Writers Work Review – Is Writers Work Legit

We all know that you can earn a full-time income as a writer.

Freelance writing is a great way to make money from home.

During my last discussion on freelance writing opportunities, a young lady asked me: “Is Writers Work Legit?”

She told me she signed up with Writers Work to get writing jobs. But it has cost her money, not making money. She spent a lot of money on training and purchasing digital writing tools from Writers Work.

She worries. She doesn’t know if she can recover the investments.

She has been reading Writers Work reviews online, and they don’t look good.

Her question and concern are legit.

So, I write this Writers Work review to offer my experience as a freelance writer, and why I am not a fan of Writers Work.

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Writers Work Review Summary

Name: Writers.Work

Business Type: Freelance Writing Website

Investment: $47

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  • Writers Work promotes itself as an all-in-one platform for beginners and new freelance writers to grow their business and make money working from home.
  • The website offers training, writing tools, writer portfolio, job finding, and more.
  • You are required to pay different fees for using the Writers.work services.
  • Many people complain that Writers Work costs them money, not helping them make money as a writer.


What Is Writers Work?

Writers Work is a resource website for beginners as well as experienced freelancers to learn and grow their writing business.

Those who wish to work from home as a writer can use Writers Work to launch their dream job.

This all-in-one platform offers training, writing tools, job opportunities, and more.

Professional writers join Writers Work to find work-from-home jobs to earn extra cash or a full-time income.

Writers Work offers freelance writing gigs, including website content creation, marketing materials, social media posting, blogging content, copywriting, and SEO content.

As a resourced platform, Writers Work doesn’t guarantee that you will make money as a paid member.

You must compete and win the writing gigs featured on Writers Work to get paid and earn money.

Your earnings depend on your writing skill and negotiation techniques with companies that hire writers.

If you are new to freelance writing, it’s not easy to win writing jobs and make money with Writers Work.

You end up spending a lot of money on training and writing tools hoping to compete with professional writers.

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Is Writers Work Legit?

Every online review article tells you that Writers Work is legit. But they do not provide the correct answer to why Writers Work legit.

When the young lady asked me, is Writers Work legit?

She is not so much concerned about losing the subscription fee.

Writers Work does provide training and writing tools for her to launch a writing business.

Her real concern is making money using Writers Work.

Yes, Writers Work lists lots of freelance writing gigs, but are these jobs legit?

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The controversy with Writers Work services is related to its advertisements.

Many people join Writers Work with the wrong impression that they will make a lot of money with the platform. But this is not true.

Your earnings as a freelance writer have nothing to do with Writers Work. It relates to your ability to win the jobs listed on Writers Work.

Writers Work Jobs

Just because you pay a monthly subscription to Writers Work, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get a writing job with the site.

The Writers Work job board is an aggregator of writing gigs posted online.

Only a few companies post writing jobs directly with Writers Work.

The majority of writing gigs on the Writers Work job board are pulling from other sites like FlexJobs, Indeed, Fiverr, etc.

The benefit of using the Writers Work platform is the ability to browse all writing gigs listed on the internet in a single place.

Writers Work does not employ writers or give out writing gigs to members. You have to apply and compete for every job.

You can use the Writers Work tools to manage all aspects of the writing job, such as communication with clients, collecting payments, and hosting your writer profile.

Writers Work Pay

Since Writers Work is not your employer, the platform provides you with digital tools to collect payments.

When Writers Work states freelance writers earn anywhere from $20-$65 per hour, this is not Writers Work pay rates.

Your earnings as a writer depend on your writing skill and the ability to secure writing jobs posted on Writers Work. You will not make money if you cannot find and secure writing gigs.

You use the Writers Work platform to find writing gigs, apply for the gigs, complete the writing assignments, then collect payments from employers.

Once again, Writers Work doesn’t pay you. The companies that offer writing gigs pay you for your works.

So, you are paying Writers Work to use its tools and resources. Many freelance writers, including me, do not use these tools. You don’t need them to make money. We’ll discuss more on this at the end of this Writers Work review.

Writers Work Cost

The cost to join Writer Work is reasonable. Writers Work charges two membership fees: a lifetime membership or a monthly membership.

The full price for lifetime memberships is $94. Writers Work has reduced this price to $47. It appears this 50% discount is permanent.

Another way to access the Writers Work platform is by becoming a monthly member. The cost is $15 per month.

Because Writers Work doesn’t offer a free trial, some people use the $15 option to test the platform before upgrade to a lifetime membership.

Once you have paid the membership fee, you will have full access to the Writers Work platform.

As I have mentioned earlier in this review, Writers Work offers writer workshops and one-on-one coaching. These services cost extra.

The cost of the one-on-one writing coach is $99.

The Cost for two additional advanced writer training lessons is $99.

Then you have the professional writer’s toolkit, which costs another $29.

Remember, you don’t have to purchase these extra services.

Writers Work Refund And Guarantee

Writers Work offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel your membership and request a full refund if you are unhappy with the services.

The Writers Work accounts cancellation process is simple. You can do this from the member’s dashboard by clicking on the Settings tab, then Cancel Subscription.

Canceling your membership subscription doesn’t mean you get a refund from Writers Work. To get a refund, you must close the account within the 30-day.


Another point to remember, the extra services are non-refundable. When you cancel the subscription, Writers Work refunds only the membership fees.

If you have a refund, Writers Work promises to process the request immediately. However, this is not true.

According to the BBB, many people have a hard time getting a refund from Writers Works when they canceled their account within 30 days.

Let discuss the BBB scam complaints against Writers Work to understand more about the refund controversies.

Writers Work BBB Review

It is important to note that Writers Works is not BBB accredited.

You can read the customer scam complaints about Writers Work by visiting the BBB dispute and resolution services.

The first thing you notice on the BBB is Writers Work earned a trust rating of D+.

When people see the D+ rating, they immediately consider Writers Work a scam, or not legit.

But when you look at the scam complaints filed with the BBB, you realized these are not scams.

Writers Work did refund the customers, but it took longer than a few days. In some cases, the refund took over two months to complete.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online money-making opportunities to expose scams.

I can tell you even though Writers Work is legit. But you don’t need it to make money as a freelance writer.

Writers Work does not hire writers. This is a platform offering writing tools and job searches to freelance writers, nothing more.

Is Writers Work Worth It?

Writers Work does a good job in convincing beginners and new freelance writers that they need special training and tools to make more money from home.

We can’t deny the fact that Writers Work offers some useful services to freelance writers.

But you don’t need to purchase Writers Works services to launch a profitable online writing business. This is an unnecessary expense.

The $15 per month to access the Writers Work platform seems to be a small investment. However, this is not a smart investment. You earn nothing by spending $15 per month on Writers Work.

When you invest $1, you expect to generate at least $2 in return. This is not the case with Writers Work.

People who have joined Writers Work realized this platform is worthless. They don’t need Writers Work to get freelance writing jobs. They can find the same jobs for free online.

Now you understand why the young lady asked me, is Writers Work legit?

There is no financial benefit to joining the Writers Work platform. You can launch a freelance writing career without it.

I understand you are here to read this Writers Work review. But I encourage you to read my process of building a lucrative freelance writing business to earn passive income online.

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I hope this Writers Work review answers your question, is Writers Work legit?

Until next time.

Please share your Writers Work experience below.

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