World System Builder Review

World System Builder (WSB) is on the mission to eradicate the problem of “Financial Literacy.”

It sounds like a worthy movement to join, but you must read this World System review first before signing up for this MLM.

My dream was destroyed after researching the World System Builder.

I realize this system is not to fight financial literacy. It’s a scheme created to recruit you into an MLM business opportunity.

World System Builder doesn’t even look legit.

You are going to surprise by what I am about to tell you in this review.

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World System Builder Review Summary

Business Information

Name: World System Builder

Business Type: MLM

Investment: Free

  • World System Builder pledges to financially educate 1 million families in North America by 2020. This pledge has increased to 30 million families by 2030.
  • WSB conducts free financial literacy classes and workshops at WFG Financial Centers located across the United States and Canada.
  • These financial workshops are recruiting events to bring new associates into the World Financial Group mlm.
  • I have written a review of the World Financial Group to expose the 3-3-30 scheme. You should read that review to learn more.
  • So, World System Builder is not a legit financial literacy movement. It’s an MLM recruiting scheme.


What Is The World System Builder?

World System Builder (WSB) is a financial literacy platform affiliated with the World Financial Group (WFG) MLM.

The WSB offers financial literacy workshops across the United States and Canada with the purpose of recruiting people into the WFG MLM.

WSB is not a legit financial literacy platform. It’s a marketing scheme to introduce people to the WFG 3-3-30 MLM business concept.

World System Builder financial workshops are free to attend. These workshops are sales funnel to sell life insurance and to recruit the participants to join WFG.

You will learn basic financial literacy with the World System Builder Finance 101. But it will not help you to manage your money. The purpose of the WSB financial workshop is to promote and sell World Financial Group products and services.

Unless you are going to join the WFG MLM, it’s worthless to participate in the WSB financial literacy campaign.

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Who Creates the World System Builder?

World System Builder was launched by Xuan Nguyen in 2002 with a book called, The System Builder.

The System Builder book was written to teach WFG associates the process of building an MLM team selling life insurances.

Xuan Nguyen is a successful MLM business builder. He is one of the WFG Executive Chairman, the highest rank in the WFG MLM organization.

Mr. Nguyen creates the WSB not to help people improve their financial life. This system is for Nguyen and his associates to recruit more people into their MLM team.

The World System Builder has no connection with the US Treasury Department Financial Literacy Reform Initiative. Xuan Nguyen and WFG hijack this good cause for their own financial gains.

How can you say World System Builder is legit?

This WSB financial literacy campaign is a scam to trick people into purchasing and join WFG MLM.

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You will agree with me after I explain Xuan Nguyen World System Builder Finance 101.

World System Builder Finance 101

World System Builder financial literacy campaign pledges to educate 30 million families across North America by 2030.

This is an ambitious recruiting campaign for WSB and WFG.

To achieve the 2030 goal, World System Builder offers financial classes and workshops in every financial center owned by WFG.

You will learn the following financial topics at the World System Builder finance 101 workshops:

Debt Management

You learn to pay off your debts faster by paying more than the monthly minimum payment.

The WSB doesn’t work with the debtors to lower your payment. Instead, this program teaches you how to eliminate nonessential monthly expenses to pay down your debts.

Increase Cash Flow

The best way to increase your cash flow is by joining the gig economy. WSB suggests you take on a side job to earn extra income.

The workshop recommends starting a part-time business in the financial services industry to teach people how money works.

Does this sound legit?

Of course, you want to earn an extra income working part-time.

You just got recruited to join the WFG MLM financial services business opportunity.

Building Wealth

You certainly don’t want your extra cash to sit in the savings account earning a low-interest rate.

The value of your savings account today may be worthless tomorrow because of taxes and inflation.

The WSB wealth formula teaches you to invest money long-term with a rate of return that fights taxes and inflation.

A World System Builder financial adviser will design an investment portfolio to help you achieve your goals.

The adviser recommends investment products from Transamerica, the parent company of World Financial Group that owns the WSB.

Asset Protection

You will learn the importance of having enough insurance protection to maintain your family’s standard of living in the event you pass away unexpectedly.

