers use a free traffic method known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to build their business.

SEO takes time. But your chance of making money is higher. That’s how I earn a full-time income with affiliate marketing.

I understand you are here to read the review of Perpetual Income 365.

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Millions of people have used this strategy to earn six-figure passive income every year.

You must check this method first before buying Perpetual Income 365.

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I hope this Perpetual Income 365 review answers your question, is Perpetual Income 365 legit?

Until next time.

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