Walmart Automation by Logan Shippy Review

Today, we will be reviewing Logan Shippy and his program focused on Walmart Automation. The implementation of Walmart automation has been hailed as a potentially revolutionary development in the business world.

Imagine earning $10,000 to $15,000 every month without lifting a finger. That’s the promise made by many self-proclaimed gurus, Logan Shippy, who advertise Walmart automation and claim to teach you their secrets.

Those who are interested in selling their products through Walmart’s platform are competing with each other to get in on the ground floor as early as possible.

But what exactly is this new Walmart Automation product?

Is Logan Shippy’s program a scam, or does it actually deliver on its promises and justify its cost?

So, let’s delve into the concept of Walmart Automation. Is it the real deal, or is it just a marketing gimmick?

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Walmart Automation Review Summary

Business name: 
Walmart Automation

Type of Business: 
Online Retail

Initial Investments: 
$27,500 – $50,000


What Is Walmart Automation?

Walmart Automation can be described as a form of outsourcing where the day-to-day tasks associated with managing a seller store on Walmart’s online marketplace are taken care of on behalf of the seller. While the Walmart seller account is established under the seller’s name, all the operational responsibilities are handled by others.

In essence, this approach involves delegating the routine activities involved in running a merchandise-selling operation on Walmart’s e-commerce platform. Once onboarded, the seller has the option to designate staff members to oversee the management of their retail store.

The seller is relieved of the need to make decisions related to the store’s operations as the management is fully handled by assigned employees.

In exchange for a substantial upfront investment and the utilization of the seller’s credentials, the seller receives a percentage of the profits generated from all sales made through their Walmart account.

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About Logan Shippy

Logan Shippy is known for his charismatic salesmanship and serves as the authoritative figure in the sales department of Walmart Automation. He is accompanied by his partner, Manny Hernandez, who handles the technical aspects of their operation.

Through his LinkedIn profile, Logan showcases his expertise in lead generation and guides individuals looking to establish successful digital marketing agencies. Additionally, he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at TrueFanz, a company focused on helping content creators monetize their work. Logan is involved in managing multiple businesses simultaneously.

Logan has been associated with various money-making schemes, such as cryptocurrency, forex trading, Kangan Water Machines, and credit/loan programs. These associations do not necessarily reflect negatively on Logan, particularly considering his early days in the industry. It is not uncommon for talented salespeople to find themselves representing less-than-stellar products or services.

On a personal note, Logan is portrayed as a dedicated family man who actively pursues his entrepreneurial aspirations while raising a young family. He is known to enjoy reading to his child, highlighting his commitment to both his professional and personal responsibilities.

Is Logan Shippy Walmart Automation Legit?

There is nothing illegal about this opportunity. Making money with Logan Shippy Walmart Automation is possible, but it’s important to recognize that it requires significant effort and may not be as effortless as presented by Logan Shippy. The upfront work involved is substantial, and there is no guarantee of success.

Furthermore, achieving substantial profits requires a high volume of sales. It is crucial to evaluate whether the potential returns are worth the investment.

For instance, investing three months and several thousand dollars in advertising expenses only to receive a 15% profit on a $12 product (equivalent to $1.80) may not be financially rewarding.

Walmart Automation, as a concept, is a legitimate initiative implemented by Walmart to leverage technology and automated systems to enhance operational efficiency, optimize processes, and improve the customer experience. However, the legitimacy and effectiveness of specific programs or offerings associated with Walmart Automation may vary. It is crucial to evaluate each program or opportunity independently. You must consider factors such as credibility, transparency, and customer reviews.

How Does Logan Shippy Walmart Automation Work To Make Money?

Walmart Automation by Logan Shippy appears to be a form of retail arbitrage where individuals identify products that are performing well on other marketplaces, particularly Amazon.

Sellers then list the same products on Walmart Marketplace but at higher prices.

When a sale is made, sellers use their Amazon Prime account to fulfill the order and ship the item directly to the customer.

The seller earns a percentage of the remaining profit after deducting the cost of goods sold.

It is important to note that there are potential concerns and risks associated with this scheme, such as returns and price changes by Amazon.

Can You Make Money With Walmart Automation?

The potential returns of this venture will be determined by your investment amount and the credit limit available for purchasing products. It is estimated that they can utilize double your investment credit for procurement. For instance, if your investment is $27,500, they may utilize up to $55,000 to purchase products for sale on the Walmart marketplace.

Now, assuming the profit margin is 15%. This would amount to $8,200 per month before factoring in Logan Shippy’s share. In the case of a 50/50 split, you would make $4,120 based on this example.

You might think the earning amount is good. However, it is important to consider the expenses and inherent risks associated with this business model. What about customer returns? What if Amazon suspends your account? Or What happens if Walmart bans this practice?

The riskiness of this business plan should not be overlooked. It warrants further consideration.

The Risks of Shipping From Amazon To Walmart

While it may not be explicitly illegal, engaging in this practice constitutes a significant violation of Walmart’s terms of service. Additionally, by using your Amazon Prime account(s) to fulfill orders, you are also infringing upon Amazon’s terms of service.

