How Much To Tip The Pizza Delivery

Last night, I had a heated debate with my Hubby over how much to tip the pizza delivery boy!

Every month, our family has 1 or 2 pizza nights. My kids love pizza, but my Hubby doesn’t!

Whenever pizza night comes, we always have a debate about something, this time,

The Pizza Delivery Tips!

It all started when I tipped the delivery boy $20 for a $45 food order.

Hubby said it’s too much and I am setting a bad precedence. From now on, pizza delivery drivers will expect big tips from our family!

I disagree!

I usually tip between 20% to 25% of the bill. I know, my delivery tip is above the standard delivery rates.

Is that bad?

But, I have my reasons which I’ll share with you in a bit.

Let me ask you this,

Do you tip the pizza delivery person based on the standard tipping rates? OR, based on the quality of the service?

How much do you tip a pizza delivery boy?

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Standard Tip For Pizza Delivery

My hubby believes we should never go above the standard tip for pizza delivery which is 10% to 15% of the bill, max 20% if the delivery is beyond excellence.

I don’t know what he means by “beyond excellence,”

So, you guessed, he never gives a 20% tip!

Hubby believes that when you give big delivery tips, the pizza delivery driver will expect the same from you every time.

If you decide to change and give a lower tip, they will give you an attitude and rude to you.

He said it’s human nature to see changes as negative.

So, when you went from big tips to small tips, the pizza delivery boy might have the impression that he has done something wrong,

he might think you did not like him, or his services, or something he said, do, or not do.

He’ll start trying different things to get back, the big tips, when nothing works, he will start hating you and the delivery services will get worse and worse.

I disagree with him. I don’t think people will change their attitude just because you give them a lower tip compared to the last delivery. I think people just don’t do that!

Do they?

My hubby says the reason the standard tip for pizza delivery was created to unify the tipping practices. We should not change that!

But, the whole point is, this is the standard, a recommendation, it’s not a set rule that we must follow.

Why 10% – 15%? Why not 13%, 9%, or 20%?

My hubby raises the point that when you give big delivery tips, people might get the wrong impression. They think you wasteful, lavish spender, or super-rich and might come back to rob you.

Yes, I heard stories about getting robbed by pizza delivery drivers. BUT, I think this has nothing to do with the delivery tip!

Do people do that?

Do they come back and rob you because you give them big tips?

What’re your tipping experiences?

I don’t agree with my hubby at all!

How To Tip Delivery My Way?

I have a different view when it comes to tipping pizza delivery, or any delivery… I never use the standard!

I determine the delivery tips based on the services and conditions of the delivery… sometimes I give more… sometimes less, BUT never below the standard pizza delivery tips.

Yes, my friends call me, big tipper, but I don’t agree with that.

Maybe, because I have a different view about tipping than most people…

Before I make my fortune as an online writer, living the writer’s lifestyle, I worked in restaurants… waiting table.

I struggled financially because I had never made a decent salary waiting table.

There’s a rumor that waiters and waitresses earn big money on tips, but that’s not true. This is a myth… most tip earners are poor… living in poverty.

I always have a soft side for people working for tips.

When I tip, my starting point is 20%…

I know, you might be thinking that I am crazy to start with 20%, please hear me out.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone tip! This is true… it happened to me all the time.

Working in a restaurant, on a good night, you might make between $40 – $90, but on a bad night, you might make $5 – $20… with no delivery involved.

Friends of mine doing deliveries, or their family members work as delivery drivers… have told me that the average delivery tip is $3 per delivery, and

on a good night, they do about 8 – 10 deliveries… this brings in about $30 max…

Now, if you take out the gas price, how much you think these people bring home every night?

Some of them told me, some night less than $10 tips, on a good night $50.

What do you think? Is this a good earning?

I think we can tip better!

I start my tip at 20% because I include the gas and the time it takes to deliver the pizza to my place.

The standard 10% – 15% tip has been around for decades now. It doesn’t reflect the rising costs of living… in my opinion, the standard rates need to be changed.

When the average pizza order is less than $30, a 10% delivery tip is only $3… takes out the gas price, maybe, only $2.50 left.

A pizza delivery driver, on average, can complete about 3 deliveries every hour… So, a pizza delivery driver earns $7.50 per hour…

I am just doing the basic calculation here… we haven’t added in the costs of car maintenances, wears and tears, parking and toll fees… just to name a few.

I think we need to tip better… the standard tip rates for pizza delivery need to be changed… otherwise, no one will want to become a pizza delivery driver at this tipping rate.

Why I Tip $20 on a $45 Pizza Order?

First of all, I know the pizza delivery boy. He is the son of my best friend.

Second, I had a $20 bill at the time, no changes, and the boy didn’t have changes either.

I normally don’t give tip this much… even my hubby was laughing and told the boy, “this is your lucky day.”

My hubby and I debate about everything, and we enjoy every moment of our life together.

Yes, we discuss silly things… like this one, how much to tip a pizza delivery?

How many of you care?

Have you ever given any thought about how much you tip the pizza delivery driver? 10%, 15%, or 20%!

Well, if you are reading this discussion, you must be debating about how much to tip the pizza delivery too.

So, jump in and tell me,

Am I crazy giving a 20% tip for pizza delivery?

What would you tip?

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