A World System Builder financial planner will review your insurance portfolio to recommend changes.

They will likely recommend buying life insurance with Transamerica through WFG.

The WSB finance 101 workshops are sale and recruiting events for World Financial Group MLM.

World System Builder Community

You must have seen or read this statement:

“World System Builder is a community of financial professionals on a mission to deliver the best financial education and revolutionize the financial service industry…”

The truth is, World System Builder is a community of World Financial Group recruiters, not financial professionals.

Those attending WSB financial workshops will tell you that every person teaching these classes is from the WFG.

When you join the WFG MLM, you become a member of the WSB community of financial professionals. No financial planning experience is required.

The statement promoting WSB as a community of financial professionals is false and misleading.

World System Builder MLM Review

World System Builder is not an MLM company. This is a recruiting scheme to bring people into WFG MLM.

WSB financial workshops are free. You can attend these classes at any WFG financial office near you.

If you have no intention to join WFG MLM, then don’t waste your time attending these workshops.

I can tell you that the World System Builder is not a pyramid scheme. This scheme helps you to recruit and build your financial planning services business with WFG MLM.

You are a member of WSB by joining the WFG. If you want to know whether World Financial is a pyramid scheme, you should follow the link to read my review of this company.

You also need to understand that WSB doesn’t offer anyone a job. However, you can start an mlm business with the WFG under one of the WSB recruiters.

There will be fees associated with joining the WFG MLM. But these costs have nothing to do with WSB.

Your earning or salary comes from recruiting and selling WFG products and services. I suggest you ready the WFG review to understand the compensation structure of this MLM business. The World System Builder compensation plan is the WFG compensation plan.

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Is World System Builder Legit Or A Scam?

World System Builder is not a legit financial literacy movement. This marketing scheme helps WFG MLM recruiting and selling life insurance.

WSB finance 101 is a sales funnel. Every WSB workshop is designed to recruit or sell financial products to you.

You will learn basic financial planning. You will have to join WFG MLM to learn the advanced lessons.

The World System Builder is a scheme to grow the WFG MLM business. There is nothing noble about this community.

WFG uses the WSB financial literacy campaign for its own financial gains.

Now you understand why I call World System Builder a scam, using a good cause to trick people into an MLM.

World System Builder Complaints

The common complaints against World System Builder have to do with the structure of the financial workshops.

Many attendants have complained that WSB uses the workshop to pitch a business opportunity and sell insurance. It has little to do with money management or investment.

Positive comments supporting the WSB mostly come from financial professionals who are WFG MLM associates. It’s hard to find a member of the WSB financial literacy movement that does not belong to this MLM company.

When visiting the website, you will notice that the World System Builder only has 67,799 members.

Maybe people quickly realize the World System Builder is a scam to recruit them into an mlm opportunity.

Final Review of World System Builder

World System Builder is not a legit movement to eradicate financial literacy. It’s a recruiting scheme for WFG and Xuan Nguyen to expand their mlm company.

It’s OK to attend the WSB financial workshop, but the information you learn from this class is useless unless you join the WFG mlm.

The book, The System Builder, was written to teach WFG associates the process of building an mlm financial business through recruiting, not selling products.

The WSB is a scheme to mass recruiting people by using a good cause, the financial literacy campaign.

If you are into mlm opportunities, then you might want to try your luck with WSB.

But ask yourself this question, do you really want to join the WSB scheme?

If the WFG MLM financial services business is so profitable, then why use the financial literacy movement to trick people to join the program.

MLM is a difficult business to make money in. Less than 1% of people make money with this business.

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I hope this World System Builder review answers your question, is World System Builder legit or a scam?

Until next time.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative review of the World System Builder. You have illustrated this topic so clear and easy to understand. I have learned a lot from reading your review and gained a lot of knowledge about the WSB scheme. Of the points mentioned in your review, I like Building Wealth. I agree with you that the World System Builder is not legitimate. That’s why I follow the recommendations mentioned in your article and take the opportunity to start a home business. Finally, I enjoyed reading your article. I like to share this review with my Facebook group if you are happy with me.


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