Amazon’s terms of service clearly state that Prime memberships cannot be used for reselling products.

Similarly, Walmart’s seller rules prohibit the use of Amazon or branded packaging to ship products to customers. Receiving packages in a competitor’s packaging is considered a serious violation.

Since Walmart Automation often uses Prime-branded packaging for shipments, it ultimately raises the question of whether Amazon is willing to overlook these violations.

In reality, Amazon and Walmart will take action if there are complaints or accusations of misconduct. It is crucial to be cautious as customers may decide to compare prices or check the item on Amazon, potentially feeling deceived if they discover a significant price difference.

What Is The Cost For Logan Shippy Walmart Automation?

The franchise fee for this program starts at $27,500, with a 50/50 split in profit. Logan Shippy has set this specific minimum amount required for the license fee in their Walmart Automation program.

However, before proceeding to a sales call, you must provide satisfactory answers to qualifying questions, demonstrating your financial ability and readiness to commit to the program.

Additionally, they emphasize the importance of obtaining a business line of credit rather than a personal loan. Logan and his team will try to get as much upfront cash from you during the sales call.

They will state that the amount of money you are willing to invest initially directly correlates with the income you can expect from the business arrangement. They ask you to invest as much as $50,000 to maximize profits.

What Do You Get From Logan Shippy Walmart Automation?

Logan Shippy and his team at Walmart Automation will take care of all the necessary tasks involving setting up and running your online business:

  • Establishing a professional online presence that meets Walmart’s requirements.
  • Assisting you in getting approved as a seller on Walmart’s platform.
  • Setting up your store and ensuring it is ready for business.
  • Identifying and listing products for sale.
  • Managing the sales process and providing customer service.
  • Utilizing your Amazon Prime account to place orders for customers.
  • Managing any returns or refund requests from customers.

So, what is your role in all of this?

Your main responsibility is to ensure that you pay your credit card bills promptly and keep a sufficient amount of available credit. It’s giving Logan and his team an open credit line in your name to purchase goods without oversight.

Is Walmart Automation a Good Business to Invest In?

Once you have paid the franchise fee and completed the necessary paperwork, it is estimated that it will take approximately sixty to seventy-five days for your business to become active.

It’s important to note that this opportunity may not be suitable for individuals who do not have access to significant funds or who are not comfortable with waiting a few months before seeing a return on their investment.

Walmart Automation Pros:

  • According to their claims, you can expect a respectable return on your investment by simply continuing to pay down your credit cards.
  • The business model revolves around allowing the experts to make the best decisions for your business while you sit back and enjoy the profits.
  • Choosing to embrace the Walmart automation opportunity presented by Logan offers additional benefits, including their knowledge in setting up a business and selecting successful products, the ability to maximize credit card points and travel bonuses since you maintain control of your credit card, early adoption advantage in the market, a team of dedicated personnel handling the workload, a warehouse for product storage, and a system for managing customer returns. Additionally, you gain access to Walmart’s lucrative income-generating platform, which generates $36,000,000 every hour.

While it may sound incredibly easy, the question remains: Is this business model truly straightforward to enter?

Walmart Automation Cons:

  • The most apparent risk is handing over a significant amount of money, ranging from $27,500 to $50,000, without any concrete guarantees.
  • A concern worth noting is not solely related to the chosen automation company but rather the risks associated with the business model itself and the practice of relinquishing control to a third party.
  • Logan and Manny have a clause in their contract that offers a full or partial refund if the store fails to generate a profit. However, there is also a provision stating they will not be held responsible for any reimbursement if your store is closed, which appears contradictory.
  • Currently, the only individuals working for the store are Logan’s employees, who make all the decisions. If their actions result in a suspension, you will bear the financial consequences. Additionally, their process for establishing stores may not be entirely compliant.
  • The technique they use to source products violates the terms of service of both Walmart and Amazon.
  • As Walmart Marketplace continues to evolve, it is expected that additional algorithms and regulations will be implemented to govern seller behavior. This introduces the possibility of significant changes, and it remains uncertain whether Logan can effectively adapt and mitigate risks to protect your investment.

Let’s be real here, you bear all the risks, and Logan Shippy gets the profits.

Walmart Automation Conclusion & A Safer Way to Make Money Online

Let’s be frank!

Whenever there’s a new opportunity to generate income online, there is a surge of individuals eager to jump on board.

It doesn’t take long for self-proclaimed experts, such as Logan Shippy, to offer courses and ready-made solutions to enter the scene.

Most Gurus are here to make money for themselves. I’m sure you’re already well-acquainted with all the get-rich-quick online schemes.

Online retail has become so saturated many individuals have attempted and struggled with establishing successful online stores.

Logan and his team have cleverly positioned Walmart Automation as the next big thing to allure their next catch.

Why subject yourself to such a high level of risk by investing in an opportunity that could result in a complete loss of your money?

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As we come to the end of this review, I hope that the information provided has answered any questions you may have had about Walmart Automation by Logan Shippy.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck on your journey!

Until next time.

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